Thursday, February 11, 2016

Possessing the Gates

God has given us incredible promises to enable us to triumph over our enemies, but we all know that when fighting for a victory, it doesn’t necessarily come easy. War is war, is it not? When you’re contending for a victory it’s going to take a dedicated effort to persevere until you see it manifest.

There is a specific promise that God has been speaking to me about recently. It’s found in Genesis 24:60. Abraham’s servant went in search for a bride for Abraham’s son, Isaac. Holy Spirit led the man to just the right woman and she agreed to come back with him to be Isaac’s wife, but before she left, her family, household servants and friends gathered together to pronounce a blessing upon her. This is what they said: “And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.” (Genesis 24:60 KJV)

It sounds very similar to what God told Abraham years earlier, when He promised a miraculous birth to an older, infertile couple. “I will bless her and will surely give you a son by her. I will bless her so that she will be the mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her." (Genesis 17:16)

The promise was repeated again in the life of Isaac’s son, Jacob. “I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies…” (Genesis 22:17)

Allow me to call your attention to the word ‘Gates’ in Genesis 24:60. The promise to multiply and be fruitful is one part of the promise, but possessing the gates of enemies is quite another. Some translations say ‘take over the affairs of the city.’ The gate was where all the central activity of that city occurred. Judicial matters and court settlements occurred at the gate. The gate of the city was also where business transactions took place and messages were heralded. If a person wanted to deliver a message that would reach the masses, they announced it at the gate. It was the center of marketplace activity as well. A gate, also referred to as a door, is an entrance or an exit into something greater. One way we take authority over the gates of our lives is to shut the enemy down and close any potential doors that he may be using to access our lives. God wants to heal your family tree. He longs to restore generational blessings that have been held back or tied up in your generational line.The enemy works through our blind spots - things that he sees as something that grants him legal access to our lives, but things that we don't realize actually exist. Close the doors the enemy has been using to rob you of joy, steal what belongs to you, and plunder your blessings. Possess the gates! Close the open doors so that your restoration can be unlocked! Our Breakthrough Prayer is a great way to help with that. (see link on right side of the home page).

God’s intent is to give us far more victories than what we might imagine! His desire is to give us strategies to take authority over whatever mountain may stand in our path. His desire to is help us possess the gates of commerce, the gates of trade, positively influence the gates of education, politics, our city gates where important decisions are made and so many more. How can we possibly try to take authority over bigger enemies if we can't take authority over the gates of our personal life? We must start with ourselves. God has already given us a promise that it’s His desire for us to overcome what ever adversary stands opposed to the things that pertain to fullness of life. Whether it’s a health issue, an issue with someone on the job, enemies in the natural such as ISIS or even our own government agencies implementing corrupt policies; God wants us to exercise our God-given dominion so that the Kingdom of God is manifested in that situation. As God’s children we declare His kingdom come, His will be done – on earth as it is in heaven.

I was talking to a woman the other night that was struggling in her work environment. She mentioned that there were members of a witches’ coven in her workplace. When I asked where she worked, it was a very prominent place. Important decisions that affected everyone in our nation were made in the very place she worked, and that was where the enemy had his people in place. It didn’t surprise me, but it did jolt me awake a bit to realize that we too, as God’s ambassadors, need to be on our toes all the time, declaring God’s kingdom in all of our circumstances. We need to declare His word over all the power of the enemy so as to ‘possess the gates of our enemies.’ Friends, don’t let evil go unchecked. Set down the boundaries established by the Lord in His word. Find the scriptures that speak to your particular situation and enforce the King’s Law – in your home, workplace, and community. Never underestimate the power of your declarations! You never know what evil you stop in it’s tracks by doing so. And, by doing this, you make room for the Kingdom of God to burst in to your circumstances!