Saturday, May 13, 2017

Divide and Conquer!

Our nation is divided. Political agendas reach a stalemate where neither party can effectively negotiate with one another and all paths to progress result in a deadlock. How does one bring two opposing parties into agreement with one another that they might work towards a common goal?  I believe the discovery of that answer can be found in the tremendous wisdom of General Sun Tzu’s unrelenting approach to military strategies.

While President Trump is a master in the art of negotiating a deal, General Sun Tzu was a master in the art of war. It becomes necessary to incorporate the wisdom and strategy of both approaches in order to solve what appears to be impossible situations. Let us also remember that our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate war strategist, as He is known as the Captain of the Lord’s Army, (Joshua 5:13-15). As wise and effective as General Tzu was, it was ultimately the wisdom of God that allowed him to understand the strategies of war.

Joshua was a great military leader because he was also a strategist. He found it necessary to survey the situation at Jericho before proceeding. This was a task that was outside his scope of expertise. Jericho was the perhaps the best fortified city of Canaan, and Joshua’s army severely lacked the necessary weaponry to penetrate the high stone walls protecting the inhabitants within. He needed a strategy to remove the walls of protection that kept the enemies within safe. Any adversary that is behind fortified walls of protection can seem invincible – yet, God alone held the key to the strategy that was needed to not only penetrate the enemy’s force field but to ultimately tear it down completely and leave the inhabitants of Jericho fearful and vulnerable.

Washington D.C. and the political powers that have long been established can seem like an impossible situation; a modern-day Jericho. Jesus warned us that that way to divide the enemy’s house and take possession of his goods was to first bind the strongman, (see Matthew 12:29, Mark 3:27).  President Trump needs strategic prayers to help divide the enemy’s fortified house so that it can be conquered. Some might say that trying to win that battle is too difficult; that it is facing mountains of opposition that will never move, but the things that are impossible with man are possible with God. Many people are praying for unity, but it's also important to understand that the enemy has quite a different agenda and is not interested in unity. The war for power is always a war for dominion, and who will be in control. These power struggles make cooperation and unity almost impossible because the people involved have very different agendas and very different goals. There are some that have no intention of doing what is best for the American people, and it's important to recognize that spirit for what it is. Jesus also warned that one cannot serve two masters because of opposing interests and loyalties that were opposed to one another. One cannot expect unity and cooperation to come willingly from those that have a different master. Their goals and their gods are not the same. With that said, please understand that the prayer below is to address those that have partnered with evil, corruption and may even have the appearance of good, but have been set in place by the enemy to prevent and hinder the things God has for this nation to bring about healing our land. The Captain of the Lord’s Army is never on the side of corruption, oppression and those that align themselves with an anti-Christ system.

We cannot overcome an enemy that continues to have a formidable force field of defense in place. In prayer, we must attack the shields that have given our adversaries the edge. Strategic prayer allows us to remove their ability to withstand cooperation in obtaining advantageous goals for our nation. We must seek God for strategies in the natural as well as in the spiritual realm that effectively removes all of their leverage.

General Sun Tzu has said that when a person in charge fights in his own territory it is dispersive ground. This means that they can always run back to some form of a safe refuge. They can run home to find help, comfort, safety or allies. They don’t really feel the desperation that is necessary to sufficiently motivate them to be fully committed to the cause. The strategy then, is to pray that those places of refuge would be removed so that the adversary is sufficiently humbled and motivated to surrender and cooperate with God’s delegated authority over our nation, (President Trump).

 As Sun Tzu points out, “any ground on which either side has liberty of movement is open ground.” In order to effectively defeat an enemy, you must restrain his ability to move. You must take away his options. He must be sufficiently motivated to cooperate and surrender to the General of the opposing army. As on a chessboard, you must put your opponent into checkmate. ‘The person who can hold this dominating position can constrain others into becoming allies.’ – Sun Tzu

The Lord has also shown me that we must take authority over the power of spiritual forces that are manipulating governments, world rulers, and nations. Men full of selfish ambition and a lust for power are sometimes not even the faces of those we see in the news or in the public eye; are literally the face of the strongman hidden from view but they have the financial power to influence leaders of nations. They serve their own gods and their own ambitions. Much of this power comes from secret societies. It can be easy to focus our prayers on what we see, such as conflicts and certain situations reported on the news, rather than on behind-the-scenes forces in the unseen realm. Secret societies such as the Freemasons and Illuminati are not so secret anymore, and their agenda to bring about a New World Order is plainly understood by many people. The Knights Templar are another similar organization that have been around since medieval times. These secret societies as well as others such as Rosicrucians, the Bilderberg and the Elders of Zion that are perhaps less known to the mainstream public, but each believes that their desired end justifies the means by which they conduct their affairs. They are a part of an anti-Christ system that brings division and a perversion of truth. They oppose everyone and everything that has an agenda different than their own, and they seek to overthrow the men and women appointed by God to public office. If they cannot overthrow them and succeed in removing them from office, then they seek to hinder them in any way possible. In the political realm these adversaries work to stalemate progress, cause disunity in political parties and make it difficult to establish bipartisanship. It’s really important to recognize that many of these people are under the influence of the enemy, and motivated by that anti-Christ spirit. There are many powerful, wealthy and influential members of these organizations that end up controlling world events, and they are in league with the devil.

These unseen forces don’t just control political pawns; they also affect the spiritual climate in which we live. When you see the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit shut down in churches, and the gift of prophecy non-existent in the church – it’s because of spiritual forces manipulating their pawns in that atmosphere. That is why the enemy is able to set up adversaries in every conceivable realm: the workplace or financial systems, the education system, the church, and politics.

What is obvious is that it is impossible to build with people whose loyalties are divided and those that support a very different cause. This is not about which political party people identify with, but whom people will serve. God’s military commander, Joshua, became frustrated with the double-mindedness of the people and their lack of commitment. In chapter 24 of Joshua, he approached the people with a prophetic word from God. He reminded the people of where they came from and how their ancestors had served other gods, but God destroyed those other gods and brought His people out of bondage. Time and again, Joshua spoke the words of God, reminding them of past victories. It was the God of Israel that proved His power and might against the hand of their enemies. He reminded them of the goodness of God, His blessing and generous provision towards them before asking them to once again consider whom they were aligned with and whom they would serve. By the time you read verse 14, Joshua demands the people make a decision and stick with it.

Elijah also gave a similar speech to the false prophets of his day. He told them to stop wavering between two opinions and make up their mind who they would serve. He told them to make a decision as to whether or not they were on the LORD’S side. Because those who weren’t, were not going to win. They would lose badly and end up paying the price for their decision.

People sometimes lose sight of which god they are serving and whose side they are really on. It can feel very personal to feel driven to support and defend one's own causes, pet projects and personal agendas. Those in the political realm, especially Washington D.C. are well aware that money talks, and is the power behind a lot of closed door meetings. The love of mammon is indeed the root of all evil. However, if any of those things that people are trying to accomplish are not what God can and would support or defend, then they are wasting their time because they are attempting to establish something outside of God’s will. If God is not on board with it, that ship is already sunk. How does a person know if God is for or against something they stand for?

 Let’s take a moment to review. God does not support abortion. He does not support oppression of women, children and minorities. He does not support or defend bribery, corruption, elitism or religious extremism. He does not support anti-semitism or an anti-Christ system that believes in a New World Order with Baphomet, Molech and Baal being promoted as the gods of America. He does not support oppressive, unjust laws that deprive people of their freedoms. When in doubt, turn to the Bible and see how God has handled similar situations in the past.

God understands the need for security and protection against foreign (and domestic) intruders and those that can pose a threat to private citizens. God is all about boundaries because He established them. He is also for fair and equitable treatment of everyone, so long as others treat His people in a similar fashion. God loves righteousness, equity and justice. He does what’s right and He sets things right. He delights in those who do the same things. It’s time to make a decision, because there is only one winning side, and that is God’s side. It’s foolishness to take a side that opposes God because it's a guaranteed fail.

The question is, “What allows the opposition to withstand the man God has put in the White House as the Commander in Chief?” The answer is simple: NOTHING. Nothing, except for the wisdom to carry out the right strategy, and for the blueprints of that strategy to be made clear to the winning team. (Those on God’s side!) THE LORD IS NOT WITH THOSE WHO OPPOSE HIM. Let us remember what God’s word promises: "They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you," declares the LORD. (Jeremiah 1:19). “No weapon formed against you shall prevail and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,”  (Isaiah 54:17). Again, let me reiterate: This is not about one political party or another. This is about which god people serve. They are either serving Jesus Christ and His principles established in His word, or they are serving the enemy.

Those who have positioned themselves against the people of God have set themselves against God himself. Through wickedness and corruption, they have provoked God to leave them. No one can be safe when God has departed from them! Our adversaries are vulnerable and their weaknesses are exposed. It doesn’t matter how strong and fortified they may think they are; the reality is actually the complete opposite. Our prayers must now hit them in their vulnerable places between the joints of armor, just as the skilled archer hit King Ahab between the joints of his armor and took him out of the battle. The king was struck in a vulnerable, unprotected place and that was the end of him. God, let Your arrows of prayer find their mark so that our enemies cannot rise up again! Those that fight on God’s side shall be hidden under His protective wing, according to Psalm 91. He is a stronghold in the day of battle. God is our refuge, a very source of strength and help in a time of trouble. Psalm 46:1. Therefore, let us pray:

Dear Heavenly Father,

You alone are our source of wisdom and confidence. We know that taking possession of our land is not because of our intelligence, our worthiness or our righteousness. In so many ways, we as a nation of people have departed from Your ways and we cannot claim any righteousness of our own. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can impute any righteousness to us. We are grateful that You have called us and claimed us as Your own children, and that Your mercy towards us is great. We thank You for the grace of God and Your benevolent favor that enables us to overpower our adversaries. We seek You now, O God, and ask for You to send Your help to overcome every enemy – on land, in the air, in the sea and under the earth, and in every place where we may not think to ask.

Father, as I return Your word to You in prayer, let Your angles be released to carry out the fulfillment of Your promises. Let the weapons of Your armory be released to tear down the fortified walls that protect our adversaries and allow evil plans to continue.

Let the anti-Christ spirit and the perverse spirit working in the political realm be bound, paralyzed and impotent. I release the Spirit of Truth according to 1 John 4:4 to lead people into truth. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to give President Trump divine wisdom and strategy to effectively remove the opposition that withstands unity, for it is written in Luke 21:15 is that You will give Your people a mouth filled with wisdom that all our adversaries cannot contradict nor resist. It is also written in Psalm 81:10 “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” When President Trump opens his mouth to speak, I ask Your Holy Spirit to fill him with divine words, prophetic insight, wisdom and words of knowledge that will effectively remove every form of resistance in his adversaries. Let Your Holy Spirit and the gifts of Your Spirit flow freely in and through him, and empower him in the work You have called him to fulfill on behalf of the American people.

I ask You, Father, to remove every form of refuge and alliance that Your adversaries would rely on to give them strength and a sense of unity according to Your word in Psalm 142:4.

I declare You have removed all their allies far from them and You have made them an object of loathing to one another according to Psalm 88:8.

I declare those who oppose You, O God, and those who oppose the man You have set in office will look for sympathy but find none, according to Psalm 69:20.

I declare You have removed lover and friend far from all Your adversaries, according to Psalm 88:18.

I declare every opponent to truth, righteousness, justice and equity will find no man to stand with them, as it is written in 2 Tim. 4:16.

I declare that those that reproach the living God, Jesus Christ, will reap the fruits of what they have sowed, according to Galatians 6:7.

I declare that those that oppose unity, righteousness, goodness and justice are divinely restrained according to 2 Kings 19:28, because their arrogance and raging has come up before You, O God. Let Your hook be put in their nose, Your bridle in their lips, and let them be turned back by the way that they came, in Jesus name.

I declare that those who connive and conspire against the Lord Jesus Christ and against the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, who has been appointed to be put in power for such a time as this; let Your hand intervene in every attempt to overthrow those You have appointed for righteous leadership. For it is written in Psalm 75:7, “It is God who judges; He brings one down and exalts another.” Also in Daniel 2:21 it is written that You depose kings and raise up kings.  You give wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

I declare that those that practice witchcraft and rebellion against the Lord and against President Trump, his family and administration, against those You have appointed to do good in Congress, the Senate, the justice system and among the political realm will now find themselves in utter confusion. Let their ability to strategize and communicate with one another be confused according to Genesis 11:7.

I declare over every adversary that the yoke of their transgressions is bound upon their necks by Your hand, O God, and You have made their strength fail according to Lamentations 1:14. You have delivered them into the hands of those whom they are not able to withstand, namely the President of the United States, and the hands of our God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank You, Father, that You have You have made every adversary Your footstool and the power of evil is crushed in Jesus name.

Father, use the unraveling of the opposition to turn their hearts towards You. Let them be ashamed of their actions and truly repent in earnest. I ask that Your Holy Spirit would deeply convict their heart that they would cry out, “What must I do to be saved?” Put it in their heart to call on the name of Jesus to be saved, and when they do, let them find Your gracious provision for a new beginning. Bring them out of darkness and into the kingdom of God. Give them the desire to be saved.

Father, let Your power and assistance continually be extended to President Trump, his family and his cabinet to enable righteousness to be established in this nation. Let them receive the revelation they need so that they stand with him and with Your will, that they might work in unity towards establishing righteousness and justice in our land. In Jesus name, amen.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Lord Reigns!

God gave me such a wonderful revelation Sunday during worship. We recently moved to a town whose name literally means "Roman fortress" or walled city. I thought, aha...Jericho! God has been talking to me about fortified cities lately. This is important for all of us because this is a time of crossing over into new things for many people. When Joshua crossed over, he came to a strong city named Jericho that was surrounded by a huge wall. This wall was something like 17 feet thick and I believe there was even a mote around it, too. Archers were positioned at the top as lookouts to protect the inhabitants of the city. It was amazing that Joshua and his men even got close enough to march around the city! But as they marched, they also observed. God had forbidden them from speaking for an entire week. I'm sure that they got quite familiar with every stone and every crack on that wall! Joshua had to survey the issue at hand because the weapons he had grown accustomed to and was familiar with were totally insufficient for the task at hand once he got into new territory.

Joshua and his men had bows, arrows and spears but nothing sufficient that would break a hole through a huge stone wall. He couldn't approach the problem like he had in the past. This battle was different. It required strategy and a word from the Lord. Many of you right now are facing a similar situation. You cannot get through the barriers that stand blocking your path. You need a clear word from God that releases strategy, and that is found only in the presence of the Lord - in anointed worship.

One thing God showed me yesterday during worship was that people spend too much time looking at the walls of their problem - the barriers and the obstacles. God told me, stop looking at walls and look up! There was no roof on Jericho! He showed me a picture of a pole vaulter going up and over and He said, "I always have a way in to every problem, I just need people to believe that I CAN do the impossible!" He also showed me angels dropping little gifts inside the walls of the fortified city with little parachutes on them, and then rain that looked like seeds of light raining down on the city. Those were gifts of revelation and other answers to prayer raining down on those that we pray for. GOD ALWAYS HAS A WAY IN! After I wrote this I 'accidentally' found this verse. Check out what Psalm 97:11 says in the Message Bible. 

"Light-seeds are planted in the souls of God’s people, joy-seeds are planted in good heart-soil." 

Isn't that a great confirming verse? Psalm 97 is the one that is known as "The Lord Reigns." You can read the entire passage by clicking here. Recently I've found a new favorite song with the same name, by Gateway Worship. I realize God was revealing the strategy to getting 'over the top' of Jericho. It's worship and prophetic declarations. Psalm 97 vs. 7,8 command the daughters of Zion to sing their hearts out! What happens when we worship God? Mountains melt like wax in His presence. Obstacles are removed. And we seed the heavens with worship so that the angels take those seeds and drop them down into the hearts of those we pray for. There's another scripture that says, "A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city, and their contentions are like the bars of a castle." Prov. 18:19. I believe what God is saying is that He is ready to deal with the hearts of people that have fortified themselves against Him. These are offended people who are not interested in hearing about God or the matters of their heart condition. God knows every little crack in the walls of their hearts. He knows exactly where to drop the seed so that it finds the right place to grow. Those 'seeds of light' are seeds of truth, revelation and understanding to set the captives free, so that the walls of resistance they've had up in their hearts fall down flat. So, today...worship and sing your own little song of praise to God. Start declaring that God is dropping seeds of truth and light into the hearts of those you're praying for, and declare those seeds are setting them free and causing joy to spring up in their heart. When God reveals a strategy, USE IT. Don't think it's just for someone else. It's for you, too!

No matter what obstacles you think you're facing in prayer, or no matter how closed off to things of the spirit the people you're praying for may seem, don't worry about that. That's God's concern, not yours. Just believe, because God knows how to reach hearts and turn them towards Him. He is in the miracle business! There has never been a person that needed a miracle and didn't get one simply because God couldn't do it. He is able to do all things!He is looking for faith to move mountains, and worship to seed the heavens with answers to prayer. Look up and come up higher into the secret place - that is where you receive strategy and revelation to upgrade your faith. Believe for the impossible!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Prayer Declaration to OVERTURN the Witches’ Spell Against President Trump

The witches have been busy. I guess they have forgotten who is in charge, so let's remind them that our God is still on the throne and HE REIGNS!! It is time for those on the Lord's side to pray for our president and declare the decree that cancels out that witchcraft that's been released against him.

God has been showing me several things important to understanding this declaration. First, we tend to pray by things we see in the natural, rather than what is really going on in the unseen realm. One of the things God showed me is the powerful effect that the influence of secret societies have on the political realm, so some of the spirits that are addressed in this prayer decree are the false gods and idols of the Freemasons, the Shriners, the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, for instance. 

Another thing the Lord showed me is that we get too focused on seeing the walls around the fortified cities, or rather, the obstacles. He told me to look up and come up higher because even fortified cities have no roof and He who is above all can send angels to drop answers to prayer right through the place where the enemy hasn't thought to protect. He said He always has a way in; He just needs people to believe in faith that He can move and answer our prayers!

The last thing I wanted to mention is the fact that we are the bride...We ARE God's wife. Is there anything He won't do for His wife? Of course not! So pray like you really mean it and let your faith be released. Our President and our nation need our prayers.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You as a plaintiff in the case of the witches vs. President Donald J. Trump and ask that You hear this case in the court of heaven. I come before You now to the throne of Your grace. It is the time of great need, and I seek an immediate restraining order against all witches, wizards, warlocks, and practitioners of occult magic. I also ask that there would be an immediate overturning of all magic practices that they have conspired and cast spells to obtain the binding of Donald J. Trump. Let any influence in the spiritual and natural realms that may affect his family, political allies, members of his cabinet and administration, Congress, U.S. Senators, members of the House of Representatives, and any and all political representatives that have been used to block, hinder, halt or negate President Trump’s authority to effectively carry out his presidential responsibilities be broken now in Jesus name. I cancel the assignment of all word curses, hexes, spells and incantations placed upon Donald J. Trump in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, I come before the court of heaven as a child of God who has been bought with the precious blood of Your Son, my Lord Jesus Christ. Father, I am not only Your child; I am an heir to the kingdom of God, and I am the bride of Your Son. I appeal to You as one having all authority over the works of the enemy, according to Luke 10:19 where it is written, “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” Furthermore, it is written that I am raised up with Christ and seated in heavenly places, where there is authority to reign and rule with Christ. As a legitimate heir and ambassador to the kingdom of God, I ask that You bring all adversaries and enemies into the court of heaven where a judgment against them will be rendered on behalf of the saints of God. Let this decree serve to bind them with fetters and execute the judgement of Your word without delay.

Father, there are individuals practicing witchcraft and occult magic against the man You put into office as the president of the United States. Donald J. Trump has confessed Your name, and the name of Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. He is a son of God. Your word in Genesis 12:3 is a promise You made to Abraham, and it applies to every legitimate child of God. It is written, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Father, You are obligated to oversee Your word and You said it would not return to you void, so I ask You now to let the curse that was put on Donald J. Trump be lifted off of him and return to the abyss that was created for all demons according to Your promise in Genesis 12:3. Let the curse that is already upon those serving Satan be broken and the captives set free. Open the eyes of the blind, O God, that they may see You for who You really are. Heal their wounds and set them free. Let the Love of God be released over every single one of them that practice occult magic. I also remind You, Abba, that when Baalam was hired to curse Israel You would not allow him to declare a curse over Your people. He was only able to speak what You would allow him to speak. Therefore, as it is written in Numbers 23:26, I ask You to change the words that come out of the mouths of those that attempt to curse Donald Trump, his family and administration, and change it to a blessing. I bind all mocking, scorning, and evil speaking. I release the Spirit of Purity over them now. Let them be completely unable to curse him, but only bless him in Jesus name.

I ask You O God for favor on land and sea, in the airwaves and every place in between;
I beseech the favor of the Captain of the armies of heaven: Let the heavenly hosts be released to bind up the demons on assignment that have been sent out to carry out the curses that have been enacted, and all those that would try to come upon Donald Trump and his family, his cabinet, members of Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives and his political allies. I lift them up and ask that You release the Spirit of Revelation and Wisdom, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Righteousness, the Spirit of Courage and Boldness, the Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit of Understanding over them. Let revelation come to them that frees them from mind blinding spirits, fear, jealousy, contention, and disunity. I release a Spirit of Unity over them now in Jesus name.

In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Let the spirits known as Baal, Python, Lucifer, Jezebel, the spirit of Babylon and whoredoms, Bast, Ma'at, Nehebka, Seth, Isis, Zeus, Leviathan, Rahab, Beelzebub, Belial, Molech, Chemosh, Baphomet, Abaddon and all destroyer spirits be bound and rendered paralyzed, impotent and silenced now. Let them be sent back to the abyss immediately in Jesus name.”

In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Let the spirits known as the Grand Master, Hiram Abiff and the Great Architect of the Universe, the Worshipful Master, Jobulin, Osiris, Mohammed, Allah, and the spirits known as ‘the ruling masters’ be bound and rendered paralyzed, impotent, silenced and sent back to the abyss now in Jesus name.”

In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind the gods of Santeria and Lukumi. “Let the spirits known as Papa Legba, Obtala, Oya, Oshun, Chango, Ogun and Yemmaya, be bound, paralyzed, silenced and rendered completely impotent of all power now, and sent back to the abyss in Jesus name.”

In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Let every name by which demonic spirits are known, including Satan in every form and by every name, be bound and rendered powerless, silenced, impotent and paralyzed now in Jesus name.” I command them to yield and submit to the name that is above them, the name of El Elyon, the MOST HIGH GOD, and the name that has already defeated them; the name of Jesus Christ.

In accordance to what Jesus Christ has already accomplished at the Cross of Calvary, I command all spirits of the water, earth, fire and the air that are of unholy origin to be bound, silenced and rendered completely powerless in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

In every place where a binding spell has been cast over President Donald J. Trump or any of his family members, cabinet or members of his administration, I command those powers to be broken now in Jesus name. For it is written, Father, in Your book of the law in Leviticus 19:31 where You said, “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I [am] the LORD your God.” It is also written in Luke 4:8, “Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written thou shall worship the Lord thy God and Him only shall thy serve.” It is written in Exodus 20:3 that we are to have no other gods except You. Father, it would be an abomination for anyone to serve the enemy, whether they did it knowingly or unknowingly, by having a curse placed upon them to bind them to servitude to Satan, for it is forbidden by Your word. Therefore, let all binding curses, and curses sent to hinder, halt, disrupt and destroy Donald Trump and his effectiveness as our President be broken now in Jesus name. Let anyone that has served false gods or Satan's agenda be set free from serving the enemy so that they may serve You and You alone.

Father, where binding and constriction has been put upon Mr.Trump and those that serve and work with him, let the Spirit of Liberty be released upon them now to set them free. Let the Spirit of Revelation and Truth also be released upon them to give them prophetic insight, foresight and revelation that will empower people to break free from all manipulation, fear and control. For it is written, "You have not given them a spirit of timidity, but of power, love and a sound mind." I call forth the sound mind, and the strong mind to resist the manipulation and control sent forth by the enemy. Let the unity and love of God be released to have compassion on one another, compassion towards the people of the United States of America, that they would eagerly desire the good of the people over selfish concerns. I break the power of all mind blinding spirits in Jesus name. I command all spirits of Chaos, Disorder, Fear, Control, Manipulation, Pride, Rebellion, Lying Spirits, Divination, the anti-Christ Spirit, the Perverse Spirit, and the Spirit of Whoredoms to be bound, paralyzed, rendered impotent and silenced now in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. I release the name of El Shaddai and Jehovah Nissi over President Trump and declare that he is victorious over all the power of the enemy in whatever form or fashion it tries to manifest, in Jesus name.

Let all banishing spells be broken now in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let all word curses be broken now, in Jesus name. Let all inanimate objects, blood sacrifices, charms, amulets, and every occult practice lose it’s power and effectiveness now in Jesus name. Let every evil altar be dismantled by Your angels, O God, and let every medium, diviner, false prophet, witch, wizard and evil magician be immediately disconnected from their source of information, power and ability to carry out curses. Send the spirit of confusion into the enemy's camp so that they cannot formulate any plans and they cannot operate in unity with one another. I declare the name of Jehovah Gmulot, the Lord who spoils the plans of the enemy over every magic practice, curse and spell. For it is written in  Job 5:12 that You, O God, frustrate the plans of the crafty. Therefore, let God arise and His enemies be scattered according to Psalm 68: 1-4. Let every evil altar in the airwaves and earthly realm be severed from familiar spirits, and let all familiar spirits be bound and rendered impotent and silenced now in Jesus name.

Let all curses upon Mr. Trumps’ work, family, health, residence, relationships and all that pertains to him be broken now in the heavenly and earthly realm, in Jesus name.

Father, let Donald Trump and those in his family and administration be loosed of all confinements now in Jesus name. Let the tongues be loosed, in Jesus name. Let courage be released in them to stand up and speak out in Jesus name. Let them be loosed to carry out the works You have called them to do in Jesus name. Let all yokes, hindrances, fetters, shackles, and restrictions be removed now. Let there be a release of sozo, salvation, and give them room to breathe. Give them room to move. I release resurrection power over them now. Let the dunamis power of Your Holy Spirit be released to empower them to carry out the assignments You have for them, to overturn injustice and to establish fair and just laws. I speak enlargement, liberty and freedom from all sources of oppression over them now in Jesus name. 

Let the scorn that has been spoken over Donald Trump be returned seven fold over those who mock him, as it is written in Psalm 79:12, for they do not scorn him, but You, O God. Let their reproach be returned upon their own heads in Jesus name. It is also written in Isaiah 54:17 that “No weapon forged against us shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up in accusation we shall refute, for this is the heritage of the children of God.” Father, I command the accusations against President Trump to be refuted and I condemn those words in Jesus name. I break the power of accusation and I command those words to fall to the ground and bear no more fruit in Jesus name. I ask You, Father, to summon the accuser of the brethren and all those working under his authority to be taken into the court of heaven and rebuked in Jesus name.

Let every obstacle and mountain of resistance to be removed out of the way and be cast out of the way now in Jesus name for it is written in Zechariah 4:7, “Who are you O great mountain?” I declare that before Donald J.Trump you will become a level plain. I speak, “Grace, grace, grace” over President Trump, his family, his cabinet and administration. I speak, “Grace, grace, grace” over the members of Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Department of Justice, and the Supreme Court Justices. I speak abundant grace and favor over all of them to enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities without any further delay, in Jesus name. It is also written in Mark 11:23 that we can speak to the mountain and command it to be removed and it must obey. In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, let every mountain of resistance and opposition set against Donald J. Trump be removed immediately in Jesus name, for all things are possible with You. 

Father God, I ask You to supernaturally subdue those with jealousy, selfish ambition, envy, hatred, fear and anger in their heart. I ask You to dissolve their negative emotions and release the fear of the Lord over them. Let the spirit of grace and conviction fall upon them heavily. Let the love of God and a spirit of humility be released over all those that practice witchcraft and occult magic. Let the Spirit of Jehovah Shalom be released over every one of them in Jesus name. I declare the Prince of Peace over all spirits of anger, jealousy, vengeance, contention, hatred, rage and spite. Let their passion for evil desires be supernaturally dissolved so that they have no ability to energize demonic activity, in Jesus name. Let the mocking spirit be bound to silence in Jesus name.Let the spirit of pride and haughtiness be bound in Jesus name. Let the spirit of jealousy, envy and selfish ambition, as well as the perverse spirit that brings error and the anti-Christ spirit be bound and rendered completely powerless, impotent and silenced in Jesus name. 

Let those who have been slaves of unrighteousness receive a revelation of Your love and grace that diffuses their anger and turns their hearts towards You. Let them have a change of heart and a desire to be saved, healed and delivered. Let them receive the revelation that will reveal Jesus Christ to them. I pray, compel them to be saved. Let the spirit of conviction and repentance give them no rest until they seek forgiveness of their sins so they may have peace with God. Compel them to call upon the name of Jesus Christ in earnest, I pray!

Heavenly Father, I ask You to hear and act O God, upon the charges that are presented against the defendants. I ask You to grant an immediate restraining order against all those involved in demonic magic with the attempt to hinder, control, bind, restrain, subvert, and drive Donald J. Trump from office. I declare those with divided loyalties, or those that are serving other gods shall be immediately driven out of their office according to Isaiah 22:19, for it is written, "I will depose you from your office, And I will pull you down from your station."

I also declare that President Trump will not be driven from office, and he will not be hindered by any other attempts to remove him from his place of authority. According to the principle in Isaiah 22:20-21 I declare that Donald J. Trump was called to replace an ungodly servant that was an unjust steward. He has been set in to the office of the president as a peg in a firm place, according to Isaiah 22:22,23 and he has been given the keys of authority to rule. I declare that what God has established let no man divide asunder in Jesus name. 

Let the curses be reversed, as well as any effects of demonic magic be broken over the people that have been influenced to oppose Donald Trump. I bind up the spirit of heaviness and discouragement over him and those that are working with him. I release the oil of gladness, the joy of the Lord. Let the angel known as Wind of Change and the angel of Breakthrough be released to visit Donald Trump, members of Congress and others working towards unity. Let the angel of Strategy visit Donald Trump and reveal the plans that will work and succeed in accomplishing the objectives You have set before him. 

Father, let Congress come together to give a new vote to strike down ungodly and oppressive laws. Let forced vaccination laws be overturned in Jesus name. Let Congress work together in unity and one accord to strike down Obamacare and remove those laws from our land. Let all ungodly and oppressive laws that serve as a shield to protect injustice be removed now, in Jesus name. Let a spirit of unity and agreement come upon those in Congress and in President Trump’s administration that enable them to achieve a great and unprecedented amount of work. I ask You to send Your angels into those places to help administrate and oversee the work that is being done. Let it be done with righteousness, equity and justice in Jesus name. Let the Spirit of Unity prevail and overcome all disagreements, selfish agendas, strife and competition. I forbid all competition and strife from operating in Congress and towards the plans and purposes that Donald Trump is attempting to establish for the good of the American people in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, I ask that You bring in the Holy Spirit as witness to the charges against the defendants, and that You as Just Judge of Heaven and Earth would be President Trump’s defense attorney. His sins are covered by Your blood, and Your word says NO WEAPON formed against him would prosper. I appeal to the court of heaven to give a judgment in his favor, and in favor of the American people, that all witchcraft, sorcery, spells and incantations and those who practice such things would find no ability to enact a successful spell against President Trump, or those working with him. I appeal to You, Father, as Your blood bought child. I appeal to the court of heaven as the bride of Christ. Thank You, Father, for hearing and acting on behalf of Donald J. Trump and the people of the United States of America. In Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Do You Know What Time It Is?

I had a dream last night where I saw myself calling home from a hotel room. My husband answered and said, “Wow, it’s so early, do you know what time it is? I looked at the clock as he said, “It’s 6:15 in the morning!” Then I awoke, stumbled into the kitchen to start my day and noticed that I had woke up at 6:15! God was confirming His word!

Hotels speak of transition, so I knew God was speaking about coming out of transition and the dawning of a new day.  I began to pray and go through the Word of God to see what He was saying. Two verses stood out to me. Hebrews 6:10 and Hebrews 6:15. Here’s what they say:

“For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” Hebrews 6:10

I believe this is the hinge of the promise that follows in verse 15. It’s about faithfully serving God’s people, because as we serve others, we also serve Him. This act of love is never forgotten by our Father, and He faithfully rewards those who love Him! In this portion of scripture God was confirming the fact that He blessed Abraham, repeating the words,

“Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you.” Heb. 6:14

“And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.” Heb. 6:15

What time is it? It’s the time of God’s promises being fulfilled!

God has seen your faithfulness to hold on and continue walking in love and patient endurance. He has not forgotten you! It’s time to confess with our mouth and believe in our heart as we make our decrees to call forth the long-awaited promises of God!


I decree this is my Kairos time. I call forth the manifestation of the multiplied blessings of God, for it is written in Hebrews 6:14 that you have blessed me and brought forth multiplication on my behalf.

I declare that You are faithful to remember my labors of love as I have ministered to others and to You, according to Hebrews 6:10.

I decree that this is the time that I will obtain the promises of God and that You are fulfilling them now according to Hebrews 6:15.

I declare this is the timing of God to bring the promise to birth for it is written in Isaiah 66:9 that You do not bring to the moment of birth and not cause delivery. Therefore, let the womb of God bring forth the new things that You have appointed for my life, according to Isaiah 55:11.

I declare that nothing is too difficult for the Lord and the moment of birth has arrived according to Genesis 18:14 and Genesis 21:2.

  • for my children’s salvation, healing and deliverance
  • for birthing new ministry, plans and purposes
  • for the restoration of my health
  • for restoration of finances, land or property
  • (name the promise you’ve been believing for)

I decree this is a time of expansion and enlargement according to Isaiah 54:2.

I decree this is a time of the double blessing and rejoicing in our portion according to Isaiah 61:7.

Thank You, Father, for always watching out for me and my loved ones. Thank You that You are faithful to honor Your promises and that this is the time of rejoicing and celebrating with You in the new things that You are birthing in my life! In Jesus name, amen.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sample Chapter from Seduced into Shame

Are you troubled by sexual demons known as incubus or succubus? Do you struggle with lust related issues, sexual addictions and the guilt. shame and condemnation from those things? You can be free!

Read a sample from chapter one of my new book. Seduced into Shame at Click on the link!

Click to read.  Seduced into Shame...Finding Freedom from Sexual Sins.

P.S. If you live in a foreign country where it makes it difficult to obtain a copy of the book, please email me at

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Freedom from Lust, Sexual Addictions and Sexual Demons

Hello friends,

Every month I receive many, many emails from people who are searching for help in regards to problems with sexual demons, lust and other sexual sins. Many people find the articles on getting free from incubus, succubus and lust, but are still struggling. It became so time consuming trying to repeat myself over and over again that I have now put the information in a brand new book, which I am happy to announce is now available on

An excerpt from the book:

     "When it comes to issues of a sensitive nature, the church tends to shy away from topics they feel ill equipped to address. Sometimes that means they also distance themselves from those who have issues that make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. That’s where we all need personal growth and to work on love and acceptance. The subject in this book deals with things that people don’t often want to address because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Pornography, lust, and demonic torment from sexual demons are not exactly casual dinner conversation. You’re probably not going to hear it preached on a Sunday morning, either. For the most part, the unspoken message that is conveyed is, “We don’t talk about that here.” ...

"Writing this book was not necessarily something I wanted to do, simply due to the nature of the subject matter. It is no easy thing to bare one’s soul to the world in utter transparency. Yet, time and time again, I continue to receive correspondence from those that have read articles on my blog, asking for help. Allow me to share a portion of one person’s correspondence, if you will, because this person’s words describe the nature of the problem. “I’ve asked many preachers for help. I’ve been to multiple ‘deliverance services’ to see if I can find freedom from this problem…Nothing has been successful. Everyone I ask for help treats me as if I have the plague. When I tell them the problem they won’t talk to me again. It is really a horrible problem when you can’t even get help from the church.”

"90% of the people who contact me on the subject of sexual demons and addictions voice the same kind of situations. What is equally frustrating are those who write or teach others on spiritual matters, telling them such things like incubus or succubus spirits do not exist, when they have no actual experience on the subject. Just because something may not be understood by some people doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are those, like myself, who have seen, felt, battled and wrestled with these demonic spirits. It is very hurtful and harmful for anyone to tell them that what they have experienced isn’t real. Many people  have turned to traditional forms of counseling for help but have not found any peace, remedy or answers." 

"I have come to realize that there were reasons why I went through the things I experienced. I lived with those spirits for decades before I got free, and others can benefit from what I have learned. From the very beginning of my life, the enemy had marked me as an outcast. He did everything possible to insure that I would never find my voice, or my place within the body of Christ. Perhaps in reading this book others will find some of those truths ringing loud and clear about their own lives. If so, then this book is full of insights so that you, too, can obtain your freedom."

"Practical steps to freedom are included so that people can learn how to be effective in working through issues in their own life, as well as learn how to equip others."

Table of Contents:

Bound by Shame
Evil Inheritances
Incubus & Succubus – What are They?
The Relationship between Lust and Witchcraft
The Way of Escape
How Perverse Spirits Affect Marriage and Family
Renouncing Old Covenants
Living in a New Identity
Getting Free
Practical Steps to Deliverance

Every month approximately 2000 people come to this website looking for help on the subject of sexual demons such as incubus and succubus. Almost another thousand come for help with things resulting from sexual molestation. Many of them don' t realize the two subjects are connected. Multitudes of people are looking for help!

This book gives practical help to those who truly want to live free from demonic oppression and reclaim their purity. It is a tremendous resource for those that desire to work with God in self deliverance but it is also a great tool to have on hand in working with others. If you are struggling with the guilt, shame and condemnation from sexual demons, addictions and other troubles from lust related issues, I encourage you to get this book!

Click to order Seduced into Shame by Laura Gagnon

Friday, February 17, 2017

Speak Peace to the Storm!

The announcement of a storm named Lucifer due to hit the West Coast today is such a prophetic picture of the enemy’s rage. I can’t help but think maybe God is using it to provoke His people to pray and take authority over the enemy. We see an incredible amount of anger, rage, deception and demonic strategy all around us, but it is especially strong over the leadership of our country. The enemy is furious that he is losing ground, but he continues to work deceptively behind the scenes in order to try to prevent God’s plans and purposes from coming to pass.


In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I declare the word of God over every adverse, contrary and divisive wind that has been set against Your people. I thank you Lord for humbling the enemy and commanding the storm known as Lucifer, and the one coming called Maleficent, to unwind and dissipate. I thank you, that demons are subject to the authority of Your people as it is written in Luke 10:17 and they must submit to the word of God as it is returned to You by our declarations. You have given your people authority over all the power of the enemy according to Luke 10:19.

Father, I thank You that according to Isaiah 14:12-15, it is written that Lucifer is cut down and brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. I thank You that this storm named Lucifer is cut down to the ground in Jesus name.

I thank You Father that it is promised to us in Genesis 3:14,15 that the curse is upon Lucifer and is already defeated, for it is written that we shall bruise the head of the enemy as we subdue him.

Father, I thank You that the beast that rises up out of the sea must bow to the name of Jesus, for it is written in Phil. 2:10,11 and again in Romans 14:11 that every name in heaven, on earth and under the earth shall bow to the name of Jesus. Therefore, I command the names of the enemy and adversary, by any name of which Satan is known, to bow and submit to the Lord Jesus Christ. “Lucifer…Maleficent…bow and submit to the name of Jesus Christ and be still in Jesus name!”

I rebuke the wind and waves and command them to be still according to Matthew 8:26.
I declare the name of Jesus Christ above the names of Lucifer, Maleficent, and any other names that make reference to some form of Satan. I command the song of the ruthless destroying winds to be brought low according to Isaiah 25:4,5 for it is written:

“For You have been a stronghold for the poor, a stronghold for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm, a shade from the heat; for the blast of the ruthless ones is like a rainstorm against a wall.

As the heat in a dry land [is reduced by the shadow of a cloud, so] You will bring down the noise of aliens [exultant over their enemies]; and as the heat is brought low by the shadow of a cloud, so the song of the ruthless ones is brought low.”

I thank You, Father, that there is none like You. I speak to the contrary and divisive winds. I speak to the deceptive winds. I speak to the raging winds and I say they are subdued by the power of God, for in Psalm 89:9 it is written:

 “You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves arise, You still them.”

My Father, when nations rage, and the kings of the earth take their stand; when rulers take counsel together against the Lord and Your anointed, You sit in the heavens and laugh at their futility. I thank You that You have promised to subdue them, for it is written in Psalm 33:10:

“The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples.”

And in Psalm 21:11 it is written:

“Though they intended evil against You And devised a plot, They will not succeed.”

Also in Psalm 65:7 it is written:

“Who stills the roaring of the seas, The roaring of their waves, And the tumult of the peoples.”

I thank You Father that according to Psalm 46:9,10 You make wars cease. You break the bow and shatter the spear and you burn the enemy’s shields with fire. For the word of God says “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.”

I thank You, Father, that this storm will serve only one purpose, as it is written in Acts 26:18:

“to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me.”

Father, I ask You to crush the head of the enemy according to Romans 16:20 and force the storms be still, in Jesus name.

I command the storms to cease and be still according to Mark 4:39.

I thank You that You fight for the righteous according to Exodus 14:14, and that You will use the storm to uncover hidden paths. Let these hidden paths create bridges, solutions and ways for Your people to cross over to their promise land in safety.

I thank You Father that the lawless are chased away and the descendants of the wicked are cut off so that the righteous inherit the land, according to what is written in Psalm 37:27-29.

Thank You Father that as I return Your word to You, it does not return void but it certainly accomplishes the purposes for which it is sent, according to Isaiah 55:11. Let Your angels be dispatched now to carry out the enforcement of these declarations. I thank You for subduing the enemy and providing safety and protection for those that are in the path of the storm. Let Your hand of protection be upon us so that there is no loss of life. Position Your angels to guide, deliver, and send help to those that may need an intervention. Thank You Father for being our strong tower and guiding Your people to their desired haven. In Jesus name, amen.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to Pray for Those That Don't Want Your Prayers

Do you ever wonder how to pray for someone that doesn’t want your prayers? Do you feel like you hit a wall because you don’t know how to reach inside their mind and get to the real issue? Well, here is a prayer written for those difficult cases! Insert the name of the person or individuals you are praying for in the appropriate places.

Father God,

It is written in Jeremiah 23:29 that Your word burns like fire and is like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces. You also said in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that it is useful for tearing down arguments and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God. You said that through Your word we can take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And according to Hebrews 4:12, it is written “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it pierces even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Therefore, according to Jeremiah 5:14, I declare Your word over (__________) which says: Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of hosts, "Because you have spoken this word, Behold, I am making My words in your mouth fire and this people wood, and it will consume them.”

(Insert name), I declare this knowledge to awaken your spirit and bring you back to your senses:

  • ·        It is written in Ephesians 1:4 that you have been chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world to be holy and without blame before Him.
  • ·     It is written that you have been predestined to be adopted as God’s child according to Ephesians 1:5.
  • ·     It is written in Colossians 1:13 that you have been rescued from the domain of Satan’s rule and transferred to the kingdom of Christ.
  • ·     It is written in Colossians 1:14 that you have been redeemed and forgiven of all your sins. The debt against you has been cancelled.
  • ·      It is written in 1 Corinthians 1:30 that you have been placed into Christ, by God’s doing.
  • ·      It is written that you have been born again according to 1 Peter 1:23.
  • ·     You have been given peace, according to John 14:27.
  • ·     It is written that you have been bought with a price; you are not your own; you belong to God, according to 1 Cor. 6:19, 20, 7:23.

Therefore, I command you to stop struggling and surrender to the truth that has been declared over you.

I also declare that you are not rejected, abandoned nor an outcast and those lies will stop immediately according to Psalm 63:11. For it is written:

  • ·         You are accepted in the beloved according to Ephesians 1:6.
  • ·         You are forgiven on the account of Jesus’ name, according to 1 John 2:12.
  • ·         You are loved, according to 1 John 4:10.
  • ·         You are chosen of God, holy and dearly loved according to Col. 3:12, 1 Thess. 1:4.
  • ·         You are a child of God according to John 1:12.

I declare that you will immediately realize the truth and it will set you free. I speak to you and declare that the lies will dissipate and unravel now. They no longer hold you. You are set free in Jesus name. You are surrendering even now to the truth that governs the kingdom of God and this universe. You belong to God, not the kingdom of darkness and a false father. You will reject the false father, Satan, and come out of darkness immediately.

I ask You, Father, to commission Your angels and release them into (______’s life) to compel them to break all agreements that have been made in the spiritual realm that are binding and legally enforceable by the enemy. I ask that Your angels will compel __________ to renounce the lies that:

  • ·         Anger validates the injustices in their life.
  • ·         Anger protects them from rejection.
  • ·        Anger holds others accountable that they feel are responsible for their pain and      misery.

  • ·         I declare they will immediately forgive those they have been angry with. _________ will forgive those that they have blamed for making them feel rejected, ashamed, or unworthy.
  • ·         I declare ______ will immediately forgive those they feel have denied their sin and refused to take responsibility for it.
  • ·        I declare that according to Colossians 1:22 ________ is blameless and free from accusation. I declare that _________ is like Christ, having empathy for others according to 1 John 4:10.
  • ·     I declare that ___________’s belief system is renewed through the word of God, and that they will no longer perceive things through the filter of rejection.
  • ·       I declare that according to Colossians 2:7 ______ is firmly rooted in Christ and is now being built up in Him.
  • ·    I declare that _______ does not see them self through the lens of failure, inferiority or unworthiness, according to 2 Cor. 5:17.
  • ·        I declare that the veil over ________’s understanding has been taken away according to 2 Cor. 3:16.
  • ·        I declare that their heart and mind are open and receptive to truth, and the truth makes them free according to John 8:32.
  • ·         I declare that _______  died with Christ and died to the power of sin’s rule over his/her life according to Romans 6:1-6.
  • ·        I declare the Spirit of Truth will unravel the lie that they can live as they please and still be right with God, according to 1 Cor. 6:9,10; Ephesians 5:5; and Rev. 22:15.
  • ·         I declare that _______ will feel the weight of conviction in their heart that there is no other name other than Jesus Christ by which he/she can be saved, according to Acts 4:12.

Father, send out Your angels to carry out the fulfillment of Your word. I have returned it to You and You said Your word would not return to You void, but it would surely accomplish the very thing for which it is purposed. 

Let Your word act like a fire to consume the lie in _______’s belief system. 

Make the crooked places straight. 

Help Holy Spirit get truth into the deepest, innermost places of their core beliefs. 

Get truth around the walls and obstacles that have been constructed to keep truth out of their heart and mind. 

Show them the lies and encourage them to reject them. 

Let Your word act like a hammer against the stubborn resistance and crush the strongholds where the enemy is at work. 

Father, help ________ to recover their will and to exercise their will against the lies of the enemy. 

Grant them repentance that they may come to their senses and genuinely offer you repentance that pleases you. 

Bring them out of darkness and translate them into the light of Christ.

I ask Your Holy Spirit to release revelation of the love of God and the Fatherhood of God.

Plant new thoughts and experiences in their belief system. 

Let Your Holy Spirit lead them into their healing and deliverance, in Jesus name, amen.