Sunday, March 18, 2012

Breaking the Yoke

When you're wearing a yoke, you are not free. You are bound to whatever is holding you. God wants to break out within you before He can break out in your circumstances. He wants to give you a revelation that will cause something on the inside of you to get set free.

There are many people right now that feel so far away from God; perhaps even people that have known Him and wondered, "Why am I finding it so hard to hear your voice?"  I want to reassure you that God hears you and knows exactly what is on your mind. When people feel that God is silent is a time when they become most vulnerable to attacks on their mind. For a time, we must learn to endure. Sometimes it is simply to understand the tactics of the enemy and build compassion for others that are struggling with similar issues, but the time comes when God releases the answer to your need and revelation that will set you free.

I hear the Lord saying, "My love never fails; it never gives up...My love never runs out and you can have complete assurance that it is not by your obedience, your determination, or your own efforts that secure My love for you. I chose you! I birthed you! How could I ever give you up?"

"You started off well, but what happened? What you have tried by self effort and sheer determination to make work, now receive My grace." I sense that He wants to restore the joy of your salvation and bring you back to a time when you first discovered the joy at knowing your sins were forgiven. It wasn't and still isn't about your ability to prove yourself, but about His grace and the blood of Christ that covers all of our sins.

I hear Him saying to you, "Today I break the yoke of the past, the yoke of your own false perceptions. I am breaking off the yoke of oppression! I am breaking off the yoke of shame! I am breaking off the yoke others have tried to put on you! Look! I am dancing on the false yoke that others have tried to yoke you is under My feet! The Lord is saying to you, "Look at Me dance, it's under My feet - and if it's under My feet, it's under yours as well!" "The yoke I break," says the Lord, "no one has the authority to put back on you. It's just an illusion, a lie. Don't wear it again. Don't try to put it back on. The yoke is broken!"

I want you to know that the Lord is dancing over the yoke He has broken from your neck. Whatever you felt bound to; you are released. You are free. The Lord says, "Tell my people to come out from everything that is unclean, unhealthy and designed to keep you focused on self effort."I AM the God who sets you free!

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