Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Honor Principle

More and more I realize that the important issues of life comes down to honor. Honor towards ourselves, others, and most importantly, towards the Holy Spirit. Once you start seeing your actions through the eyes of whether or not you display honor or dishonor, it has the power to convict you of sin you never realized was there.

The truest trademark of those that treat others with dishonor are those that view themselves and others with inferiority. Feelings of inferiority will shape a person's thoughts, feelings and behavior in a negative perspective towards ourselves and others. Dishonor is the result of those that struggle with toxic feelings, low self esteem and identity issues. Guilt tries to deflect blame using tactics of rejection, belittlement or treating others with insignificance. It demonstrates a lack of honor towards self, others and God. If we allow God to transform our mind, however, He will show us that we, His children, are indeed of royal lineage. (I have received the gift of righteousness and reign as a king in life by Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:17; I am a joint heir with Christ according to Rom. 8:17) We have been birthed into a kingdom with royal privileges, a divine inheritance, and our Father treats us with the utmost respect and honor. The problem between how people act and what they are is simply the heartfelt understanding of the truth: He has covered our sin, removed our shame, cleansed the records of our wrongs, and deemed us royalty. See Col. 1:14, 2 Cor. 5:17, Col. 3:12, Rom. 8:1, 2 Peter 1:4) We need never again bear the reproach that causes people to treat themselves or others with disrespect and dishonor.  

Every day we are faced with choices, and we can either choose to show honor, or dishonor. Every day we choose whether or not we will honor or dishonor the Lord and His Holy Spirit. It makes all the difference between whether or not we sense the reassurance of His presence. Remember, your words have the power to bless or to wound, to release life, or death. If you've spoken the wrong things, it's not too late to turn it around. Apologize, if necessary. Leave room for others to save face. Overlook offense. Demonstrate grace, kindness and love. Freely forgive, for God has offered His forgiveness to you. Demonstrate what it means to live by the conviction of honoring others, for they, too, have just as much right to become heirs of His kingdom. Many are, although they may yet need to discover their true identity. When they have this revelation, they too will walk in the newness of this revelation, which has the power to transform them from the inside out. "Honor is one of the greatest attributes in the entire Bible. When the kingdom is present inside of us, honorable behavior comes naturally to us. We give honor to all men not just because they deserve it, but also because we are honorable citizens of the King. When we walk in our royal call, our behavior is not determined by our temporal environment but by the eternal environment that lies inside of us.”

“Whenever we treat people honorably even if they refuse to honor us, we demonstrate that we have a standard within us that isn’t determined by the people around us. We don’t just honor people because they are honorable, but we honor people because we are honorable. For a Christian, honor is a condition of the heart, not just the product of a good environment. Honor doesn’t mean we agree with the people we are honoring: it simply means we value them as people who have been created in the image and likeness of God.” …  “Honor is the cornerstone of an empowering culture that eliminates the need for control. The presence of honor creates order through dignity instead of the fear of punishment. Order, when it is fostered by honor, results in empowerment; order enforced through fear results in control. If we were to take negative consequences out of an environment where the people don’t have honor in their hearts for one another, disorder and chaos would surely develop.” - Bill Johnson, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty.

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