Monday, April 9, 2012

The Answer Is Hidden In Plain Sight!

 The early church found love, acceptance and family in God by making an effort to form community where they lived, worked and socialized. By doing so, they found a sense of belonging. Through the forming of community people found their social needs as well as practical needs were met. I think it is the misconception that people must belong to a church in order for that to function in their lives, but the "church" is us. We take Christ into every place and every situation with us. There is no reason why a sense of community cannot take place where ever we allow the light of Christ to shine! When we make a determined effort to release love we are also going to find that what's in our hands and in our house will find it's way to help others in need. Generosity, kindness and a desire to help others is what allows God to work in any situation. How often we pray and wonder how God will answer, but often we will find that as we have been praying for one thing, someone else has also been praying for something else. He just needs a good excuse to make us cross paths with the person that can release the blessing He has for us!

How often I have found this to be true. I can tell you many testimonies of God interrupting my schedule just so that He could put me in the right place at the right time. Maybe someone needed a prayer. Other times it's been a practical need. But God made sure to get me where I needed to be at the right time. Sometimes He wants us to have a conversation with someone in order to reveal more of His plan. Rest assured, whatever your need, whatever you have been praying for is often found right under your nose!

Often the answer is hidden in plain sight but people can be blind to it. It's like looking for something you lost and you keep looking right past it when it's sitting right there on the counter in plain sight. Ever done that? Perhaps it is because a person has not had a response of faith, or perhaps they wanted the answer to come in a different way. Sometimes the answer is hidden until a set time when God suddenly allows people to have their eyes opened, and sometimes we must ask for God to open our eyes and show us the answer. We  learn to accept the answer that God gives, whether or not it is according to our personal preferences. You may feel that you have not yet received an answer, but just because you feel that you haven’t received an answer doesn’t mean the answer hasn’t been sent. It might mean you haven’t listened hard enough.

Father God,

Help me to have the response of faith. Forgive me if I have not been paying attention and you have already sent answers to my prayers. Right now I reject and refuse all unbelief, judgments, opinions and resistance to the answer to my prayers. I believe by faith that in as much as I am an answer for others that have a need, the answer to my prayer is also made available to me in others. Please open my eyes to recognize the answer that is right in front of me. Give me eyes to see how I can be the answer for others, too. Please give me a heart that is willing to accept Your answer, and respond in faith to whatever you show me. I don’t want to miss the time of my visitation! I know you work through human vessels, Lord, so please highlight the ones in which You want me to pay attention. Open my ears to hear the message that is communicated. You have an answer that I need to receive, so help me to receive it. I thank You for adjusting my heart in whatever way is needed so that I can respond in faith to the answer that You have sent. In Jesus name, amen.


  1. Wow that is beautiful and eye opening...........amen!

  2. I am glad you found it helpful. :-) Blessings on your day!

    1. How do I follow future articles? Is there a way to suscribe through facebook?This article was excellent. I learned so much from it. Thank you so much for writing it.

  3. So many people have tuned in to read this article, that I wanted to post a little "update." It's been several months since writing this article. My husband and I were literally "sitting in the door" God had for us for about 6 months and suddenly things changed. I couldn't see it for what it was at first, largely because the new thing God had for us didn 't look like my preconceived ideas. The door to your future may not look like the doors you've been familiar with from previous seasons of your life! Also, during the time of waiting, God kept reinforcing the thought that when we did something for another person that could not repay us, He would break through on our behalf. I actively poured out random acts of kindness and generosity on everyone I could find and GOD BROKE THROUGH! I have always known this to true. When the breakthrough came, it sought us out. It was not by our own hand. God poured out His favor in amazing ways and the blessings keep chasing us down. So, hold on to your hope and bless others every chance you get. What God did for us, He can certainly do for you!!

  4. I am so confused as to what to do with my life. Maybe God has already answered me and it is in plain sight. I can't see it. I can't hear him. Please Lord, help me discover your plan for me.