Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lessons From A Hairdresser

I had the pleasure of finding a new work out partner who just happens to be a hairdresser. Exercising with a friend can be so much more enjoyable than trying to go it alone, but the interesting thing is how God can bring a fresh message out of an hour of just “chatting.”

As we talked, my new friend explained how she doesn’t “just do hair,” but that her client visits are meaningful and therapeutic as well. “If I’m not solving someone else’s problems, they’re solving mine,” she explained. “I remember a time when I did this woman’s hair and she was a pastor’s wife. I don’t know exactly what was drawn out of me, but my life changed that day and I’ll never forget it.”

I think the Lord wanted me to remind you today that His people and His counselors are everywhere. Divine encounters are just waiting to happen! He loves to bring people into moments where simple conversations release change and dynamically enhance a person’s life. Because, you see, hairdressers understand a key principle that the world needs to get. People are always communicating a message. Some messages are to others and some are to God, but human beings want to be heard. They long to be known. They long to be seen. They fight against feeling invisible. Mostly though, when people communicate a message, they are trying to find a way to solve their problems and find healing for things that cause them pain.

There’s something wonderful about finding that one person that isn’t in a hurry and just listens. They listen as you pour out your heart and share the thing that is stressing you out. They listen as you share your hurts and try to put on the happy face, acting like it doesn’t hurt as much as what you’re feeling on the inside. They don’t have to solve your problem, but sometimes they have just the right advice to put things in perspective, and putting things in right perspective often times releases some of the hurt. I can’t tell you the number of times when I’ve banged on heaven’s door seeking answers, and sometimes that’s where I get them. At other times, God puts the answers we need in other people because He wants to involve others in our life. It’s His way of helping to cultivate relationship. We are not created to be independent, but inter-dependent, as God’s plan for mankind is to love one another and be knit together in one big family. We need each other, and we need the gifts that God has distributed in human vessels.

 I think we need to get over the idea that we somehow have to come up with all the answers to life’s problems on our own. We can’t always trust the advice of the world, but if we’re listening with our heart we’ll be able to discern God’s counsel. God’s voice is distinctly different than our own thoughts. We’ll know when God has just given us an answer we need because our spirit will witness to that truth. Sometimes we need to have a conversation with someone who is not close to us and can be objective. Objectivity can help us open our heart to see things from more than our own perspective. There is the bigger picture too, of course, in that we tend to find healing for our own life and forget about ourselves as we love on others. Don’t focus on those you can’t help or those that don’t want your help; lift up your eyes and look for the people that God brings across your path. The world is full of hurting people that are desperate to be heard. Desperate to be healed.  Desperate for a touch of God or a prayer. They just want to know someone cares.

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  1. Laura
    Your thoughts and your words are truly Gods blessings. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.