Friday, April 13, 2012

Ripple Effect

You might not think too much about a simple act of kindness, but what seems small to you might mean the world to someone else. Never underestimate the power of God to increase the impact of your gesture of love, a prayer, or an act of kindness. The person you might think is the least likely one to remember you, could be just the person God uses to return a favor or a blessing.

We all wear a sign. We constantly communicate a message to others. We are living epistles and others "read our sign" everyday.

The question is, “What do you want others to understand about you?”

Perhaps the question should be, “What kind of mark do you want to leave on humanity?”

An interesting thing about God is, He watches everything. He looks for those that will be kind and demonstrate selflessness. He looks for those that genuinely want to love others and not expect a payback.

Life can be all about us, or a life spent on others.

Every action has a ripple effect. Every act, whether it’s an act of love and generosity or an act of indifference, goes on to touch someone else. For instance, perhaps you are having a bad day and out of your own frustration you end up taking it out on some undeserving person that just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What you unleash on that unsuspecting person just might end up being multiplied and passed on to the next person that “gets in the way.” By the same token, if you sow an act of kindness, generosity, love or extend your faith in some way towards someone else, that too will trigger responses that are passed on to others. Everything gets multiplied. Another thing to remember is the fact that we’re all connected. We might not be able to see the bigger picture at times but we are all connected by God’s divine ingenuity. He keeps this universe and all the world’s population moving along right on schedule. There are things that no one can explain, like being in the right place at the right time to rescue a child from danger, or pulling a person out of a car wreck just before a car explodes. There are the smaller moments too, that rarely get noticed unless one is looking for God’s hand at work. It doesn’t have to be dramatic for it to be a God-moment. It might be the person that gave you a kind reference and it made all the difference in you getting that new job. Christian or non-Christian alike, everyone has those testimonies of someone else that did something for us that changed a situation in our life and it happened at just the right moment. We realize too, that those “random” events that seem accidental or what some might call fate are really God pulling the strings in our life a little bit tighter. See, we’re all a part of the net that He casts into the sea of humanity. He has precision timing to make sure that someone grabs the net and pulls on it just in time to make things happen for someone else on the net. You never just might be next. Aren't you grateful God is watching out for you?

Father God,

I thank You for all the people that You have put in my life when I never stopped to think about it. Thank You for all the people You have used to bless me, show kindness to me, and even rescue me when I might not have realized I needed to be rescued. Lord, You are always watching out for me! Help me to have eyes to see those You want me to connect with. Pull those strings in my life and draw my destiny connections closer. Help me to hear You clearly so that I know what You want me to do for others. Thank You, Father, that Your family is all around me. You have placed people strategically around me, and I am placed in their path for a strategic reason as well. Holy Spirit, I ask You to prompt me to take whatever action will trigger a ripple effect, creating momentum and releasing Your kingdom in this earth. Breathe on those things I pray, O God, that Your Spirit would pick up that one little action and carry it forward. Let the effects of kindness, generosity, love and blessing be multiplied, creating an ever expanding influence in this earthly realm. Reveal Your plan I pray, for myself as well as to others, and let all Your will and purpose be accomplished. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. speaking of ripple effects, this comes along at a time when i needed to help getting my eyes off myself. trials can make one so myopic! thank you!