Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Do You See?

What you see in others could be what hinders your ability to receive from God. Do you see through eyes of familiarity, or eyes of faith? In John chapter 2 the wine ran out at the wedding of Cana, which Jesus was attending. His mother, Mary, approached Jesus with a request. “On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding. And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.”

Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.” (John 2:4). His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

It would seem that either Jesus did not know His time for ministry had arrived, or perhaps the question He posed to his mother was a test. Although Mary knew many years earlier that she had given birth to the Son of God, it could have very easy for her to only see Jesus as her son. By this time Jesus was a grown man. Many years of mothering could have dulled her faith and caused Mary to ignore the anointing that had been hidden in Jesus' life. We must remember that even in the life of the Son of God, there was a set time for him to enter the ministry phase of his life. Mary had to make a choice to stop seeing Jesus only as family and start seeing Him as the anointed one. It was a choice she made by faith. Now, consider the fact that up to this time Jesus had not worked any miracles. So for her to come and press Jesus to produce a miracle wasn't something she had seen him do before. It was faith that caused her to reason within herself that because He was the Son of God there had to be power available to change the situation at hand. Once she determined that anything was possible, she wasn’t going to be deterred. It was Mary’s faith that pressed on the anointing and caused power to be released.

Mary chose to honor the presence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life and the result produced a miracle - not for herself, but for others at the wedding. Amazing!

The presence of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life fills them up like liquid fills a cup. When a person places a demand on the anointing, that “need” presses down like a weight being pushed down into that cup. It’s like dropping pebbles into a glass of water and watching the water level rise. This same principle causes the anointing to overflow. The need increases the level of anointing until it flows out of the vessel and onto the person that touches the cup. Think about it…At the wedding of Cana when did the water change to wine? In other words, when did the supernatural change occur? When faith and obedience presented itself to the Master. Understand that the “Master’s hand” is upon His servants. When you press in to touch Him (coming by faith with your need), you are drawing close to Him, and He will likewise draw near to meet you. The anointing in the life of a man or woman of God is there. It is enough to change the situation at hand in your life, but how you see others could be the very thing that determines your ability to receive what you need out of the anointing. Perhaps, like Mary, up to now you have not been able to see the anointing at work. Perhaps you have said, "Ah, but they are just my friend, that person is just my gardener, my accountant, my uncle, my spouse, ect. That may be true, but do they have the presence of God within them? Are they full of the Holy Spirit? Greater is He that lives within us than he that is in the world.

How easy it can be to discount a promise God wants us to have when the declaration of that promise comes from someone familiar. Familiarity often breeds contempt though, even if we don't realize that is the way we are treating the presence of the Holy Spirit. Recently the Lord reminded me of a promise that had been spoken to me, but because it didn't come to pass when I thought it would, I lost hope and began to come up with reasons why it hadn't been fulfilled. The same word had also been given to me by another person that was close to me, but the very nature of the promise was almost too good to be true so I thought maybe it came out of the human heart rather than from God. Again, when it didn't come to pass right away I started to explain away the reasons why BUT I came into agreement with unbelief rather than faith. Unbelief won't produce the promise! God showed me that I was like Sarah, who laughed when she heard what God was going to do for her and Abraham. It was too good to be true, or so she thought. It was so far beyond what she could imagine, she laughed! Isn't that just like God to blow our mind by giving us a desire of our heart that is so deeply personal, so unexpected, that we disbelieve it could actually happen? Sometimes we see the impossibility of a situation and think it is too big for God to do something about. But if God is crazy enough to say it, can we be crazy enough to just believe, "Wow, He's going to do it?" With every prophetic promise, it will enter a season of contradiction. Every promise has to fall into a dormant season before it will come to pass. With the promise comes restrictions. The promise goes into captivity and we have to CHOOSE TO BELIEVE in spite of what it looks like in the natural. When it comes time for the promise to be fulfilled, God will encourage us to believe again. He will cause us to wrestle against whatever those restrictions are that have come against our promise.

Every impossible situation is simply there so we will believe.

Every impossible situation is simply a set up so that we can receive! Come on now, God wants you to get a new set of eyes so you can see in the Spirit with eyes of faith. Faith agrees with God. Faith dreams with God and lets our heart really believe the dream, the deep desire of your heart is going to come to pass!

That is why we have to actively seek those that have strong faith and will pray a prayer of agreement for that promise to come to pass. And, if we have been like Sarah, who laughed, then we need to understand that God loves to delight us and bless us in ways we can't hardly imagine. But if we have treated the promise, or the person who gave us the promise with contempt, we really do need to ask God to forgive us for disregarding the Holy Spirit. It's really Him who gives the promise, after all. It's when we resolve the issues that have hindered the promise from coming to pass that faith will rise to the top and believe. We need to seek out the servants of the Lord and be like Jacob, who wrestled with God and declared, "I won't let you go until you bless me!" This is the type of insistent urgency that Mary put on Jesus at the wedding of Cana. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Her insistency pressed into the anointing and pulled out a miracle. Mary was just a woman. If she could press the anointing and get what she needed, so can you.

Let me ask you, "How do you want others to see you?" "Do you want them to see the Jesus in you? Do you want others to put a demand on the anointing in your life so that power and anointing flow out of you?" Faith sees with the heart, not the intellect or the natural mindset. Faith does not measure a person by what they know of them; faith is led by the Holy Spirit to act upon the guidance and conviction of the Holy Spirit - regardless of what the natural mind may argue. Faith acts; faith moves forward to seek the Jesus in the human vessels God has placed around us. God does not leave us without the remedy or the ability to find the answer we need. Look around. It is there in plain sight - you just need eyes to see where your answer lies. What you want to see has everything to do with whether or not you respond in genuine faith. You can choose to see others through the eyes of familiarity and discount them in your estimation; or you can choose to see them as an anointed servant of the Lord. When you determine that because they have the Holy Spirit in their life, there must be power to change the situation at hand, your faith will release the power of God and virtue will flow. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to receive from the anointing. Today could be the day you open your eyes to see people in a new light. Sometimes,  miracles are waiting to happen and they're standing right in front of us. God is just waiting for us to ask for new eyes to see others as He sees them. Wouldn't we be surprised! I think our faith would increase substantially and miracles would be commonplace. If only we had eyes to see.


Father, forgive me for seeing others in my life as so familiar that I discount the anointing in their life. Truly, where You dwell, there is power. Forgive me for treating Your presence in the lives of others as common. Holy Spirit, please forgive me if I have shown You disrespect. Lord, I know You have placed certain people in my life that are full of the Holy Spirit. Let me see them through new eyes. Help me recognize the anointing in the lives of others. Give me faith to press in and receive the answer to my need. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. wow! this was so right for me right now! thank you for posting this. really spoke to my immediate situation, and gave me encouragement. i'm asking for new eyes for sure!