Friday, July 20, 2012

Healing Our Land One Life At A Time

Many of the articles on this site address the spiritual roots of issues. The truth is, until we get down to the roots of a problem, the fruit of it will continue to be produced. This is why some people find their problems continue to resurface time and time again. When you can identify the spiritual roots of a problem a person can receive their healing. The same is true for healing our land.

When you see a land devastated by loss of jobs, economic collapse, high crime rate, high mortality rates and so on, you see a land that is suffering from a curse. God has said that when a people called by His name repent and turn from their sin, He will hear them; when they pray, He will respond by healing their land. (2 Chron. 7:14) “Land” is a phrase that includes more that just geographic location; it truly encompasses everything that touches a person’s life. It includes health, family relationships, mental and emotional health, financial restoration and it will overflow to actually produce a ripple effect. It will heal the agriculture and return the land to a state of fruitfulness. We can actually see that this is true because there are documentary videos that explain this incredible transformation. (Please see this video link for one of the amazing city transformations God has done throughout the earth.  )   The transformation is so complete that it has healed cities and healed the land. It is not that God is not willing; we, the people, have been negligent in upholding our end of the deal. Either we have been ignorant of how to properly address the spiritual roots of the problem, or we have just been too rebellious to care. Either way, healing our cities seems to elude us. The curse of broken families, mental and emotional instability, physical disease, drought, lack, and poverty remain unbroken.

When people suffer from unfulfilled dreams, broken families, grief and deep disappointment, it produces many emotional responses such as fear, bitterness, anger and contention. It can also produce apathy and a lack of concern towards others that are also hurting and in need of spiritual and emotional healing. People tend to retreat into themselves and keep walls up that shut others out. This deep and overbearing heaviness produces grief, depression, emotional problems, and physical and health related problems such as heart disease.  The Bible tells us that hope deferred makes the heart sick. A broken spirit makes for a heart that is sick, discouraged and heavy in every way. A heart that is sick spiritually will eventually manifest in physical illness and disease as well.

Cancer, on the other hand, often has its spiritual roots in things such as broken covenants, broken trust and loyalty issues, unforgiveness and bitterness. Cancers in the lower digestive tract and reproductive organs are indicative of the things people "feed" on.

The things that people dwell on feed their thoughts. It affects their inner man, and people conform to the sum effects of their thought life. Over time, negativity will create a different belief system than the one God intended us to have. People suffer from identity issues, failing to understand the incredible greatness and potential that has been placed inside of them by their loving Father and Creator. And so, they adopt the world’s value system, changing their identity from one of greatness into one that resembles what they believe about themselves. It doesn't matter whether or not it is true, people simply reflect what they believe. Deception is simply Satan’s method of creating a false identity meant to conform us to a counterfeit image that is void of power, void of purity, wholeness, strength, and greatness. Society is overflowing with people that have no idea who their Father is, or whose image in which they were created.The young man that went on the recent shooting spree in Colorado is evidence of a person that bought into the lies of the enemy and became a weapon in the enemy's hand.

We live what we believe - about ourselves, life situations, God and others. A person’s belief system shapes their perception and their actions naturally conform to what ever is deeply rooted in their belief system. If fear and anger are at the root of a person’s belief system, they will model it by becoming suspicious, controlling, manipulative or overbearing in how they treat others. If they feel inferior, unwanted or unloved, they may show it by lack of respect for themselves and others, reckless living and addictions. We cannot afford to live with broken hearts. Our lives and the future of the next generation - our children’s future - depends on us. We must care enough about ourselves that we choose to be healed. We must care enough about the future of our family to get down to the root of our issues and take care of business - between ourselves and God, each other, and allow the sickness in our own spirits to be healed. We cannot afford to raise another generation of children that come from broken families. We cannot afford to raise another generation of kids that feel abandoned, unwanted or unloved simply because the parents were broken themselves and didn’t know how to be healed. As the old saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. If we are going to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children then each individual must be touched by what transforms and heals them: the power of LOVE and the transforming PRESENCE and POWER of GOD. Transformation occurs one life at a time. Healing begins first with an individual, expands outward to release healing to the family, and outwardly as a ripple effect to transform a community. It begins by healing one life at a time.

God is looking for people to partner with Him. He wants to turn the heart of His cities back to Him, but it starts with you. It starts with me. Each one of us. I want to see the city of Escondido where I live transformed by the power of God. Escondido is known as the "heart of San Diego's North County." God hasn't lost His heart for healing our cities, but often people have lost their heart for God. It's time to impact our families, communities and cities with love, outreach, generosity, kindness and compassion that helps heal the hearts of those that live here. It doesn't have to be part of an organized church sponsored event to impact others. Just be the church where ever you live. Be the change you want to see happen. Live to bless others and it will automatically begin to happen. You'll see, it's true! People just need to know someone cares. Never underestimate the power of an act of kindness!! We have so many testimonies of how God has softened rebellious hearts, healed people from various diseases and transformed people by the power of love. Only love will soften an angry heart. Only compassion can lead a person towards forgiveness and wanting to see God heal broken hearts.

Cities are full of people that are hurting. From the well dressed business man to the runway model that seems to have it all; from the struggling teenage student trying to figure out their path in life to the homeless man, woman or child on the street, discarded by society...and yes, even those in our own families that are hurting and feel no one understands their pain - we are surrounded by people silently crying out to be understood, heard, and healed. It is time we reach out and step outside of ourselves. It is the only way to heal heal our land. Take time to listen. Show that you care. I will say it again: Never underestimate the power of an act of kindness. It might just diffuse a potential problem you never knew was coming. It might change a person's heart towards the lies the enemy has been spinning in their head. Each person plays a vital part in healing our land.

No matter how bad a situation may seem, don’t curse it with negative words. No matter how hopeless a person might appear, never count them out of the game. God is on the sidelines cheering them on and encouraging them not to give up. He has a day of breakthrough appointed for each person! No matter how impossible a situation may appear, make a choice to believe God for the turnaround! Don’t curse your city leaders. Pray for them. They need wisdom as much as you do. Don’t curse your employer. Speak blessing. No matter how your spouse or kids or other family members may try your patience, hurt or offend you - choose to forgive. Make a choice to take the high road. Demonstrate grace. Someday you might need it demonstrated to you. Be generous. Life is hard, but we can help each other up. Real faith isn’t living in a fantasy land or pretending that things don’t hurt and disappoint us at times. Real faith proves that it is genuine by treating others the way you hope and believe they can be - even while you are still waiting to see the change. Faith believes the impossible can and does exist and lives as though that is already the reality of any given situation. It is a challenge? Yes. But living in such a manner demonstrates that you don’t feel the need to play God in someone else’s life and you really do trust God to make the changes in the lives of those you care about. A positive attitude releases others to change and become the person Christ had in mind all along. This is genuine faith. Faith releases itself in positive responses to others that actually propels and generates a momentum of healing. It’s like the propeller on the back of a boat. It pushes things forward. Stop and think about all that you can use faith as a force to accomplish. It is a force that will propel things forward in your life. Utilize your faith to accomplish the impossible. Faith is what moves the mountains out of the way. When you let go of your judgments, let go of your fears, and let God work through ordinary acts of love and kindness, truly anything becomes possible.


Father God,

I thank you for releasing my heart to trust You in every one of my life situations. I thank You that You alone know how to get around the walls I have put up in my heart, and those in the hearts of others as well. Father God, start with me. Show me the truth that will get down to the root of what ails my heart. I want to live whole, free and full of joy. Holy Spirit, please lead me into the truth that will make me free and release my heart to be fully healed. Fill me with You. Fill me with joy. Set my life in order. Show me the path of life that You have planned for me. Jesus, I entrust my family to You. You gave Your life for us and You can be trusted. Holy Spirit, show me what You would like me to do for someone else. Help me be the person that is propelled by faith and love to help bring healing to others! I ask that You do the same for others as I have asked You to do for me. Help me to give them room to hear from You. I thank You for healing us and strengthening the bonds of love, faithfulness and loyalty in our family, in our community, and throughout the city where we live. Help each person to take the time to care for others. Help us to show compassion, listen and be an agent that releases healing to others. In Jesus name, Amen.

Here is a short video clip from last year titled "Taking It To The Streets", when we simply set up a prayer booth down by the pier and offered prayer. We handed out cookies, water, and asked the Lord to bring people we could pray for, and He did. We have done this sort of thing many times in a variety of different places. People always respond! Get creative, get out of the box and watch what the Lord will do to bring transformation to your city!

Here is another video of a crusade we did in Pensacola, FL a few years back. We fed hundreds of homeless people that day and for many days afterward as a new outreach in the park was approved by city officials. They gave us Corrine Jones Park to feed the homeless every week. It became part of the answer to healing a very troubled part of the city. Many came for food, but left changed. Our team prayed for them, ministered healing and we saw many, many miracles. God will do amazing things when you just step out in faith. He is among the homeless, the downtrodden and the rejected members of society just as much as He is anywhere else. Never give up on those that may appear in hopeless situations!

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