Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time for the New!

Declare the delay is out of the way!!

People often do not realize the importance of God’s times and seasons. They fail to enter into a new season because they don’t understand when a kairos time (God’s appointed time, or a short window of opportunity) is upon them. People do not stay stuck in old seasons because the enemy keeps them stuck; they stay stuck because somewhere they have chosen compromise over God’s best. The enemy does all he can to entice people to justify wrong attitudes and tempt them to sin so that old cycles can repeat themselves. Satan literally wants to keep time standing still for many people and that is how he does it. So many people are stuck under old cycles and a lot of it has to do with unbroken generational sin, offenses and other things that are not dealt with properly. The spiritual season is changing once again, and so, many people often struggle with feelings and emotions, memories and reminders of things that are designed by the enemy to pull people backwards. The only thing that can hinder people from possessing their inheritance is themselves. Choices that line up with unbelief, compromise and disobedience stop people from kingdom advancement. Decisions that are made out of faith and obedience provoke people to take steps of faith, and obedience always makes room for blessing, increase and advancement. There are choices to be made, if one desires to bring a former season to a successful close and thus enter into a new day with the Lord. Every decision determines the path and plan for the new season, whether or not people will be released from a spiritual wilderness or time of captivity, or endure the same season - all over again!

Every thought deliberates an action.

Every decision requires a choice.  

Every choice determines whether a person is submitted to God or holding on to self will and rebellion.

Every action contains the potential for a domino effect.

Beloved, the wilderness is not where you want to be. It is a place of dryness, bitterness and turmoil. It is a time of pressure testing. It is a time of emotional struggles. Now is the time to take those renegade thoughts which are contrary to faith and obedience into captivity. Subject them to the authority of Christ. The war of your thought life is for dominion. It is a war to determine who shall be your Master. For by every thing that overcomes us determines whom or what we serve.

Loyalty to the wrong things, such as judgments against others, anger, bitterness or even self righteous attitudes will keep a person in captivity. It blinds one to truth that could come and set them free from the emotional turmoil of old wounds. Closure only comes through forgiveness. You must release the judgments you may have made against others and break that sense of loyalty to holding on to a grudge or past offense. You cannot change the past. You cannot change others, but you can make a choice to bless and not curse. You can forgive. God will never ask you to do something that He won’t enable you to do. You can ask the Lord to bless others the way you would want to be blessed. You can ask for truth to set you free. You can make a choice to change your opinion of whomever hurt, offended or disappointed you by asking God to help you see them as He sees them. Ask God to give you compassion for those that have hurt you. It will literally change your heart and set you free, because compassion releases the gift of grace that allows you to genuinely forgive. Ask Holy Spirit to give you the gift of grace, revelation, wisdom, understanding or whatever you lack, in order to truly see a different perspective of the situation. You must come to a place where you see from a heavenly perspective and not that from the perspective of pain. Pain blinds, perspective allows you to see again! Let God be God both in your life and in the life of others. The only person you harm by holding on to offense, judgments and unforgiveness is yourself. Retaining the sins of others brings your own life under a curse and your own sins are not forgiven. This is why you have fear and torment. The wilderness is designed to create such an uncomfortable pressure that you are willing to surrender everything that is not of God for your life. He leaves the choice in your hands. You will have the opportunity to stay in the wilderness as long as it takes for you to come back into alignment with God.

This is why the war for your thoughts is such a big struggle at the end of a season. The enemy hopes to re-create the things that will keep you in the wilderness. You must make a choice whom you will serve.

Once you make the right choice, there is no more delay. It is time for a new day! It is time for a new beginning! Take a stand against the warfare tactics of the enemy. Begin to declare the promises of God. Begin to declare your forgiveness! Begin to declare blessing! Declare out of your mouth that the enemy is a liar and you stand for truth! When you bless others, you come into alignment with God. When you bless God with a good confession, He can send the turn around for you. His word to you is this: “To him who orders his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God.” 

Every choice you make today determines the path you follow tomorrow.

Every heart attitude births the actions that controls your destiny.

Every word we speak contains either life or death, blessing or cursing. The tongue is the rudder that steers our mouth, and with our mouth we direct the course of our life. 

Speak life and blessing. Confess healing. Release reconciliation. Ask God to restore what has been broken, and surrender all your fears. Surrender your offense. Surrender your judgments. Surrender your right to feel angry. Surrender the hope that things would have turned out different. Surrender all the regrets. Surrender the shame, the heartache, the dead dreams that lay broken in a pool of tears. Until you surrender, you will only rehearse the pain and disappointment. You will never see the new thing God has for you. Lay it all down, for you cannot take that sort of baggage into your new day. It won’t fit! There is no room for it! There is a door of hope for you, but you can’t get through that new door holding on to the things that tie you to your past. Let go of the judgments you've made about others as well as yourself. Today, let us make the confessions that order our conversation in the right way, a way that speaks of life and blessing that God can turn around for our good.
Destinies are tied up together; miracles of breakthrough are designed to be wrapped up in one another... we must resolve these issues quickly if people want to move out from where they've been and begin to walk into the new. God is so very gracious and kind but these are some things that will definitely hinder a person’s ability to move forward; since everyone in the body of Christ is connected, when one is hindered, others are too. When people begin to act in faith, more links in the chain begin to come together. Each of us knows others that need a proclamation of blessing and I pray you share it and release life over them. Let’s take a few moments to declare the spirit of delay is broken - today!

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ we declare:

The spirit of delay to be broken over all my family members, my friends, and the body of Christ in the city of _______ , the county of _______and the state of _______. Father, I include those that have set themselves to oppose me, speak unkindly about me, or those the enemy has used to inflict pain and offense. I ask You to bless them with this prayer too.

I declare a kingdom shift into the kairos timing of the Lord in Jesus name.

I declare the power of the Holy Spirit to advance people, including myself, and move them forward. I call for acceleration to come forth and overtake them.

I declare the spirit of compromise to be broken. I declare all ungodly agreements are now broken. I declare the power of all lying spirits broken now in Jesus name. Unforgiveness, fear, torment, jealousy, anger, the spirit of war and strife - be broken now in Jesus name!

I decree a release of the Spirit of Truth and Revelation. Holy Spirit, give people the revelation that will make them free. Counsel people in truth, and tear down the walls that the enemy has obstructed to keep truth out. Get around the obstacles, Holy Spirit.

I declare every mountain of pride and stubborn resistance to be removed immediately. Move, mountain, move - in Jesus name!

I declare death, infirmity and the spirits of death and hell are defeated and bound in Jesus name. I decree a release of resurrection life and the Spirit of God to raise up those that have been in the valley of death. I declare a release of the wind of God to breathe fresh breath into those that are weary, and raise people up in strength and wholeness, in Jesus name.

I declare an end to the war. You have ended the war between people, Jesus.

I declare a release of grace, forgiveness, and mercy. I declare a release of Divine Love. I declare a release of humility, repentance and the spirit of adoption in Jesus name.

I declare reconciliation to come to every family, every individual that is covered by my prayer. I declare healing and reconciliation between families, church members, pastors, leaders, and members of my community.

I declare life and blessing, healing and wholeness, prosperity, increase and kingdom advancement to every person in my life. I ask You, Lord, to apply this declaration and decree to those I have offended, and those that have offended me. I pray it over all who I may have hurt or offended, and those that have hurt me. I speak a release right now of all unforgiveness, bitterness, ill will, fear, anger, and wounding. I declare forgiveness wins and love triumphs over evil. Let there be no remembrance of ill feelings. Help them to be free also, Lord. Help people to let go of the past and to remember only the good about others. Help people to embrace a new day.

I declare a release of sight, and that the blind now see. I declare a release of hearing, that people may hear and understand what Your Holy Spirit wants to communicate to them.

I declare everyone that this prayer touches is blessed with the unparalleled, unmerited favor of God and Your favor is a shield around us.

I declare the favor of God opens new doors of opportunity and increase upon increase will flow into our lives, in Jesus name. Let the new doors be opened now, in Jesus name.

I thank you Father that the door of trouble and heartache has been reversed and You have sent us through the door of hope, in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit for hearing this decree. I believe that as it has been declared you will establish it according to Job 22:28 and light will shine on all of our ways, in Jesus name.

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