Sunday, December 30, 2012

31 Days of Devotions, Prayer and Declarations to Release an Open Heaven

I believe the Lord has a word for the body of Christ, and this is it: “You’ve circled this mountain long enough.” The whole scripture is actually found in Deut. 2:3 with an added verse that says, “Now turn North, and command the people.” However you may wish to interpret the verse, I see it as, “You’ve been going around the same mountain long enough. Now get up from where you’ve been and get moving.”

It is awfully hard to rouse ourselves from where we’ve been sitting, especially when nothing has been happening for a long time. Ever feel that way? I am thankful that I have a great husband that lit a fire under me the other day. He told me to start putting God’s promises around the house, and asked me to post one for each day. So I got out my Bible and started digging. Then it got really fun, and I decided to take it a little step further and make a quick devotional and declaration for each day. And then, lo and behold, God jumped in and told me to start writing with the objective to open the heavens. Yay, God!! So..when He makes that kind of suggestion, I am all in. I am so excited for what He will do as we make these prayers and declarations during the month of January!

They start out from square one, getting back to basics dealing with salvation, identity and dominion issues, then quickly move forward into heavier issues. We don’t want to go to war with any open doors to the enemy, so He is making sure that we take care of some of those issues, too. These are for each one of us, but we will be making declarations over our family members, friends, neighbors, and people in our communities and cities. Because even though we may know who we are in Christ, a lot of other people don’t. And we want to reach multitudes!

What I’m asking for is for you to share these daily devotional articles on your FB pages, send them to those who you know will pray with an earnest heart,  pray them with your family, friends, and share them with anyone and everyone that is dry, weary, needing a drink of spiritual water and is just needing breakthrough in their own life, in their family, maybe a new door of opportunity, etc. I feel that the Lord is up to something and He will bless anyone that takes their prayers serious. Each devotion and declaration can easily be done in about 5 minutes or less. Anyone can take 5 minutes to pray! I hope you decide to join in, and I wish all of you a very blessed and prosperous New Year! We begin January 1st, 2013, so please visit this page for 31 Days of Devotions, Prayers and Declarations to Release an Open Heaven and Breakthrough!

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