Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Jan. 15.  Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. (Matthew 5:9). A soft answer turns away wrath, (Prov. 15:1). I lift up myself and my family members (_____, ____), those in my workplace, community and in the city of _____. Our prayer focus today is that God would give us a soft answer that will diffuse emotionally charged situations and allow peace to reign.

The pain of past hurts, situations that caused shame, embarrassment, fear or insecurity have the potential to be silent triggers in our hearts. We, or others, may not even have a conscious awareness that unhealed wounds of the past can ‘pull the trigger’ and remind us of a previous time when we were misunderstood, labeled, accused, offended or emotionally wounded. These things allow offense to multiply and wounds to stay unhealed. A peacemaker understands several importance things. 1) perception is 99% of the problem. To the people having the conversation or misunderstanding, what they hear may not be at all what is communicated by someone else, but to them, their perception is the reality. 2) A peacemaker does not encourage gossip, slander, or other negative speech that adds to strife and discord; a peacemaker encourages forgiveness, compassion, understanding and cautions others not to judge a person or situation. 3) A peacemaker stays neutral and does not take sides. 4) A peacemaker offers prayer, is distinguished by the responses of grace and love. They overlook offense and allow others room to save face. 5) A peacemaker demonstrates respect towards others even when they disagree, and doesn’t turn a disagreement into a personal vendetta, use their verbal skills as poison darts, and they do not shame, degrade or bully others in order to feel as though they had to win an argument. 6) A peacemaker bears the fruit of self control and lovingly considers the feelings of others. The choicest words are left unsaid.

Pray: Father, forgive me and forgive those in my family for the wrong use of our words. Forgive the people in the city of _______. Forgive us for not humbling ourselves to apologize or ask for forgiveness when we should have done so. Forgive us for selfishly leaving hurtful words ringing in the ears of others. Forgive us for contributing to broken communication, broken relationships, broken vows and broken trust. Forgive us for not helping others to feel as though we are approachable and safe to talk to. Holy Spirit, give us the conviction to make things right with those we have wounded. Tell us if someone is hurt by our words or actions, and how to diffuse the situation and heal the offense. Help us to be peacemakers in the midst of a hurting world, in Jesus name. Amen.

I decree a release of the Prince of Peace into my home and workplace, in my neighborhood, and in my city. I decree a release of the Shalom of God where ever I go. I carry the very presence of the Lord, the peace and well being of the Lord, into every place I am.

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