Friday, January 18, 2013

Divine Protection in the Day of Battle

Jan. 18. When ever prayers and decrees are launched into the enemy’s camp, it is like sending over a lot of ammunition and declaring war on the enemy. The more God’s people send  over missiles of prayer, you leave the enemy shocked and confused as you hit all his ground forces. Decrees are more like stealth bombers sending out bombs from air strikes. They are lethal. The enemy doesn’t know when or where they’re coming from, and he doesn’t know where they are going to hit. He can’t control them, and the more people God has doing it, the more fear the enemy feels. What we’re doing with these prayers and decrees are putting fear and confusion into the enemy’s camp like you wouldn’t believe! More is going on in the spiritual realm than you could ever know, so don’t give up and don’t let up. Keep launching those rockets of prayer and sending out the stealth bombers with your decrees! When the enemy is full of fear and confusion, the next thing you will see is people going through some stuff. They will react to whatever is controlling them and influencing their thoughts. The enemy also plots and schemes against God's people to be able to cut off and defile anything the Lord does. Anytime the Lord moves in power, you can bet the enemy will try to rear his ugly head and do anything he can to bring accusation, slander, discouragement or defilement aimed directly at the flow of the Spirit and God's servants. All he has to do is put suspicion in the minds of others and if he can find willing accomplices, Satan will use the voices of the body of Christ to bring division, discord and defilement to the plans and purposes of God. Saints, be aware! Guard yourself against temptation in every form! Knowing that the enemy is predictable in some ways, it is fitting to have prayers for safety and protection in the next round of prayer.

Pray:  I ask You, Lord, to set up safety and protection for all those that come under the umbrella of my prayer. I pray for myself, my family members (_____, _____), people in the body of Christ as well as those in my city. Father, You said your wisdom would make us wiser than our enemies, and I ask that You give people wisdom and discernment to understand the motivation of people's hearts. Let people be able to clearly see what is motivating the actions of others. Let those that rise up with a voice of accusation be clothed with shame and their plots come to nothing. You said in Isaiah 54:17 that NO weapon formed against us would prosper, and every tongue that rises up against Your people would be condemned.

Help your people to stand in the day of temptation. Deliver us from evil and the temptations aimed at us in order to lure us into sin. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one as it is written in Matthew 6:13. You are able to make us stand and keep us from falling into sin. You are able to keep us blameless. Send your angels to keep us in all YOUR ways, so that the enemy cannot find anything in us to use against us.

I ask that You arrange the timing of our days and interrupt the plans and schemes of the enemy so that we avoid accidents, premeditated plots, spontaneous trouble and dangerous situations. Let the wicked that try to come against me stumble and fall, according to Your word in Ps. 27:2. You, O God, are the strength of my salvation and You have covered my head in the day of battle. Do not grant, O Lord, the desires of the wicked. Do not further their wicked schemes lest they be exalted, as it is written in Ps. 140:7,8. Do not let a slanderer be established in the earth. Keep us from the snares set by wicked men, and from the traps of workers of iniquity. Let those that would set traps for us get caught in their own nets, while Your people escape safely, according to Your word in Ps. 141:8,9.  I ask for angelic protection and divine intervention to interrupt the plans of the enemy. I thank You that the angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear You, and Your angel is with me, my family members and those in the Body of Christ where ever we go. Situations and individuals, demons and darkness do not control the atmosphere; I walk in dominion and therefore I dictate the atmosphere, and what is allowed and what is not. I bind up the spirit of fear, anger, and retaliation and according to what You have accomplished for us on the cross, Lord Jesus, I declare these evil spirits to be rendered powerless, silenced and paralyzed. Let them be frozen by the declarations made by Your people, and carried to the place where You tell them to go. Send Your angels for our help, Lord Jesus.

I declare the Lord will lead me, my family members and others that are His servants out of all temptations and deliver us from evil, as it is written in Matthew 6:13.

I declare the Lord is our help, and if the feet of His servants begins to slip, His mercy will hold them up, as it is written in Ps. 94:18.

I declare the Lord will keep His servants from falling and present us blameless without fault before His presence, according to Jude 1:24.

I declare the Lord is able to make His people stand, as it is written in Romans 14:4, and I claim this promise for me and my family.

I declare the Lord is my defense and the rock of my refuge. Anyone that rises against me or my family, or others in the body of Christ that are the Lord's servants shall have the Lord for their defense. He shall bring the iniquity of troublemakers upon their own heads as it is written in Ps. 94:22,23.

I declare our hope shall not be cut off. The plans and purposes of God shall not be cut off. God delivers His people out of the hand of the wicked and light is sown for the righteous, according to Ps. 97:10.

I declare that anger, fear, rage, a spirit of murder and the spirit of Cain, (including slander with the mouth, which is considered murder of one's reputation), vengeance, and all the works of the enemy must be interrupted and unraveled now in Jesus name.

I declare
that that spirit of anger must be bound where ever I step foot, and I take authority over the atmosphere, worshipping You, Lord Jesus, and releasing peace where ever I am. Greater is He that is in me than He that is in this world, and I command fear and anger to bow to the name of Jesus Christ, for it is written, the Lord is Peace.

I declare
the Lord’s reign and rule, and Your kingdom authority be released into the atmosphere where ever I go. I call all things into divine order and command them to come into alignment with Your will, plans and purposes now, in Jesus name.

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