Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kingdom Advancement, Swiftly!

In Daniel 7:21 the enemy found ways to make war with the saints and was prevailing against them until we see in verse 22 the Ancient of Days came and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High. Now here’s the key as the scripture continues…“and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom.” We are living now in the time for us to possess the kingdom! The judgment over the works of the enemy has been made and the judgment on behalf of the saints of the Most High has been issued! The only thing that can hinder people from possessing their inheritance is themselves. Just as choices that line up with unbelief, compromise and disobedience stop people from kingdom advancement, decisions that are made out of faith and obedience provoke people to take steps of faith, and obedience always makes room for blessing, increase and advancement.

In the previous articles, we've been dealing with things that would hinder people from being able to advance. Since everyone in the body of Christ is connected, when one is hindered, others are too. That is why it is so important that when you pray, you pray for as many people as possible along with the prayers for yourself and your own family. When people begin to act in faith, more links in the chain begin to come together. Let’s take a few moments to declare the spirit of delay is broken - today!

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ I declare:
The spirit of delay to be broken over all my family members, my friends and their families, and the body of Christ in the city of _______ and the state of _______.

I declare
a kingdom shift into the kairos timing of the Lord in Jesus name.

I declare
the power of the Holy Spirit to advance people, including myself, and move them forward. I call for acceleration to come forth and overtake us swiftly.

 I declare the spirit of compromise to be broken. I declare all ungodly agreements are now broken.

 I declare the power of all lying spirits broken now in Jesus name. Unforgiveness, fear, torment, jealousy, anger, the spirit of war and strife - be broken now in Jesus name!

I decree
a release of the Spirit of Truth and Revelation. Holy Spirit, give people the revelation that will make them free. Counsel people in truth, and tear down the walls that the enemy has obstructed to keep truth out. Get around the obstacles, Holy Spirit.

I declare
death, infirmity and the spirits of death and hell are defeated and bound in Jesus name.

I decree a release of the Spirit of God to raise up those that have been in the valley of death. I declare a release of the wind of God to breathe fresh breath into those that are weary, and the spirit of life to raise people up in strength and wholeness, in Jesus name.

I declare
an end to divisiveness and the spirit of war.

I declare a release of grace, forgiveness, and mercy. I declare a release of Divine Love. I declare a release of humility, repentance and the spirit of adoption in Jesus name.

I declare
reconciliation to come to every family, every individual that is covered by my prayer. I declare healing and reconciliation between families, church members, pastors, leaders, and my community.

I declare life and blessing, healing and wholeness, prosperity, increase and kingdom advancement to every person in my life. I ask You, Lord, to apply this declaration and decree to those I have offended, and those that I have been offended with. To those that I have hurt, and those that have hurt me, I speak a release right now of all unforgiveness, bitterness, ill will, fear, anger, and wounding. I choose to forgive and want to forgive every person. Let there be no remembrance of ill feelings between myself and others, and help them to be free also, Lord. Help people to let go of the past and to remember only the good about others in Jesus name.

I declare a release of sight, and that the blind now see. I declare a release of hearing, that people may hear and understand what Your Holy Spirit wants to communicate to them.

I declare
everyone that this prayer touches is blessed with the unparalleled, unmerited favor of God and Your favor is a shield around us.

I declare the favor of God opens new doors of opportunity and increase upon increase will flow into our lives, in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit for hearing this decree. I believe that as it has been declared you will establish it according to Job 22:28 and light will shine on my ways, in Jesus name.


  1. This was very interesting but the scripture was wrong I think you meant daniel 7:21 not 8: 21 thanks.

    1. Right you are, I corrected it. Thanks for catching that Sharon!

  2. Amazingly powerful declarations!!! Love it...I will use these and pass them on to my other prayer warriors I know. Thank you!!!!!!!