Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prayer to Find the Right Employment

Scripture tells us that it is God's gift to us to rejoice in our labor and to find joy in what we do. (Ecclesiastes 5:19,20). The work that each person does is part of God's plan to establish His eternal kingdom. There are also other scriptures that tell us that people need to work and to do it as unto the Lord. When we do, it brings a blessing of joy.

Everywhere around us we hear daily of layoffs, cutbacks, companies downsizing or going out of business. We cannot rely on government to keep their promises of creating new jobs and we certainly cannot afford to put our confidence in government aid. It's a poverty trap designed to keep people in poverty and dependent upon the government. In all honesty, if people are not careful those that are dependent upon government assistance can quite easily misplace their confidence and look to the government as their source instead of God. Looking to government as a person's source can usurp the rightful place and position of God, and when government fails or checks don't arrive, fear is the immediate response. Many people may be trapped in a poverty system but not have any idea how God could possibly get around their own personal obstacles and help them find a good paying job. There are many others that face this fear, regardless of whether the government is their source for assistance. Perhaps you lack a good education, the degree you think you need or other credentials. Perhaps you need a flexible schedule, a transportation issue or childcare issue resolved. Friend, whatever it is, let me assure you that God is bigger than your obstacles and can move a mountain for you if that's what it takes!

I remember years ago when my husband and I were cut off from everyone we knew. Many years of personal and professional references were cut off. Family cut us off. Spiritual leaders cut us off. We had no one except for God, but He was more than enough! We were running out of money and did not know what to do. As we prayed, my husband said he was going to write a letter asking our landlord if we could work off the rent. I had no faith it would work, but guess what? It did! Not only that, but the landlords owned other properties and started giving my husband work. Then after many months, that connection moved us to Florida where we took on another contract for the same owner. As that job was ending, again we found ourselves in a place where we did not know what to do. Now we were in Florida again with no real connections. My husband decided he was going to go back into the flooring trade and see if he could get something started installing carpet. Again, I had no faith for this! It had been 15 years or more since he had done any of that and I was worried about our future. At this time, we had zero dollars in the bank. We were completely on empty! Yet, once again God was faithful. We went to see our pastor at the time, thinking perhaps in a fairly large church he might know of someone. He did, and before we left the church parking lot we were connected to someone else that helped us on our way in setting up a new business! I can tell you many testimonies of God providing divine connections for us when the ordinary attempts at putting in applications for employment didn't produce anything. I can tell you many testimonies of God providing work connections just through prayer. He can do more with you practicing faith than anything you can produce with worry! When we moved back to California, again we had no open doors for a place to live, where to find work, or the practical needs of survival. God gave us what seemed like a ludicrous suggestion - going on prayer walks - but in the process of being obedient He divinely connected us to others that we never would have imagined would be a part of His provision to us.

You have to be willing to be led by faith and make your fears and insecurities take the back seat. If you are led by emotion, you will be on a roller coaster from hell. If you are led by faith, the Holy Spirit will take you by the hand and lead you into your next step. You have a good Father, you can trust Him! I've been on this road many times, and though it wasn't comfortable, He got us through it. Sometimes you just have to take your hands off the reins of your life and let God lead. I encourage you to trust Him. He will get you around the obstacles that seem too large to handle!

Father God,

I thank You that You are trustworthy. I admit that letting You lead is not always comfortable for me, but I choose to live by faith. I do not want to put limits on what I think You can or will do. Please take me by the hand and lead me into the good plans that You have for me. I need a good paying job that will provide for me and my family. You know my skills and abilities better than anyone. Please help me find the right employment that will also be a joy and a blessing. Your word says the blessing of the Lord adds no sorrow to it. Please give me the blessing of employment that adds no sorrow to it. Father, every time an obstacle appears, I ask You to get me around it. I ask You also to move every mountain out of my path or dig a way through it, but get me connected properly. I ask for You to make divine connections for me and my family, for my friends, and for others in the body of Christ. I pray for the people in my neighborhood and in my city of _______ that they too would have good employment. Holy Spirit, please give me the inspired ideas, creative solutions and the plan of Your design that will help me know what to do next. Let Your thoughts become my thoughts. Those things that are truly of You, let them keep pressing me to take the appropriate action, even if it doesn't make sense in the natural. I choose faith over fear. I thank You for Your sudden interruption in my circumstances to lead me into the blessing you have for me. Tell me what door to knock on, what to ask for, and let Your favor grant my requests. In Jesus name, amen.


  1. Brilliant. Bookmarked for my frequent use. May you be blessed for your wonderful resources.... Amen!