Monday, January 28, 2013


Do you sense us building a momentum with these prayers and decrees? I hope so! It's time to set the course ahead!

Chuck Pierce has a great prophetic word (100 Days to Set The Course for The Year Ahead, dated Oct. 2011) that I used to write this prayer. Awesome word! When you know what God is saying, you have to do more than just agree with it. ASK!


I life up myself, my family, those in my community and city of ______. As I pray this for myself, I include them. I thank You for releasing clear vision for the season ahead. I yield my vessel to you. I yield my mind, heart and mouth to you for Your service. Over ride my natural instincts, give me boldness and let Your Holy Spirit have Your way in me and through me. Fill my mouth with the voice of heaven. Release the word of the Lord that will penetrate the deception of occult powers and releases people from darkness and captivity. Release to me the voice of the Lord that penetrates demonic structures and is like a hammer against all resistance. Give me the word that will unlock the hearts of others. Give me the word that will unlock the calling and destinies of others, the word to bring healing, and the words to set free. Give me the word that will unlock treasuries of creativity, strategies for success, wisdom, understanding, and wealth. Let these words come as lightening; quick, sharp and powerful. Let these words come as arrows that hit the mark every time. You have created me to be a skillful weapon in Your hand, O God, give me the word that like an arrow,  penetrates the enemy’s armor.  Let my words be anointed with fire to break off heavy weights and break the yoke of the wicked oppressor. Give me the words to destroy strongholds and deliver nations. Give me the words to activate gifts, ministries and callings. Give me the words to mobilize Your army!

Anoint my feet to crush the head of the serpent and bring good news. Anoint my feet to find firm footing and establish your kingdom dominion every place I set foot. Anoint my hands to heal, comfort and bless others, in Jesus name. Amen.