Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reconciling the Blood of Innocents

Jan. 9.  Reconciling the Blood of the Innocent - You and I may not have approved the legislation that has made room for abortion, euthanasia, and depriving human life from life saving procedures, but as citizens of this nation none of us can escape the guilt, shame and reproach that has fallen upon all of us. The blood cries out for justice and  all we can do is ask for God's mercy and forgiveness. The extent of our sin and selfishness is great. We, as a people, have disregarded human life and treated it with disdain.

When ever a nation of people treat human life as expendable or disdain God's creation, the only thing that can be expected is a certainty of God allowing the fruit of our decisions to catch up with us. It opens the door for a curse to come upon our nation, and we've seen the curse in effect with a great deal of untimely death and destruction. This door to death in our nation is wide open and unless we come back to honoring and respecting life, it will stay open. An open door for a spirit of death allows room for more and more tragedy like what we have seen as rampages of demonically inspired, gun wielding assassins - in malls, schools, and many other public places. I would also like to include a link to an article written by a friend of mine, Joe Miller, from his website. It's about how the blood of the innocents cry out for justice, bringing a curse upon the land. Curses cause poverty. If we want economic prosperity, we have to do something about the innocent bloodshed of abortion clinics and how they affect our city. Joe has written such a great article it is deserving of acknowledgement and consideration of his words.  Read it, and I hope you'll come back and do the prayer and declaration!

Pray: On behalf of those in my family, my ancestors and the forefathers of my city and community, I confess our guilt and ask You to forgive the sin of innocent bloodshed. Father, as a nation of people, we have made room for a spirit of death.  Give us judges, leaders and government officials that will help stop the legislation that allows this great tragedy. Lord, I also know that the conviction of it must start with each individual. Let the value for human life be precious to each person. I pray that women would choose life for their unborn babies instead of selfishness that is ruled by fear. I pray for the hearts of the people in our nation, in my family and in my city; that each of us would change, to value life and take the appropriate measures to protect and preserve it.

I bless our government leaders, our lawmakers, judges and we ask that You grant them the wisdom to make decisions with equity, justice and righteousness in all that they do. For it is written, ‘give thanks for all men, for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.’ (1 Tim. 2:2). I pray for those in authority to live peaceably, in all godliness and reverence to You, Father, and that each person would live a life that honors You.  I pray for our mayor, our council men and women, our city attorneys and the citizens of ___________. I pray for my own family as well, that each person would return to glorifying God and not exchange the truth for a lie. I declare a release of light and truth in every place where people’s hearts and minds have been darkened by sin. I declare the god of self to be removed from people’s hearts, and the Lord Jesus Christ be enthroned through our praise and worship. I pray that truth would no longer be suppressed but that people would return to worshipping and loving their Creator.  In Jesus name, amen.

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