Saturday, January 19, 2013

Unity Brings Answered Prayer

Jan. 19. Unity means agreement, harmony, integrity, peace, oneness, alliance, accord and interconnection. We have a lot to overcome. But knowing what defines real unity allows us to also examine the opposite qualities that resist oneness. We need to see everything as it is in the Spirit, for spiritual principles are involved. Agreement produces indivisibility, undividedness, and produces the strength of peaceful alliances. Jesus reiterated this kingdom principle of agreement in Matthew 18:19 when He said, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Unity produces alliances, interconnectedness and agreement that draws the presence of the Lord. When He finds His people in agreement, HE AGREES to answer their prayer!

Faith is more than just a principle or something we practice in religious observances; faith is a spiritual law. Agreement is another spiritual law. We cannot expect to enforce the laws of the kingdom if we do not live by those laws. The enemy is also very aware of the power of agreement working on his behalf, too. Do you realize that witches and those involved in the occult are very much in agreement when they pray to destroy the bonds of families, marriages, and those in the body of Christ? The enemy is very committed to praying for the destruction of marriages, families, the loss of jobs, untimely death, illness and disease, the destruction of ministers, churches, pastors and their families. If we don't take it seriously, it is easy to get caught up thinking all our differences and issues are someone elses fault and we have no responsibility to do anything about it. But let me ask you, how does it make you feel to know that the enemy has enlisted people to pray for the destruction of your marriage and family? Would you be a little more willing to concede on your differences in order to come together and pray for the safety, protection and success of your family? Would you be quicker to forgive the little irritations and even the big offenses if you stopped to think that the enemy is on stand-by in order to parent your children when you're not looking, or drag them into addictions or something worse? It's time for each of us to wake up and realize what is truly important. You need the power of agreement with your spouse and family members working for you. It's what draws the presence of Christ and Holy Spirit towards you as you pray! Agreement produces answers! Agreement produces a prayer shield of protection!

 If we are not getting Kingdom results from our prayers, then the principle of division is at work, and division produces subtraction. (Think about that!)The enemy knows that if he can produce double-mindedness, disagreement or disconnectedness then the power to receive answered prayer is greatly diminished. Let's examine how this works.

Principle of double-mindedness: James 1:6-8. A double-minded man receives nothing from the Lord. Resolve the lies and fears that cause doubt. Fight with the right scriptures and restore your confidence in the Lord.

Principle of disunity or disagreement with others: Let me give you a quick example: A husband and a wife pray for a baby because the wife desperately wants a child. Outwardly, the husband may give his consent, knowing how much it would mean to his wife. Yet, inwardly, he struggles with fear about finances, how a baby might will affect their relationship, or perhaps whether or not they will need to invest in a larger vehicle or home. I'm not saying this occurs every time, but perhaps God takes this into consideration and puts the answer on hold until the couple resolves the matter between them. On the surface it may seem as if they are in agreement, but inwardly their hearts are not.There is not the prayer of agreement between them. Disagreement can prevent answers to their prayers.

Disunity between others and carrying offenses also act as hindrances to answered prayer. We must decide to sell out for the cause of advancing God's kingdom. It's not just being in agreement to love and serve Jesus, it's being in agreement with other brothers and sisters in the Lord. We must put suspicion and the spirit of accusation under our feet. Where there is envy, jealousy, competition, offense, unforgiveness, and other things, no matter what we may try to say to be convincing, the agreement of loyalty in the family of God is missing. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS UNLIMITED. God has infinite ways of blessing and advancing His people! Not only is there no need for jealousy, competition, fear or territorial-ism in the kingdom of God, there is no place for it. When pride, selfishness, envy,  or other things are the motivation of people's heart - their reason for asking in prayer - GOD does not answer.  If you truly want to recognize the adversary at work, each person must look within their own heart. The Bible says, "Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members? You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war. Yet you do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss, that you might spend it on your own pleasures." (James 1:1-3). This scripture is not just referring to asking for finances for the wrong things. This has to do with our motive for asking. We can try to fool ourselves and others, and maybe even convince ourselves that what we are praying for is something God wants to bless, but it all comes down to motive. Does it glorify self, promote pride or a personal desire to be recognized? If it's selfish in nature, that's probably not a prayer that God will respond to. Self made plans have self in the center of our plans. Kingdom plans are centered around God and others. Sometimes the lines are so blurred that we can't rightly distinguish between what we want and what the Lord really wants. Our perception of how a thing should come to pass can be faulty at times, but the enemy knows this too. He will use anything he can find to produce division because he knows how powerful unity really is. Unity produces answered prayer and the tangible results of the anointing at work. Read and study Ps. 133.

Principle of disagreement with God: That can be a tough one. Sometimes we spend all our time struggling because we think we're fighting the enemy but we're really fighting against God. Never presume you already know the will of God for any given situation. The principle of faith works against common sense, practicality and reason. The results of our prayers can only be received by faith, which will always contradict the ways of natural man and our carnal thinking. Do not assume that common sense or a knowledge of scripture automatically tells you what to do. Ask God for clarification. There are times when He will contradict everything you think you know about His word or His principles for the sake of the object lesson He is trying to teach you.

When you pray in agreement with God without wavering, and with the conviction of knowing His will, you can confidently declare the word of God into the situation. The enemy’s job is to oppose you; your job is to enforce the laws of the Kingdom of God. The word of God is like a hammer, crushing and breaking down the mountain of resistance that stands opposing you. As long as you are outside the principles of faith and agreement, he can withstand you, but the enemy and that mountain he is using to block you must move when the laws of faith and agreement are working together because faith is a force. The force of applied faith is more powerful than any resistance!

Our goal must be to break any and all agreements we have had, knowingly or unknowingly, with attitudes that perpetuate disunity, disagreement, discord and double-mindedness so that the power of agreement can release a greater measure of answered prayer.

Pray: Father, I lift up myself, my family, and the citizens of my city and those in the body of Christ. Help us overcome these barriers to unity. Help us see our own actions and motives from Your perspective so that we understand if we are asking amiss, or somehow not in agreement with You or others. Forgive us for any ways that we may have allowed pride to get a foothold in our lives. I renounce all spirits and attitudes of pride, discord, disunity, and double-mindedness. Holy Spirit, give us each an attitude of faith and love towards others instead of suspicion; suspicion comes from fear. Sometimes what we perceive in others to be disconnectedness from our own plans and activities is not intentional or a resistance to being joined with others, but simply because You are doing something different in their lives. God help us as Your body not to feel slighted or offended if others do not feel led to join our endeavors. You connect them however you see fit, for Your word says every joint supplies what is needed to Your body! You have unique callings, gifting and places for each person to be effective. Give us grace to allow each person to be the person you called them to be. Help us to silence the ungodly voices of discord, jealousy, fear, insecurity and offense. Help us not to give pride a place to bring division, but help us all to  walk in love, grace and humility. Father, help us not feel jealous or insecure when You move through others or someone else gets a blessing we had hoped and prayed for. You have more than enough blessings for everyone! Give us strength, grace and determination to change where You know we need to change. Forgive us for selfishness. Help us to align with the principle of faith and agreement as we offer up our prayers to You. Resolve any double-mindedness with Your word. Give us an enlarged heart and expand our vision to see Your kingdom plans and purposes. Help us see where we fit. Eliminate any wrong filters from our prayers so that we can pray with a sincere desire to see others blessed and walking in kingdom dominion. In Jesus name, amen.

I decree the strong men of pride, jealousy, fear and unbelief be bound now, in Jesus name, as it is written in Mark 3:27.

I declare all agreements with the enemy and spirits of darkness are broken over me, my family, and the citizens in my city of _____.

I declare a breaking of demonic alliances, networks and confederacies held together by pride, sin, iniquity and deception, in Jesus name.

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