Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kingdom Minded

God wants to give us a key to unlock our future. It's called a kingdom mindset. Until we come into agreement with God's plans, His vision, and His timing, we remain stuck. It's not so much as "oops, we missed it," as the fact that sometimes God waits until we can see and agree with what is in His heart. Isaiah 30:18 says, "Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you, and therefore He will be exalted." God wants so much to demonstrate His grace and mercy towards us that even though it is hard on us, He will wait until we get into the right flow of His grace and anointing so that His desire can come forth. And rest assured, He knew a long time ago exactly where you would be at this moment. He knew and anticipated your struggles and He knew exactly what you need to hear to move you from where you've been to where you need to go! He knows exactly what word in due season you need to hear so you can make that shift with Him and not miss what He intends to do!

 Today is a day for a divine shift - out of an old mindset - and into a new one. When one seasons close and a new one begins, you must prepare yourself mentally so that you don’t get set up for missing your moment. The devil will do all he can to cause you to look at circumstances and misinterpret what is going on spiritually. This is how he can bring you into agreement with the wrong things and cause you to miss the divine timing of the Lord.

The enemy attempts to change times and seasons. Only God is in control of them, but the enemy will try to get us into agreement with the wrong things so that by our very confession we agree with unbelief rather than faith. When one season closes a person may not necessarily be quick to pick up on it, and so, what may happen is that they begin to feel very bored, restless and frustrated. These are little signals that God is preparing us for something new. Things that worked in the past season or seasons will not work very effectively (or maybe not at all) in the new season. It’s because God is getting his people ready to make a shift into something different, but because people may not yet have the knowledge of the new thing He is putting together, they may begin to focus more on their feelings and speak negative words about their circumstances rather than ask for spiritual discernment and speak words of faith about things the Lord has prepared for them.

Friends, it is crucial at this time not to get overly focused on yourself. How often God wants to give us vision and revelation but there are times when He withholds it from us because He cannot tell us His plans with our current mindset. He does not want our negativity to destroy or hinder the power of the Holy Spirit. When we are conditioned to see through a filter of unbelief, our very words could stop the processes of God - not just in our life but in the lives of others that would be affected as well! The enemy will attempt to bring your thoughts down to an earthly level because that is where he works. He works in the flesh. James 3:16,17 warns us not to look to the earthly realm for wisdom, guidance or counsel for it is within this earthly realm that is filled with misinformation. It’s the realm where the demonic has influence, suggestions and will attempt to mislead you by the senses and desires connected to our flesh. The enemy will try to convince you that nothing is happening and you have nothing to look forward to, it's just the same old same old happening all over again. That is a lie! God is always working to put the pieces together, you just can't see it. The truth is, you need to be able to come up higher and redirect your attention on the Lord in order to gain the counsel from above. We look to the wisdom, guidance and counsel from Holy Spirit because it is pure, peaceable, and full of the good fruit of the Spirit. You can always tell the difference between what is earthly and demonic and what is pure and from the Holy Spirit. What is from the enemy or the earthly, natural realm will produce a mixture of feelings and unbelief. What is pure and from a holy source will produce joy and the witness of the Holy Spirit upon the revelation that comes from God. It will inspire your faith to come up higher. When our faith level is sufficient for what God wants to do and He knows our confession will not destroy His intentions, then we are ready to receive the revelation that has been withheld. How often we are tested when we do not understand that He has been preparing us all along!

Keep in mind that the word, the promise or the hope for your future (and this may shock you) - is NOT ABOUT YOU! It was never about you, it’s about God’s plans and His kingdom being manifest in the earth. You are not at the center of His plan. The kingdom is at the center of His plan. You are merely a component, a piece of the puzzle to make up a much bigger picture of what He plans to accomplish here on earth. In a new season, you must transition your mindset and your mouth to agree with God. It means being open minded to new methods, a new word, a new direction and new connections. You need a fresh revelation and the inspired word of God to take you there. What is from the former season is now irrelevant. Your mind and mouth must be positioned to speak life and speak faith into the new thing God is about to do!

You may not get a “thus says the Lord” type of word. It may come like a bright idea in the midst of a storm. It may come as the most oddball thought or word from the Lord - something that may even have no apparent connection to what you were asking Him about. We have had many of those moments, but if you will act in faith and obedience to what is from the Lord (that being the key), then know that it has the ability to unlock the future. Your faith and obedience are keys to opening up new doors of opportunity and most often, it also sets off a domino effect that you could not possibly understand now because God often doesn’t show us in advance. It’s time for a shift into a kingdom mindset that unlocks your tomorrows and brings them into TODAY. It’s time. Your miracle and your breakthrough are on the way!


Today I declare that every negative word I have spoken about my circumstances is made null and void. I declare the power of negative words of unbelief lose all power now to hinder my future. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to forgive my unbelief and any ways I have misspoken about the things you want to do. Anoint my eyes to see correctly in the Spirit. Give me another chance to get it right and speak the right words, to come into agreement with what You and the Father have spoken and agreed upon in heaven. Redirect my thoughts and align my words to speak faith and give life to what You have decreed. Please open a window of heaven and let me enter into the divine timing of the Lord. Prompt me to speak, move and obey what ever instructions You tell me to do. I ask You for wisdom, discernment and Your word of direction now. Send a person or a situation to push me into my moment, but do not let anything cause me to miss the next opportunity to partner with You in kingdom plans and purposes. In Jesus name, Amen.

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