Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truth Rises

           I used to know a woman who was loyal to a fault. It was understandable, given the fact that the person she was loyal to was her husband, but the warning signs were there from the beginning. He caused division and discord within the family. He told big ‘fish tales’ about inconsequential things. He was controlling and short tempered and isolated her from others. Everyone else could see what she could not, or would not acknowledge. Truth stared her in the face but she refused to acknowledge it until many years later. The person she married was not the man she thought he was. After his death, she found out many things that told a different story about that man. Though it was painful to acknowledge the truth, eventually it set her free. She was literally like a bird set free from the cage and she spread her wings to fly. She finally began to live the life she wanted; the life she had been deprived of all those years in captivity.

            Why is it that when others try to gently present information that suggests someone is not the person we want them to be, we immediately file a silent  ‘Motion to Suppress Evidence’ in our head? Loyalty is a quality that God honors, but He also does not want us to take part in our own deception and ignore reality. We are to be able to discern the difference between truth and falsehood so that we don’t get taken in by the enemy. Love has its eyes open to reality and makes an informed choice to love and stay in relationship with someone, knowing there are certain risks – or, walk away from those that do not show remorse and refuse to change. Those are things God calls evil and it’s unwise to continue relationships of that sort because eventually it will cause additional hurt and disappointment. We can all be stubborn to a fault when it comes to trying to protect our own heart at all costs. The reality is we only hurt ourselves more the longer we allow deception to override truth.

            We all know the women that refuse to acknowledge the red flags and warning signs about the men they date. I’ve been one of those women and I’ve known many others, too. We so dearly want a relationship to work out that we look the other way and shut down the friends and concerned co-workers, church members and others that try to warn us that they see something we don’t want to acknowledge. It happens in other relationships too, though. Friendships, family, co-workers, bosses, respected leaders and others are sometimes not who we would like them to be, or who they have presented themselves to be. The question is, are we going to be like the proverbial ostrich that hides its head in the sand, or are we going to face the reality? Sometimes people try to tell us things we don’t want to deal with because the truth is too painful. When truth comes knocking, it doesn’t always come with a prosecuting D.A. to hand us evidence marked ‘Exibit A.’ Sometimes it’s a gut feeling, a hesitancy in our spirit or a nagging feeling that something isn’t the way it should be.

            There are times when the truth that we must face is within ourselves or concerning something we have done. Truth shows up a lot of different places. The question is what are we going to do with it? If we try to deny it, we embrace deception and make room for more lies to take root in our belief system. Ignoring truth always makes room for the enemy to bring in more deception and twisted logic! Painful or not, I would rather know truth than be a willing accomplice to self-deception. Wouldn’t you?

              Every time a person chooses to justify a wrong attitude, behavior, or activity…

              It opens the door to spiritual deception, defilement, and impoverishes spiritual growth. It detracts from the ability to walk in truth. Perception is altered to make room for increased deception and more compromise. Thoughts are modified to justify sin and uncleanness. A new belief system is forged in order to change a person’s perspective of sin, God, themselves and others. It’s a slow road to moral failure, but the enemy is patient, knowing that every time conviction is ignored, his ability to manipulate and control his victim increases until sensitivity is lost and there is no more conviction of a need to change or repent. The person becomes hardened in their sin and their lives hang in the balance as the weight of their sin presses down on the scales of divine justice. This is the downward, progressive cycle of a life of compromise. 

Compromise with truth and lose morality;
Compromise morality and lose integrity;
Compromise with integrity and lose purity;
Compromise with purity and lose modesty;
Compromise with modesty and lose humility;
Compromise with humility and lose all legitimacy.

  • A person will demonstrate the fruit of their character, not their reputation.

  • A person will demonstrate the fruit of their belief system, not the convictions they profess to have.

  • A person will demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit if they allow God to convict them of their need for transformation.

           A person will live by what they value in their belief system. If they value truth, they will endeavor to maintain honesty and integrity in their life, and value others that do likewise. If they value purity, morality, and legitimacy, they will seek to develop those qualities in their own lives. Humility comes as a result of allowing God to train and re-shape our character to align with His. 

            All warfare is based on the art of deception. The enemy is so good at working his lies into our belief system that often we cannot discover where they’ve been taken in until something happens to expose his lies.

            One of the most difficult things to face about God is the fact that sometimes He strikes us in order to heal us. The truth that we are least likely to want to receive is the one that often is the one that brings about our healing. Sometimes the truth that frees us is the truth we must admit to ourselves and God, and perhaps another individual. It’s the confession of wrongdoing so that we may be healed.” Therefore confess your sins to each other that you may be healed.” (James 5:16).

            At other times the truth that we need to be free is what has been with us all along. Truth speaks. Truth that we know but don’t necessarily want to accept will continue to rise to the surface. It’s a funny thing about truth. As much as one may try to run from it, truth will always follow them home. It demands a decision. We have to decide what to do with it. One can make excuses to try and avoid dealing with it, but at the end of the day truth is still quietly staring us in the face. Why do we treat truth like the grim reaper? Are we so committed to self-deception that truth seems that scary? That is the truly frightening thought.

            People can repeat a lie over and over again and some may accept what they’ve heard as the truth, but wisdom instructs us to seek it out for ourselves. Lies need continuous deception in order to maintain the falsehoods, but truth needs no excuses. Truth vindicates itself because it witnesses to our heart. Lies and deception don’t witness to our heart. Deception causes questions and confusion but the truth always speaks to us. It’s what we know, even if it’s not what we might want to confront.

            Perhaps the key to understanding truth is to ask ourselves if someone had to tell us something to convince us what they are telling us is the truth, or is it something we discovered ourselves? In the mind of a person seeking truth, false truths will be inconsistent and create a reasonable doubt. False truths nag at our conscience, disrupt our peace of mind, and pull us back into mental questioning because there is a nagging sense that something is not quite right. As long as the answers which we seek remain unanswered, our spirit will continue to search for truth. Deception creates doubt, while truth just stands there waiting for us to receive it. Truth won’t go away even when we want it to! We can run but we can’t hide. Truth is very patient. It just stands there knocking at the door of our heart until we are ready to open the door and face it. Do you know why truth is so patient?

            Truth is the person of the Holy Spirit. We know it in our inner man because if we have Him, He is our witness. “It is the Spirit who testifies because the Spirit is Truth. For there are three that testify: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and the three are in agreement.” (1 John 6-8). Jesus told us in John 16:13-16 that the Holy Spirit would reveal the truth about God and He would lead us into truth. He doesn’t just reveal God; He reveals other truth, too. Jesus said further: “When, however, the Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own authority, but he will speak of what he hears and will tell you of things to come. He will give me glory, because he will take what I say and tell it to you. All that my Father has is mine; that is why I said that the Spirit will take what I give him and tell it to you” (John 16:13-15). Jesus identified Holy Spirit as a person and the one who reveals truth. “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.” (John 14: 16,17). Jesus also said, “The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you” (John 14:26). He either confirms or denies truth. So, it stands to reason, if we truly want to know the truth about a matter, the person we need to consult with is Holy Spirit, for He cannot and will not lie.

            When we know the truth, it will open our eyes to see things the way they really are, and not some false reality we’ve painted for ourselves. It allows us to shed the baggage of our past, unload other people’s version of truth, and even our own. It allows us to see ourselves in light of the truth and discover who we really are, what we believe and be able to live freely. Once we’re free we can love others without constraints.  

Dear Lord Jesus,

            Forgive me for any areas where I have resisted truth. Forgive me for unknowingly making room for deception in my life. I’m sorry I have not wanted to acknowledge certain faults and sins about myself or others. I am ready to have the truth revealed so that it can make me free. Give me courage and acceptance to face the things I may not want to deal with.  Help me not to resist You any longer. Holy Spirit help me be willing to yield. I give You permission now to remind me that I asked to know the truth so that when it comes, I will be able to receive it. Holy Spirit, please forgive me for resisting You. I am sorry if I grieved You. Please unravel the lies the enemy has used to deceive me. Let discernment and sensitivity to Your Holy Spirit return. I thank You for helping me face truth and to also know the correct response when you reveal it. Thank you for exposing the lies, revealing the truth, making me free and leading me into my healing. In Jesus name, amen. 

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