Tuesday, October 15, 2013

God in Human Vessels

God in human vessels, all around us. He loves us so much He pours himself out into humanity so that He can reach more people. Many of the conversations we have with others may feel ordinary, but consider the fact that what appears ordinary could in fact be GOD in your midst, looking for a way to encourage your hope, minister to your need, or solve that situation that's been causing you frustration. So many times when Jesus appeared to others they didn't recognize the time of their visitation because they didn't recognize his form. How many times have you prayed for a God-intervention, a divine appointment and then wondered why the prayer seemingly went unanswered? FAMILIARITY is a killer because it discounts the power of GOD in human vessels. Your perception of what a divine encounter looks or feels like could trip you up so that you miss what God wants to do - in you and for you! I cringe to think how many times God shows up in each of our lives but we proved to be not yet ready to receive what He had for us simply because we allowed familiarity to reject the vessel God put in our lives to work through. God loves us so much He keeps giving us opportunity after opportunity to receive the blessing He has for us. We prove our readiness by humbling ourselves to receive His chosen vessel and His chosen method of our healing. In the Bible, there was a man named Naaman. He was a man so full of pride he had to get very desperate with in incurable disease in order to humble himself enough to the point of obedience, and when he did, God healed him. Naaman had to surrender his pride because GOD opposes pride and releases His grace and help to the humble. God would have healed him sooner but Naaman was too stubborn. Do you think we can be that way too sometimes? Insistent on God coming to us on our own preconceived ideas or terms? What you need out of the anointing may be a physical healing, it may be a deliverance issue or something else, but we must let this be a lesson to us all: Don't despise the presence of the Holy Spirit in others, for you never know when that rejection could be a person's last offer of healing. Keep your wonder alive by honoring others. Imagine what God can do by the expectation that HE is in human vessels placed all around you, waiting for the right responses from people that move Him to draw closer to us. When expectancy builds...when faith and love for the Holy Spirit living in others grows, miracles happen. Today could be your day for the sudden, miraculous interruption of God coming to meet you and provide the answer you've been waiting for!

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