Saturday, October 5, 2013

Unraveling the Plans of the Enemy

I saw something very unusual in a dream. Many people were gathered in what seemed to be a marketplace setting, yet they were standing in rows like a large church service, and the many rows also seemed to have dividing lines like people grouped in squares. Each square represented a different church, yet there were no walls, just little demarcations separating each one. I walked down the center aisle with rows and rows of people on either side. They seemed oblivious to me and kept on worshiping, yet as I passed by I noticed that there were people the enemy had planted in each ‘church box.’ They were full of hate and took note of those that could discern who they were and see them for what they were. All of a sudden, it was like they all received a cue from some unknown place telling them it was time to rise up and attack. They were very aligned with one another and there was a set time for them to arise. They were banded together in a unified cause.They did it quietly at first, to try to fool some people by deception and gain more followers. The forced conversion was not an obvious thing; it was subtle and deceptive until the enemy felt overconfident and strong enough to overcome the rest of the Christians. This is often a spirit of Absolom at work, along with a spirit of Jezebel, or a witchcraft assignment. A strong presence of fear usually accompanies it to intimidate others.

There were some people that did not want to cooperate with the Satanists and they began to be ganged up on and attacked and killed. The enemy had placed these people in the midst of the Christians to deceive them and make them believe they were one of them, yet they were actually placed there to CONVERT the Christians that lacked discernment and could not tell the difference between those that belonged to Christ and those that did not. These people had the appearance of gang members to those that could discern the difference. Gangs refer to those who have an ungodly family or band of followers. They were easily offended and angered by many things, and they took out guns and began to shoot at others that could see them for what they were and understood their agenda. They bullied and shot at those that would not cave to their intimidation tactics and surrender to forced submission to conversion. (Bullets indicate words. Slander, offense, anger, gossip, false accusation, etc.) I witnessed a murder and the gang members turned on me and began to shoot. I grabbed my child (Child represents sometimes a natural child, something you hold dear, a ministry or spiritual child) and began to quickly declare the promise in Isaiah 54:17, that no weapon formed would hurt me or my family. I actually said, "AND THOSE WEAPONS WILL NOT FIRE, THE BULLETS WILL NOT HIT US." The scripture says, “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, said the LORD.”

Friends, this dream can have several different applications depending upon where we find our relationships, but the implication is clear. Satan has people disguised as those we would trust in order to convert the unwise and unsuspecting. God has given us a warning of the enemy's intentions and we must now take the word and declare it over all that pertains to us, our churches, cities, communities and our nation. As we can see, the enemy is very unified in a common cause to destroy others. We must be equally unified in our prayers and collaborate efforts to warn others and defeat the enemy's tactics of warfare. Pray, then share with those you feel God is telling you to share it with.


Father God, 

I thank You for uncovering the enemy's agenda and making us wiser than our adversaries. I declare according to Your promise in Isaiah 54:17 that NO weapon formed against me, my family, the ministry you have called us to, our jobs and workplace, our vehicles, the relationships you've given us, our home, family and all that pertains to us - NO WEAPON WILL FIRE AND NO BULLETS WILL STRIKE US. EVERY WEAPON THE ENEMY ATTEMPTS TO USE AGAINST US SHALL FAIL IN HIS HANDS, IN JESUS NAME. 

I declare that the body of Christ and those in our lives will be given new eyes to see with discernment and understand the plots and schemes of the enemy. I declare that the enemy's plans are unraveled and NO WEAPON WILL COME NEAR US. I claim the promises of Psalm 91 for me and my family and I thank You that You watch over YOUR WORD to perform it. I declare that only those things established by the enemy will fail. That which is established by God shall be kept safe and shall prosper. What God has joined together let no man divide. In Jesus name, amen.

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