Tuesday, November 26, 2013

God Wants to Heal Family This Christmas!

Well, I just have to say, GOD DOES CONFIRM HIS WORD! If you check out my previous post, you will see that a bunch of us moms are believing for family restoration by Christmas. I invite you to join us in The Virtuous Mom prayer group for a powerful prayer rally on December 5th, where we will be uniting in prayer all across the world to pray for our children and pray for family restoration on that day. We are believing for Christmas miracles!

I just wanted to you to know that I ran across a wonderful article today on my news feed from Facebook. And guess what?? Well...I'll let you read it for yourself! Here's the link: God Wants to Heal Family This Holiday Season. I would also like to say THANK YOU to the author, Wanda Alger, for allowing God to use her to share such a wonderful word of encouragement. Thank you, Wanda! So, I thought, why don't we just line up with what she wrote in her article, because she obviously got it from God anyway, right? Let's believe together for everything that is written. I turned her article into a prayer, and what a mighty one it is. I just want to encourage your heart today. Your blessing is on the way! We are just agreeing with heaven and watching as the answer manifests in the earthly realm. Have a joyful day and know that GOD HAS GOT THIS!

Father God,

I lift up my family members as well as families everywhere and I pray that You would bring us each into a spiritual awakening. Awaken our family members to right priorities and healthy relationships before the end of 2013. I pray for divine order to be established and that the hearts of our family members would be zealous for healthy family relationships. I pray that you heal and restore marriages and that forgiveness, grace and humility would flow graciously into each person in every family. I pray for those in my city, my geographic region and throughout the world. I pray that Your order would bring healing, unity and a powerful release of anointing that is restored to every family member. Bring families back into their proper place in Your kingdom.

I pray that broken relationships would be healed, and that as past issues are revisted, it would not be for condemnation. Bring a new perspective so that healing can take place. I declare there would not be defensiveness, pride, anger, or offense – only grace, humility, forgiveness and a desire for genuine restoration. Let every person choose restoration and not miss their moment to be a part of family restoration. I declare pride is bound in Jesus name and will not stand in opposition to unity, forgiveness, healing and restoration. I declare the prodigals will come home in Jesus name. I declare those that do not know you or those that have been at a distance with You and with their family members, will come home and be reunited. I speak reunification, restoration, and reconciliation to be released over every family member, every lost soul, every person struggling with feelings of abandonment and rejection, and I declare that nothing will stand in the way of them seeking out those they have been estranged with. I declare  they will desire restored relationship with their heavenly Father more than they want to remain on the outside looking in. No longer will they be an observer, but they will experience a revelation that has been missing; they will understand what they could not understand before.

I declare that myself and each of my family members will be alert to circumstances, situations, conversations and opportunities that were not there before. I declare that together we will all seize the moment to speak love and kindness that restores relationships. I pray that You wake up the hearts that have been cold and unfeeling. I pray that You cause us each to be ready to listen, respond and follow Your directives to demonstrate Your love. Let YOUR LOVE flow freely from us into others. Redeem the past, Father, and restore better than these relationships have ever been. Put YOUR LOVE in our hearts for one another. Put Your grace, compassion, mercy and tenderness in our hearts for others. Put things in order so that a solid foundation can be established in each of our hearts and lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

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