Thursday, December 5, 2013

Arrows of Healing

Today's the day we are praying for children and family members all across the world. Praying for family healing and reconciliation. Why not lift up a prayer for your own family? Father God, take the hammer of YOUR WORD and smash the works of the enemy. We declare Isaiah 49:25 to every family and household, that you promised to take the prey out of the hands of the wicked oppressor. NO LONGER are our family members held in captivity by oppression, addictions, unforgiveness, bitterness, cold love, rebellion, compromise or any other work of the enemy. Let your hammer come down on every curse, incantation, spell, every form of occult witchcraft used against them. Let your hammer come down on every form of deception, accusation, false judgement and offense. Let them be crushed now in Jesus name! According to YOUR WORD, for YOU watch over your word to perform it! You promised to take the cold heart of stone out of your people and replace it with a heart of flesh; a softened heart that knows your commandments and knows YOU. I thank you for performing spiritual heart transplants today all across the world. Father, let your bow be loaded with arrows of love, and let your angels release arrows of Father's love directly into the hearts of our loved ones, family members and children all across the world. Let those arrows carry revelation of Jesus Christ, revelation of truth, spiritual antibiotics and medicine to heal from sickness and disease; let those arrows pierce the hearts of our loved ones and release clarity, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, and new understanding. IN Jesus name, amen.

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