Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Prayer a Day Keeps the Enemy At Bay!

Do you know how wonderful it is to know that others are praying for you? I know there have been times when I felt so down and discouraged, and then someone I barely knew would comment that the Lord had laid it on their heart to pray for me and my family. Those moments are so amazing! It let's us know, just when we need a bit of encouragement, how greatly our Father loves us and is always thinking of us! Our friends, family members, even people we don't know and don't know us in our communities and city NEED our prayers! You never know what you can affect by simply saying a prayer. You CAN change the world, one prayer at a time! A prayer a day keeps the enemy at bay!

Father God, 

I pray for all those reading this post, that they may experience Your great grace today. Give them grace to forgive, grace to be compassionate and kind towards others, and grace for every situation, conversation or frustration they may encounter today. Give them restraint and self control when they feel tempted to say or do something that is not profitable, kind or considerate. Let every heart be full of thanksgiving and recognition of Your hand upon their lives.

Let every blind eye be opened and every deaf ear unstopped, in Jesus name. Let people receive, by supernatural intervention, deliverance from demonic attachments. I bind the spirits of pride, lust, heaviness, fear, insecurity, inferiority, jealousy, bitterness, rebellion and witchcraft against all those within my sphere of influence and the territory where you have given me authority. I release now the Spirit of Grace, Repentance, Mercy, Love, Forgiveness and Liberty. I release the Spirit of Adoption, the Spirit of Sight, Foresight, and Truth. Let every person that is touched by my prayer experience an eye opening, heart transforming, life changing encounter with Jesus Christ today. Let them be granted understanding so that they may receive spiritual truth and walk free from every constraint. I declare every blinder, every shackle, every yoke placed by the enemy is now broken in Jesus name.

I declare every hindrance, every curse, every condemning or hurtful word spoken against you to be broken, in Jesus name. I command all resistance, whether spiritual or natural, to be broken and removed at once, in Jesus name. I declare that your perception of your problem or that obstacle is radically changed to see things from a new perspective. Not as the enemy would want you to see, but as the Lord sees. I pray that you would be granted discernment to know exactly what your circumstances are telling you. I pray that you would be given understanding and discernment to tell the difference between what is a natural issue vs. what is actually a spiritual issue, and that God grant you wisdom to be able to know how to proceed to tackle every problem.

I ask You, Father, to bless your children with what is theirs. I pray that there would not be jealousy, contention or ill will from others when our blessings are unlocked and given into our hands. I ask for angelic assistance to be released into every life to lead people into their promise. I ask that each person would be properly prepared to receive what You have for them, and that their faith would not bottom out. Grant them the gift of supernatural faith to help them keep believing even when the circumstances seem discouraging. I pray that what You have determined is their spiritual inheritance would be released to them without delay. I ask You to give them Your vision and Your heart's desire, and they would be overcome by the power of Your great love for them. Let them be awestruck at how greatly, and how kindly You think of them. I declare blessing, grace, favor and promotion over every person in my family, my circle of friends and influence, my Facebook friends, my workplace, my community and my city. In Jesus name, I praise YOU, O God, for healing, breakthrough, restoration and blessing to flow as this prayer is released. Amen.

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