Monday, March 3, 2014


You may have seen the news article over the last couple days where a 76 year old man was pronounced dead only to revive inside a body bag. The coroner said he had never seen anything like it! There's a prophetic message there. God is raising the dead things back to life and when He does, everyone will know the resurrection miracle is all His!!

There are times when a promise dies here on earth. Things happen. Marriages die. Miscarriages terminate a long awaited hope for the future. Business ventures end in disappointment. Kids run into the world like prodigals. All sorts of dreams and the hope for what we once thought was going to be a beautiful future just seem to die, and we're left holding nothing but the ashes of heartache. Sometimes people try to birth something in their own strength, or try to come into their rightful inheritance before they are actually ready to be able to steward it with wisdom. At other times lack of support, lack of correct alignment with covenant partnerships or other things cause the promise to abort prematurely. Of course, there are also attempts from the enemy to try and kill off the promise before it can truly grow up in the Lord and come to maturity. The enemy will always try to stamp out a work of God before it can become fruitful! The truth is, though, hard as it is to understand, is that sometimes God deliberately waits until something is very much dead in order to show His glory. This is how He gives people a testimony of His miracle working power to accomplish what they could not on their own strength. The interesting thing we all need to remember is that in the spirit the promise is still very much alive. God's promises are eternal, which means it doesn't truly die if it is His. It's just waiting to be resurrected!

Some promises wait a long time before they are born. Others wait a long time to be resurrected. Think of Lazarus: he had no ability whatsoever to change his situation until the power of God was released and the command to be raised up was declared by the voice of authority. You have the voice of your Creator inside of you to call forth your promise out of the grave!

Abraham and Sarah had a promise but no strength to make it happen. Only God could reverse the clock and put life back into a man's body that was so old there was no promise of new life, and an old woman's dead womb, but at the appointed time He did just that and the promise was birthed.

Joseph waited many years with a dream in his heart but by all apparent indicators, that dream was dead and he was locked away in a prison cell forgotten by everyone. Yet, a need arose and just the right person remembered Joseph's gifts, remembered the kind of man he was, and told the other 'right person,' the Pharaoh, about Joseph at just the right time. In one day, Joseph's life radically changed and the gifts and abilities God had brought to maturity in his life were used to save and deliver a nation, his own family included.

Elizabeth was an older woman who conceived, but when she did, it was a child that brought incredible impact and change into the world. The child was John the Baptist.

Friends, I want you to know that God may seem like He waits for an awfully long time and perhaps you've felt like your dream or a promise you had believed for is long dead. He has innumerable ways to make the promise come alive, and if often does not manifest in ways that we can conceive. You have to surrender all your preconceived ideas and allow Him to work in ways you don't understand! One thing I do know, is that in every situation where God resurrects a dead promise or births something new, He does it in such a way so that what comes to life is a reflection of Him. Sometimes the old thing that died doesn't look at all like Him. It doesn't reflect God's image or likeness and He isn't glorified in any way. He will let those things die, so that when the new thing comes forth, it will be apparent that the new thing really does have His DNA. You may not have realized it before, but YOU NEED THE TESTIMONY from that situation in order to fulfill your destiny! In every situation mentioned above, God had to resurrect faith for the impossible before the promise could come to pass. God wants you to believe again! Let your hope return. Stir up the prophecies and the promises God has given you. Speak life over them again. It doesn't matter what the circumstances look like in the natural because God doesn't look at the natural. The promise, the dream of God's heart, is still very much alive in heaven and is waiting still to come to pass. Believe again. Dare to believe, because miracles happen! Begin to prophesy to that promise as if it was a child coming that promise back to life and compel it to come find you. God wants you to call the dead things back to life and believe...AGAIN!

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