Friday, March 7, 2014

Concerted Effort

This video clip is so amazing I had to share it. It is about a group of otters that surround a Caiman (alligator) and actually take it down and kill it. Watch!

The adult otters were trying to protect their young, and it shows the power of unified attack against a common enemy. What I find amazing is that I never knew otters could be so fierce. Ordinarily, I would think that they would become prey, but they totally turned the tables on this predator! By the time the predator realized he was outnumbered, it was too late. Those he would ordinarily try to kill and eat waged war on him and put him to a sudden death.

Friends, God is always speaking if we have our radar tuned to the right frequency! Just a few minutes before I saw this video, I was driving home and praying. I asked the Lord to help me recognize the form in which He was communicating. Not every message from the Lord will come through scripture. Sometimes He uses illustrations such as this one to communicate a spiritual truth. The truth He is communicating to us right now, and it's been confirmed by multiple messages from many different sources, is that He is turning the tables on the enemy! Shout to God with a voice of triumph! Shout to God with a voice of praise! The enemy's been defeated! The enemy is defeated!

I don't know what your enemy is, or where your troubles lie. What I do know is that God has a time for every predator, every work of darkness and evil that was assigned against you, to come to an end. This is that time.

So, knowing this, how can we pray? What do we pray?

I believe one thing we can learn from this video clip is that it takes a concerted effort to tackle the problem. When the enemy rises up against someone he gathers his forces both in the spiritual and natural realm. The enemy knows how to take a person down and he uses multiple tactics to accomplish the destruction he has devised. Satan knows the power of a united army, but so should we.

Any commanding officer in the armed forces knows the importance of teamwork and being united in combat against a common foe. One person cannot take down the opponent by himself; he must have others that will work with him in order for the defeat to be complete and effective.

It doesn't matter if it's a health related matter, financial problem, or something else; when the enemy wants to rob you, he uses every weapon against you that he can form. He uses lies, discouragement, fear, rejection, unbelief, accusation, slander, isolation, guilt, manipulation, and every form of witchcraft available in his arsenal. He weakens his opponent so that he can drag them down and drown them in troubles. He wants them to feel defeated so that they have no strength left to fight!

Psalm 133 reminds us how good and pleasant it is for God's people to come into unity and one accord. That is where the anointing flows with multiplied power, and that is where God bestows His blessing. Not only does it give a delightful fragrance to the Lord, but if you see this also from a warfare standpoint we understand the importance of the multiplication effect that results from unity among the brethren. When brothers and sisters in the family of God are in one accord with one another, they are pleasing to the Lord. When our ways please the Lord, we may ask what we wish and He will answer, according to John 15:7. "If you remain united with Me and My words with you, you may ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you." (Common English Bible). Unity, not disunity, moves God to answer. We must agree with what God has said in His word, or possibly a prophetic word as well. We must agree with faith, in whatever form that takes. Faith without works is dead in the water and will not help you overcome the enemy.

I will tell you something else. Broken trust issues, broken covenant connections, unforgiveness issues - if they're not dealt with properly - will at some point become idolatry in a person's life. These things always release a greater curse that brings with it infirmity, disease, mental and emotional issues, hindered prayer, financial loss and loss of other blessings. What you think your problem is could probably be traced back to one of the other issues I just mentioned. If you want to resolve the problem you're having today, take a look back at your yesterdays and truly, honestly, examine your heart and life for these deeper issues. What did you try to handle with a quick fix or shove into the deep recesses of the closet without truly dealing with it scripturally? Instead of justifying your opinion or feelings (for those are just excuses), ask the Lord what He would have you do. When you heal what has been broken...when you expose the lies of the enemy and allow truth to displace them...when you mend what has been torn, then you will have strength to overcome your current problem and power to displace the enemy. There are times when God uses one problem to get your attention and will not move to answer prayer until something deeper is dealt with. If you are unsure, ask Him! When we deal with our heart issues, then come together with others and pray, then there is true unity among us, and unity moves God's hand to release answers.

There is quite a deal more to be said on this topic but I will leave you with those thoughts for today. What enemy needs to be defeated today? What stands in direct opposition to unity between you, God and others? We cannot expect to live in power if we refuse to let the Holy Spirit bring healing between us and others. Relational bridges must be rebuilt. We must eliminate the excuses, the judgments, the fear of rejection...all of it. Because the truth is, we need each other. Some of those broken relationships in your life were launched against you by the enemy in order to keep you from fulfilling a greater purpose.

Lord, ready your people. Show us each the truth that will heal our perspective, release our judgments of others, and truly set us free in every way. Let the lies of the enemy be uncovered. Release help from the sanctuary of heaven and earth in order to help us recover all. Give your people resolve, conviction and courage to confront the enemy in a unified, concerted effort. Give us compassion towards one another so that humility, love and forgiveness win the victory. Help us by giving us whatever we each need. If it's courage, give us courage. If it's humility, give us humility. If it's a truth that has been hidden by the enemy, give us the truth. If it's boldness or faith to act on something you tell us, the give us boldness and faith. If it's new eyes and a new heart in order to gain a fresh perspective, give us eyes to see and a heart to understand what Your Spirit wants us to know. If it's time spent with others, tell us who to go to. Whatever it is, let the tables be turned on the enemy this day. Show us our covenant connections. Let all imposters and those who would be a hindrance to unity, love and forgiveness, be restrained from interference with what you are doing in the earth. I thank You for the enemy's defeat this day. In Jesus name, amen.

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