Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shutting Out the Enemy

The Book of Job is very insightful. One thing is reveals is the fact that our adversary, Satan, constantly is on the lookout for legal grounds in order to enter our lives. He must seek permission from God in order to do so, but as the prosecuting attorney, Satan also presents God with the proof he needs in order to gain access to us. WOW! Now isn't that an eye opener? Here are some common grounds on which the enemy can gain access to you and your family:

2. Generational curses
3. Rebellion
4. Strongholds
5. Wrong confession (unbelief, complaining, gossip, slander, ungratefulness, etc).
6. Witchcraft (it's not always what you think!)
7. Envy, rage, anger, jealousy
8. Broken trust/vows/covenants
9. Lust & pornography, sexual sins
10. Participation in sin or unconfessed sin
11. Out of alignment to spiritual or natural authority (another form of rebellion).

Would you like to know how to shut the door so that the enemy cannot gain access to you and your family? Repentance and confession to sin closes the door, but it must be accompanied by RIGHT ACTIONS. Faith without works is dead.

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