Monday, March 17, 2014

Who Told You That?

So, you don't feel good enough. Who told you that? Has that shifty old serpent been whispering in your ear again? 

Rejection is such a powerful weapon of the enemy. Cold love. A disinterested spouse. An absent parent. Disregarded by a trusted friend. An esteemed advisor that is difficult to please. Rejected by a peer. Any number of these scenarios can leave a person feeling unable to measure up to someone else’s standards. A spirit of rejection directed towards a person can make people feel inadequate, inferior, angry and resentful of those who make them feel as though they will never be good enough to warrant the other person's love, friendship, forgiveness, approval or acceptance. People spend so much unnecessary time and effort trying to please those that may never be able or willing to give them the validation they seek because deep down, they are attempting to prove they are worthy of acceptance.

The truth is, if one experiences a consistent message from someone else that they do not meet a particular standard of acceptance, they never really had it anyway. Not if it can be easily taken back and replaced with rejection. When people dismiss you as a person...disregard your feelings or perhaps devalue you in some way, what they are really communicating to you is the fact that their acceptance of you is conditional upon you pleasing their whims and standards for approval. Those things can change like the weather patterns. Certainly not a true standard to live by, wouldn’t you think? What is really boils down to is a lack of love on their part, not necessarily a valid response for treating someone else as though they are unlovable. One person’s rejection is not a valid source of proof that there is something defective in another individual. The enemy would love to make you feel as though the problem is with you, but those unloving thoughts and feelings come directly from Satan himself! I struggled with this for years until God set me free.  

Fear causes cowardice in those it targets. It can be immobilizing, paralyzing, and debilitating in many ways. It strips a person of any self worth so that the victim becomes spiritually impotent, weak and timid. It takes away their backbone, their conviction and ends up bullying the person under it's control. This may also show up in dreams like a squid or octopus, or perhaps another spineless creature that has many legs and tentacles. The spirit of fear seems quite real, and can be quite intimidating. It leads to mind blinding spirits that put a person under the control of those spirits, and possibly the will of others, too. What I've found to be true is that when the enemy works that hard to keep someone in bondage to fear, especially so that they will not challenge the people or situations that are keeping them in bondage, the enemy is in fact quite fearful of them getting free. He knows that the moment their eyes get opened to the truth, those individuals will become unstoppable for the kingdom of God. They will open the eyes of others and become deliverers too. They will rise up and take the kingdom by force and outwit the enemy at every turn. They will know exactly how to speak to others to inspire them to rise up and throw off those shackles the enemy has put on them! The reality is, the children of God have the real power and Satan is a defeated foe - as long as we fight the way Jesus taught us to do - through obedience to God, love, the word of God, humility and prayer. These things the enemy cannot withstand.

The enemy projects exactly what is true of him onto others. If he can convince others that their feelings are truth, he can successfully recreate their self-image to mirror his. He is rejected, so he wants others to feel that way too. He is condemned, so he places guilt and condemnation upon others. He is full of fear, for the fires of an eternal hell await him. These things and more are projected from his lies, spoken to us by anyone that will yield their mouth to his use, and sometimes through our own thoughts – to project pain into the lives of others. If he can reinvent the truth, he can create just about any scenario and try to convince others that it's true. He will try to recreate a person’s identity, causing individuals to doubt their self-worth. He will use a person's strengths against them and he will cripple their ability to successfully fulfill their destiny. The enemy delights in turning people into spiritual and emotional handicaps! Do you realize that sometimes what is true in the spirit realm also manifests in the physical reality as well?

God does not want you to be lame. He tells us in Isaiah 35:3 to share the good news with others and offer a word of encouragement. We are to strengthen their hands and steady those with shaky knees. In other words, ‘FEAR NOT!’  Fear is the enemy’s greatest weapon, and everything else people deal with is a direct offshoot of the spirit of fear. Inferiority, insecurity, rejection, feelings of being unlovable, inadequate…all of these things come from fear in some form and begin to produce other bad fruit. Friend, please understand this today. It’s not about you being defective in some way, unable to be loved or valued as the prize that you are! It’s about what has attached itself to you in order to perpetuate these negative thoughts and actions that bind your faith.

Spirits of fear and rejection can make a person feel unloved, unwanted, devalued and terrible inadequate. Some people struggle under these heavy weights all their life. How sad! Many times these are a result of generational curses, ungodly soul ties and relational ties to those with bad fruit in their lives. Getting free does require some effort on your part. There are some things to be renounced. A new way of thinking must change how you see yourself and how you see others. You may also need to make some relational changes so that others with demonic spirits attached to them are not constantly allowed to infiltrate your life and keep the old cycle of bondage in effect. Your Father’s desire is to bring you back to the understanding that you are loved and accepted through His beloved Son. Jesus’ blood sacrifice on your behalf has made the way open for you to receive the goodness of the Lord. The very fact that God himself gave His life for you, shed his blood for you, and that sacrifice has defeated all the power of the enemy. But, in order to appropriate that victory, what Jesus has made possible for you to have, you must be diligent to enforce.

If you could see yourself as your Father sees you, or understand the authority in Christ that is available to every child of God, you would not fear. You would not allow anyone to devalue you or attempt to make you feel disqualified in any way. You are valued. You are so valuable that Christ died for you! You have an incredible future all because God the Father gave you the right to become a son of God and have his very spirit and nature formed in you. And, in addition to all of that, you have been granted the very right to speak like God. Act like God. Not in pride or arrogance, because Jesus was never like that. But, in the sense that He gave you the right to do everything Jesus did, and more. Heal the sick. Cast out demons. Raise the dead.  When the Lord of the Impossible lives inside of you, nothing shall be impossible for you! You are a world changer!

Remember, no one has the ability to make anyone else feel devalued unless they allow it, unless you give them authority in your life to do so. Take back your authority in Christ, rise up, and take a stand!

SPEAK: "Fear, I reject you. Rejection, I resist you. Unloving spirits, get out! Lying spirits, go back to hell where you belong! In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I accept and submit to what God has said about me, and I reject and resist every weapon of the enemy. Satan, I renounce you and break every agreement I have made knowingly or unknowingly. I command you to go and take everything you have put on me, in Jesus name. Leave me immediately and do not come back!

Holy Spirit, I thank you for giving me revelation and insight to help me overcome every lie the enemy has infiltrated into my belief system. Thank you for helping me receive the truth that makes me free. In Jesus name, amen."

There are many other powerful and effective prayers on this site. Please consider doing the Breakthrough Prayer to deal with any generational curses that may be in effect, as well as one dealing with word curses. Freedom and healing comes in stages, but it is well worth the effort. You don't have to live with the lies and bondage from the enemy. You can be free! 

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