Monday, May 19, 2014

Burn the Sacrifice

There have been many people speaking of the 'new thing' that God is doing, yet the 'new thing' cannot be just something we add to the old. It requires a baptism of death. The old thing must die.

It may be a job or position we have held, a mindset, a way of doing things, doctrinal error, or simply the thing we've been doing that seems 'good enough.' When people are baptized with the Holy Spirit, they have to leave behind the old doctrine that says the gifts are not for today or a belief system that makes room for limitations. There are NO LIMITS IN GOD. All things become possible! This is just one example. Jesus said no one can put a new patch on an old wine skin. The old will tear and the new will be lost. So it is with every new thing that comes from the Spirit of God. It requires a sacrifice. We must lay down and lay aside the thing that the Lord says, "Lay on the altar. Let me burn it up." I feel like the California fires were a prophetic sign that He is about to burn up some things that need to go. A refiner's fire is coming that will burn up the works of the flesh. The things that are established by His Spirit will stand.

If you try to hold on to something the Lord is burning up, you will get hurt. It will cause pain. Pain comes when we cannot see or understand God's purpose and we try to keep things they way they were. People tend to want to tightly grip the things that make us feel secure or the things that we feel are tied to our identity and feelings of self worth. Give Him permission to burn up all that does not serve His purpose in the new season. If you give Him permission, He will redirect you. He will re-purpose you. He will restore you, and when He restores it is always better than before. Let go. Let go. Let go. The old cannot be mixed with the new!

How this applies to each person individually is the question. How often we sense the very thing God wants us to let go of, but because it painful we may want to give him something else as a substitute. It can make all the difference between bringing an offering, like Cain, and the acceptable sacrifice, like Abel. I held a dream in my heart and for many years tried to give birth to something that God said "No. This is not my will for you." Letting go seemed so disappointing. I felt like I had wasted far too long praying for the wrong thing! Regret set in. It is hard to deal with emotions that come from disappointment, but we must be convinced that closed doors are an opportunity to find the better thing God has for us. So, it may be a certain dream in our heart that He is telling us to let go and give it to him. We can not substitute a lesser offering when God is asking us for the thing that has our heart.Sometimes He gives us back our Issacs and sometimes He shows up with something entirely different - but better. Know in your heart that God sees far more than we can possibly be aware of, and if He asks us to sacrifice something and lay it on the altar, it is for the best. He cannot give us what is best if we cling so tightly to the old that we become unwilling to grow and let go.

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