Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grace to Build

We are all familiar with the devious works of evil that cause discord, division, strife, accusation and much more. In our homes, in the workplace, in our communities and in our churches. Strife, misunderstanding, division, competition, and much more work to unravel good works and our best intentions. There is seemingly no end to the work of the accuser, as he plots and schemes to undermine the work of Christ in the believer.

There is a time to tear down, but there is also a time to build. (Ecc. 3:3). Enough of the tearing down. It's time to overthrow the enemy.

There will always be the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and our partnership with Him is of great importance. I believe, though, there is also a gift that we can ask for, that is a grace anointing which empowers us to change, so that we can build.

Let us ask:

Holy Father,

I ask that Your Holy Spirit pour out on me and my family, my church and community, the Spirit of Understanding, and give me eyes to see others differently. Help me to yield to Your Holy Spirit. Bless me with a new heart that is willing to yield to you and others. Give me that grace and anointing by which true community is built. Pour out on me, and those in my family, my church and my community, the grace and understanding that displaces all jealousy, competition, strife, ambition and pride. Supernaturally remove the differences in our hearts that lead to disunity, discord and division. Let our hearts be filled with deep respect and appreciation for one another, so that we honor one another in love. May each of us find acceptance and the love that heals as a result of You pouring out Your Spirit of grace and understanding.  Give me and my family this gift from Your Holy Spirit; this grace anointing that unifies, edifies and brings us into one accord with one another. Let this be poured out on us now, that we might glorify the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  In His name I pray, amen.

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