Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prayer for Healing from SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and Mind Control

This may be a bit edgy for some people, but I've looked into this. It's not all conspiracy theories by paranoid people. This stuff does exist. I doubt if you will hear about stuff like this on the mainstream news. Mostly because it's a very dark, disturbing subject, and it's utilized by both the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys.' People with evil intent - and that can range from people working within politics and government - to the human trafficking industry, terrorist groups, occult members and others. The government has been doing experimentation on human beings for decades, but no one wants to acknowledge it's out there. If you don't believe me, do your own research on Monarch Mind Control, Illuminati, and human test experiments by government and you'll see there are a lot of things going on that won't make you feel good. It is a part of the New World Order. One site estimated there are reportedly over a million people, another site said two million, that have suffered at the hands of those inflicting this sort of trauma, but I believe that number to be extremely low. Think of how many victims are just in the human trafficking or drug trade industry alone. It is the use of fear, torture and intimidation to make slaves of others, no matter what evil is used to carry out. This is something that infiltrates many different areas. While it's unfortunate that it is not brought out into the public's attention, it may just make it into the mainstream news someday. This is a prayer for those that have been abused and made a victim by those that used fear, abuse, trauma or Satanic witchcraft to inflict torture and intimidation, especially to make slaves and force others to do their will.

This is a link that was posted in the comment section below. I thought I would post it so that you can see for yourself, there are people among us that will be used for great evil if we do not pray to unravel the enemy's plans.


Here is another link to Wikipedia. You will see it is all quite similar.

Please help pray against this so that no more victims will result from these things!

Prayer for Healing from SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and Mind Control

Father God,

I ask You to heal and restore all those who have been victimized by Satanic Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Electric Shock Therapy, Monarch Programming, and Sadistic Traumatization. I ask that Holy Spirit come and unravel the effects of psychology, neuroscience, drug abuse and occult rituals. I ask that You would unravel and destroy every effect of mind control techniques, programming and its symbolism that have been deeply ingrained in the mind , memories and psyche of anyone that afflicted with this kind of abuse.

I declare that every bit of torture, trauma, intimidation, the use of potions, drugs and casting of spells; black magic, sorcery, and demon possession that has been inflicted and forced upon the victims of this sort of abuse is now broken in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. I declare that anyone that has been made a slave of the sex trade industry, the entertainment industry, media and movie making industry; terrorist groups, military personnel, politicians and government officials are now freed from enslavement in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. All those that are now, or have been victimized, are free from all bondage and slavery. I command those ungodly spiritual chains to be loosed off of every victim now, and for those enslaved to come back to their right minds and be free to choose whom they will serve, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

I command all demons that took possession of those individuals to come out now, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and I command those evil spirits to go back to the abyss that was created for their demise.

I declare that all covert missions, assassination plots, terrorist plots and schemes, and any other works of evil that have been done by those working in accordance with Satan, to be brought to light now, in Jesus name.

I declare that all the works of darkness are now exposed, and those that have used fear, intimidation and force to perpetuate evil against others will be brought to justice immediately, in Jesus name.

Abba Father, You said in Your word that your children are anointed to set the captives free. You also said in Is. 55:11 that Your word would not return to You void, but it would accomplish your desire and achieve the purpose for which it was sent. According to Your word, over every person that is enslaved by the workers of evil, taken into captivity and forced to do the will of others, I do declare:

“You are the Lord their God, who rescued them out of the land of Egypt, out of the land of slavery,” according to Exodus 20:2;

“You are Yahweh their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt so that they would not be their slaves; You broke the bars of their yoke and enabled them to live in freedom,” according to Leviticus 26:13.

I remind You Lord, that You said in Is. 49:25 that the captives would be taken from the warriors and the plunder retrieved from the fierce; You promised to contend with those that contended with us and You would save our children.”

Lord, you are their Savior and Redeemer. You are God Almighty. Fight against those that contend with the enslaved. Rescue the oppressed that they might come to know You and become Your sons and daughters.

I speak healing and restoration over these people. Let every painful, traumatic memory be supernaturally healed. Let every bit of trauma, fear, shame, guilt and torture be lifted out of their cell memory. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to heal their wounds, deliver their souls, and restore their heart, mind, and sanity. Let their moral convictions return to them. Let purity of heart and mind be restored to them. Let their conscience refuse to be violated anymore and their will over ride what has been programmed into them by evil people. Heal and restore what has been disassociated, fragmented, and disconnected. Restore them to their true identity in Christ. Let there be no more pain, fear, or residual effects of their emotions associated with satanic ritualistic abuse, breaking their spirit and taking over their will. I break all the power of witchcraft and demonic control forced upon those that have suffered at the hands of evil doers. I thank You, Father, for helping each person that has been victimized to recover their peace of mind, emotional stability, joy and assurance as your child. Give them courage and boldness. Let there be a release of the revelation of Jesus Christ and their Father's love. Assure them of Your love and acceptance of them, Father. Heal their wounds and set them free. Help them to no longer be victims of their captors but victorious in Christ. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. Beautiful prayer, thank you! I have been tortured for at least four years.

  2. Can I email someone in confidence regarding this

    1. Yes, Vanita...you can email me at xpectamiracle@yahoo.com.

  3. Laura this prayer is exactly what I wanted to pray this morning. Thank you so much for this. I will keep praying it every day. One thing to note as a potential precaution when praying this prayer, something I have read from a few sources including With One Accord Ministries, asserts that when we cast out demons we must make sure we order them to go where Yeshua tells them to go, as many demons already exist in the heavenly realm and many are bound in Hell, awaiting release. In other words, since we don't have a good grasp of the "physical" construct of the supernatural realm (and our Savior Yeshua does) we simply need to transfer the authority of designating a location for demons to Yeshua after casting them out.

  4. I definetly need healing. Can I speak with some about this through Email in confidence as well?

    1. Yes, you may contact me at xpectamiracle@yahoo.com