Monday, June 9, 2014

Prophecy a New Future!

You have the power to call those things that are not as though they are and speak forth a new future! 

I declare my mind is renewed every day. My thoughts are clear and focused. I speak words of faith that pull blessing into my life.

I declare my mouth speaks those things that are pure, edifying and of good report. I declare that all my words are a wellspring of life.

I declare that I am full of the good fruits of the Spirit. I am full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faith, humility and temperance.

I declare my eyes are opened to see the opportunities around me and I will seize the moment so that none are lost.

I declare that I am full of compassion through which great miracles and healing takes place.

I declare my spirit is fine tuned to be alert and aligned with the Holy Spirit.

I declare my ears hear what the Spirit of God communicates.

I declare my heart is quick to obey the word of the Lord and what He impresses upon me to do.
I am not influenced by what I see or hear in the natural. I respond by what is communicated by Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s word.

I declare my emotions and my thoughts are stable and anchored in the truth of God’s word.

I declare the power of God’s word has set me free from any hindrances or deceptive beliefs.

I declare I am saved, healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit working within me.

I declare my family is saved, healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit working in them.

I declare the favor of the Lord surrounds my like a shield. It goes before me to give me access to people, places, opportunities and blessings I would not otherwise have access to. The way opens up before me by the favor of the Lord. The doors that the Lord wants opened to me no man can shut and He is leading me through them now.  I declare the favor of the Lord compels others to bless me and make room for my gifts, talents, abilities and new opportunities.

I declare that when people hear me share about spiritual matters, the anointing will be on every word. It will capture their full attention and they will not be able to tune me out.

I declare that when I speak about spiritual matters, those that hear will be able to understand and fully grasp what is being shared. I declare all veils over their understanding will be supernaturally removed and their spiritual eyes opened. I declare their ears will hear what the Spirit is communicating to them. I declare those good seeds will prosper and bear good fruit. The enemy will not be able to pluck them out or destroy them. I declare people will have the response of faith and obedience as they hear me speak of spiritual realities, in Jesus name.

I declare the Lord is my shield and my great reward. He is my defense, my strong tower, and my safe refuge. The Lord fights my battles.

I declare the glory of the Lord is my rear guard. He watches and protects my blind spots from enemy attack.

I declare the Lord is my portion. He watches over the portion and lot He has entrusted to me and He guards my boundary lines.

I declare the angel of the Lord encamps around me and my family to keep us in the ways of righteousness and watch out for our safety.

I declare my spouse, myself, my children and grandchildren will be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I declare we will fulfill the will of God and finish strong.

I declare no weapon formed against me and my family will prosper. Every weapon will fail in the hands of those that attempt to use any form of destructive weapons against me or my family.

I declare I am not timid, insecure or fearful of any situation. I am full of grace, power of the Holy Spirit, anointing and boldness. God’s grace abounds towards me to assist me in whatever situation I encounter.

I declare signs, wonders and miracles follow me where ever I am. My very presence releases a change in the atmosphere as the Holy Spirit lives and moves through me.

I declare I walk in the power of the supernatural according to God’s power working within me.

I declare a reversal of every situation that the enemy has intended to slow me down, project defeat into my future and steal from my life. I declare increase where there has been poverty, death or ruin. I declare promotion, prosperity and increase. I declare prosperity where there has been poverty or lack. I declare new births and new beginnings in multiplied blessings to replenish what was lost, stolen or taken. It has been released to come find me and I am exceedingly, abundantly blessed above all I could ask or think according to the power of God working in my life.

I declare my health is blessed. My organs work exactly the way God intended them to work. What was once weak, is now made strong. Where there was lack, has been filled up. I declare creative miracles have taken place in my body to make all things new. I declare my blood system is healthy and without constriction or obstruction. I declare my digestive system, my endocrine system, my lymphatic system, my skeletal and muscular system, my immune and cardiovascular system, my urinary and integumentary systems, my respiratory system, my reproductive and nervous systems are in perfect health. Nothing is defective, out of balance, weak, sick or diseased. I walk in kingdom health in Jesus name.

I declare my future is made new by the power of my faith-filled words. I declare that with God's Spirit working within me, I have the power to call those things that are not as though they exist, and they will manifest. Your word does not lie, Father.

As I have declared these things, they are established so that light shines on my ways, according to Job 22:28.

I declare my home, family, employment and future are blessed beyond measure. The blessings of the Lord make me rich in every way, in Jesus name. Amen!

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