Monday, June 9, 2014

Today’s Declaration: I am free from negativity!

By the power of God living within me, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Today I declare that I am free to make a choice about what thoughts capture my attention. I am not powerless! I refuse to be a captive to the lies of the enemy. No longer will I focus on any negative thought. 

I declare my mind is renewed and I dwell on the beauty of the Lord. I see my Creator in nature. I see my Creator in humanity. I see the wonder of creation in everything around me and I am blessed by what I see. No longer do I look past the homeless person, the addict, the stressed out mother in the grocery store or others. I see their struggles. I see their pain. I see their reality, and my heart is moved with compassion;  I see God’s beauty in everything around me.

I declare the thoughts that capture my attention are gratitude for all that the Lord has made available to me: my health, my very breath, my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. I am grateful for my job, shelter, food and clothes. I am grateful. I will not take them for granted any more. 

I declare that I increase in love for humanity day by day.

I declare that I will surrender the things beyond my control.

I declare that I will not numb my feelings in order to withdraw from reality.

I declare that I will not allow self-pity a place in my life.

I declare that I forgive every person that has wronged me. I refuse to hold grudges or negative judgments against others, no matter what they have done, for those things rob me of peace and joy. Every person that I felt was indebted to me is now free and the debts cancelled.

I declare that I have accepted the past. I cannot change it, and therefore I accept the things that happened. I refuse to nurse grudges or rehearse wrongs. I let it all go.

I declare that I let go of every disappointment, every frustration, and unrealistic expectations.

I declare that I will not blame anyone for my disappointments, regardless of whether or not I feel they contributed to them.

I declare that I will not place the fulfillment of my needs on others or other false expectations. They are not responsible for my peace of mind, joy or fulfillment. I take responsibility for my own life and my own needs.

I declare my fulfillment and joy come from God and right relationship to Him and others.

I declare I will not act out of selfishness, but look for ways to be a blessing to others.

I declare that I will not blame God or others when things do not go as planned. I will not allow myself to become bitter and complaining. I purpose to look for good and a positive outcome.

I declare that I will not avoid confronting things within myself that need to change. I will not resist the truth that I need to accept about myself for that is what will help me heal and be set free.

I declare that I am courageous and confident in God's ability to change me without feeling condemned. I can trust Him and be transparent without shame.

I declare that I am blessed by God. It is His delight to bless me.

I declare that I delight in obedience to God because I love Him and have a grateful heart towards all that Jesus endured for me.

I declare that my heart is full of gratitude, appreciation and joy.

I declare that I am full of love, kindness, peace, patience, temperance, righteousness and meekness.

I declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

I declare that I am beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

I declare that I am loved, accepted and significant through Jesus Christ my Lord.

I declare that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life, my thoughts, my past, present and future. He has good plans for me that will come to pass.

I declare that my sins are forgiven and I am the redeemed of God.

I declare that I have peace with God and a peaceful mind.

I declare that I am protected, loved and sheltered by God.

I declare that I am free from the fear of man.

I declare that I am not inferior, unwanted or unworthy.

I declare that I resist all feelings of abandonment, rejection or self-hatred. I reject all unloving feelings directed towards myself because those are lies from the enemy.

I declare that I accept myself just the way I am. I am free from negative self-judgments. I choose this day to end negative behaviors that contribute to a negative mindset. I choose to live free and healed. As I declare these things they are established so that light will shine on my ways, according to Job 22:28. In Jesus name, Amen.

P.S. Just as a little side note, I had my children speak this out loud last night before bed. My daughter was instantly convicted by the Holy Spirit, and both my children repented of treating each other with disrespect. My son came to me a few minutes later and commented that he kept hearing the voice of the enemy in his head and he wanted it to go away. He said he kept hearing voices that told him to lie to his mother. We prayed, and he asked God to forgive him and I took authority over the enemy. I have never seen my 6 year old so eager to cooperate in prayer until last night! There is something that is released in power when we do these things in faith. I encourage you to do this with your family too!

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