Monday, June 30, 2014

Unquantified Faith

Yesterday I heard the Lord say, "Never let anyone quantify you." That wasn't a word that I would ordinarily use, so I knew it had to be the Lord. Instantly He clarified: It means to define by placing limitations upon something. God cannot be quantified! He is unlimited in every way! The great news is, He lives within YOU! I hope that shatters some limitations you've allowed yourself to believe - about Him and yourself! No matter what you've been telling yourself; no matter what circumstances look like, the answer is, "YES, YOU CAN!" All things are possible - take the limits off!

Today's declaration: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

I've been having dreams about having another baby, and I believe in my heart the Lord is speaking about a spiritual birth. But in a couple of the dreams I've heard myself saying the words, "But I'm too old to have another baby." I was telling this to a friend the other day and she said, "How odd you would say that. I just had a dream last night where I saw my older sister pregnant, and I said to her, "But you're too old to have a baby!" She was puzzled because in the natural her sister is 56 and well past child bearing age. I also had a dream where a much older woman was pregnant with her sixth child, and she was quite old with grey hair! In the dream, she was encouraging me to believe for another baby by telling me that there are great rewards by bringing children into the earth. She said that if she wasn't too old, then neither was I. What are your dreams telling you? Is God trying to encourage you to believe for something new?

I believe the Lord is speaking through these dreams. There were at least several older women in the Bible that were well past the age to have children, but God gave them strength to conceive and bear children. Sarah and Elizabeth both come to mind. Both had angelic visitations to announce the intention of the promise that was about to come to pass. Their dream was about to come true! Angels are messengers. They had to believe in the messenger that God sent to them in order to receive the strength to conceive! In other words, their faith had to be activated and encouraged to believe for the impossible! 

My friend, God wants godly offspring. So, no matter what you are believing for, ask God to give you strength to believe for that promise. You might need a supernatural kick in the faith to believe for what ever seems to be against all odds, but I'm a messenger to tell you that nothing is impossible with God! When you say yes to God, like Mary, or just simply say, "So be it unto me according to Your word." God wants to birth something new in your life. Do you believe it? So many people are disappointed that something didn't happen sooner, and they have resigned themselves to thinking their dream is gone. Many are saying, "Well, I'm too old. It's never going to happen now." Don't believe it! No matter what your age, God can give you new purpose and fulfill some wonderful promises if you will just dare to believe again! 

Don't let anyone quantify you or tell you what God can or cannot do in your life. If you examine your life and find that you are surrounded by situations that limit you or restrict your faith, you may need to change some things. Make room for the promise to come in!

I declare nothing is impossible with God.

I declare I take all the limits off for God cannot be quantified and He lives within me!

I declare  I CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

I declare I will not allow myself to be boxed in or have other people's limitations or expectations limit who God called me to be!

I declare I have received faith to conceive the miracles of God!

I declare I am a sign and a wonder to many!

I declare I am breaking out of every constraint and my faith is growing exponentially in Jesus name!

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