Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Cry for Justice

The world is on fire, and America, the sleeping giant, is finally waking up. We have been so naive in thinking that nothing could touch us, that somehow America was strong enough to ward off any real threat. We mistakenly put our trust in ourselves, in our government, thinking they were capable of protecting us. Recent events have shown us that the same terrorist threats we see taking place against Israel are very real in our homeland of the Unite States. When news journalists, government leaders, military experts and others are yelling "WAKE UP, THIS IS REAL, THEY ARE COMING FOR US! " I do not wish to incite fear, but we cannot afford to ignore the obvious. It's been a long time coming, but we have a very real and credible threat to America.

Trouble seems to be escalating at alarming speed, and many people are outraged at the violence and ugliness of war. The atrocities that have been in the news as of late, with a deliberate intent by ISIS and Muslim groups, intend to terrorize the world by the use of graphic pictures, fear tactics and propaganda. These groups want us to feel the outrage at their evil doings and become so horrified that when they come for us, we will be paralyzed by fear and surrender to their demands. We will allow them to take us captive. They put their faith in their their fear tactics, violence and intimidation. They want us to fear their retribution towards our families more than we fear submission to their demands. This is how they impose forced conversion to their religion: by taking captives and making slaves.

We must take a stand. We cannot afford to be bullied by fear or intimidation. Who is this uncircumsized Philistine? Who is ISIS that defies the armies of the living God?? David could be fearless in the face of the enemy because he knew GOD WAS NOT WITH THE PHILISTINES. Read 1 Sam. 17. Islam, or ISIS is a modern day Goliath. One thing I find interesting is that the Goliath in the Bible had a shield-bearer. The pictures, videos and propaganda of the enemy form his shield of terror. He sends it out before him in order to pave the way for his attack, but greater is He that lives in us than he that is in the world. 

America, (and this applies to other nations as well) we cannot see ourselves as small, weak or handicapped by fear in this battle, and trust me when I tell you that these terrorist groups - who have boasted in their intent to take America by force - will come. There are already reports of Islamic protest groups making their voice loud in parts of our nation. My question is this: In this war, do you want GOD on your side fighting for you, or would you rather be left to fight the enemy and try to protect your family, home and nation without Him? 

Do we want the fate of our families and this nation left in the hands of our government, who has made it quite clear that they do not even have a strategy as of this moment, to defeat this proud enemy? Can we even trust the man who sits behind the desk in the oval office, given the fact that he is also a Muslim? He has advanced the agenda of the Muslim brotherhood and ISIS in many ways and left Americans vulnerable like never before. At the end of the day, do not both this man as well as ISIS call on the same name of their god, Allah? 

Our government, who has left our borders open and unprotected...

Our government, who has systematically advanced its agenda to strip Americans of their God-given rights...

Our government, who has repeatedly lied about so many things and willfully deceived Americans in order to advance their own ungodly agendas, has proven time after time that they do NOT have our best interests at heart. They have restricted gun control and shut down ammo factories, making it very difficult for Americans to defend themselves. They have prepared for a civil war and are arming local police with enormous amounts of weapons to be used against private citizens. Our government has left us weakened, vulnerable and proven that they are incapable of working together to reach common goals. So WHY would we want to place our hope in them to defeat a real and present threat? 

Our hope cannot be in our leaders or in ourselves. We must look to a higher source, a HOLY source, that has unlimited power, resources, and supernatural ability to unravel the plots of wickedness. If you read the Bible, He has an excellent track record of victory - WHEN His people walked in truth and righteousness. WHEN they confessed their sin and acknowledged their moral failures, He forgave their sin and became their help in times of trouble. It was never about the size of their military or even their weapons; it was about which side of the fight God was on! God always took the underdog and brought them out to victory. David, a young shepherd boy, knew that God could not possibly be on the side of the enemy because the enemy did not confess, worship or serve his God. There could only be one God in Israel, and it wasn't the god of the Philistines, who was intent upon subjecting Israel to humiliation.

In our outrage against the crimes against humanity, most notably the merciless slaughter of innocent children and Christian families, we as a people have cried out and said, "O God, send your vengeance! Bring justice to those that are murdered so viciously!" It's true, this sort of situation does elicit a cry for justice. The blood of the innocent cries out for it.

Yet, America, we have been so blinded - willfully blind at that - that we fail to see ourselves in light of also being judged by the same standard. God's judgment against evil is not hypocritical. We cannot cry out for God's wrath to come against the world's enemy, and our enemy - ISIS - and hope to escape the fact that the scales of justice demand that we, too, be held accountable for own sins of bloodshed.

America has embraced a death culture for many years an we haven't wanted to think about the consequences. We have embraced abortion, which is no less a crime than what we have seen the terrorists do to little Christian children in other parts of the world. Abortion is no less violent, no less offensive in the eyes of God. We comfort ourselves by putting it in a socially acceptable pill that we can swallow without being repulsed by it. We have chosen self-deception as our anesthesia. As long as we commit the crimes within the sterile walls of medical facilities and abortion clinics, we have tried to comfort ourselves with ideas that abortion is somehow justifiable. We seem to think that as long as we don't see the fetus fighting for it's life, the barbaric dismemberment and its bloody death, that we can avoid accountability for genocide. Do you know why? Because no one can hear the silent cry of a baby being put to death in the womb. As long as it is carefully wrapped up and put away before we can see it, we can fool ourselves into thinking that what we have allowed and what we have passed laws to permit, are somehow more humane. It is NOT. We must shake off the dulling effects of the anesthesia of deception. Abortion is far from humane. Abortion has taken far more lives to date than those in war torn countries and we have done nothing to stop it. We cringe when we see pictures of beheaded children, bloody and slaughtered children in today's news - who are simply victims in an unfair war against humanity. And the irony is, we see pictures of aborted fetuses and we turn our head. We close our eyes to the crimes against humanity that are done behind the walls of medical clinics because we don't want to see or acknowledge that we are also guilty - very guilty - of allowing the murder of innocent lives. Abortion involves dismemberment of a child, and late term abortion involves the severing of the spine at the head and neck. One procedure also involves sucking out the brains and collapsing the skull of the full term infant. This is decapitation in every sense of the word. We have renamed our crimes as 'women's health', freedom of choice, and even birth control - ALL of which are simply lies to make us feel better about our own lack of integrity and loss of morality.  I know that this article is very strong and may offend some people, but it is not time for sugar coated messages that will make us feel better about our sin. It is time to acknowledge our guilt as a nation of people that have broken God's commandments. 

We have no right to feel superior to ISIS and terrorist groups. Whether by means of abortion or the slaughter of innocents at the hands of terrorists, murder is murder. It is the ending of a life. Those that support abortion tend to view the beginning of life as subject to a gray area as to when that life is considered a baby. Somehow, the fact that life is still forming does not carry the same weight against their conscience as a child that is alive, clothed and very visible. I assure you, that is not how God views the matter, and that is what we must reconcile within ourselves and with God. God does not see a lump of cells being formed in the body; He sees a living, breathing, soul with an eternal spirit. He sees the end from the beginning, and He has already seen the potential, the destiny and purpose intended for each human being. He knows who He has purposed for that life to impact, their calling, and how they will impact generations to come. When we cut a life short, we are telling Him that that person's life and destiny are not needed, valued or important to the future. The future that our children and grandchildren are growing up in. Do we really want to rob their future of God given leaders?  At this time in the world, we must see that we need every person's destiny to be fulfilled! We must see how important it is to future generations and their survival to have all people fulfill their purpose. We must change our mind as to how we have viewed abortion.

We have no right to feel self righteous, as if we are somehow better than those that commit these horrendous crimes against humanity. For we, too, America, have shed far too much innocent blood through the very practice and support of abortion. How many of us have had an abortion? Forget all the reasons why we may try to justify what we have done. We all had our reasons. ISIS can easily try to justify their sins too, and they believe their acts to be righteous and warranted.Yet, we can all see that their actions are through the lens of religious deception, never justified and never acceptable. It is never ok to take innocent life. When we will be able to see that we, too, are in need of mercy and forgiveness from God?

I too, once had an abortion many years ago. I do not sit in the judgment seat against anyone. I have had to confess my sin and seek God for His forgiveness on this matter. I am simply making a point. We are no better than those we accuse of great wrongdoing. When we come to God seeking justice for the crimes against humanity, asking Him to judge the enemies of Israel, America or other nations because of their brutality and blatant disregard for human life - we have no leg to stand on. We cannot come to God and think we can stand on our own self-righteousness. We have none. In the court of heaven, we are just as guilty as ISIS. The enemy knows this, and that is why he can boast of his intention to take America into captivity and do the same to us as what we see happening in middle east nations. The only way we can position ourselves to overcome an adversary is by being in right position with God. The only basis by which we can come to God and seek His help and His favor, is through our humility. We must acknowledge our sin. We must confess our wrongs as a nation and seek His mercy and forgiveness. And, when we do, He is faithful and just to forgive our sin and cleanse us from our unrighteousness according to 1 John 1:9. We must seek God on His terms, not ours. His terms will always be humility and repentance. Not lip service, but honest, genuine repentance. This is what brings us back in right alignment with Him and allows Him to take up for us and fight for us. The only way to cleanse us from sin is by the blood of Jesus, for only the blood of a holy God can atone for the sins of mankind. There is no other way. There is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved, (Acts 4:12). The only door to salvation is Jesus Christ. In John 10:9 Jesus compared Himself to the shepherd of the sheep when he said, "I am the door. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and go in and go out and find pasture." Any one else that tries to find salvation through any other name is a thief and a liar. (John 10:1)

When we go to war against any enemy, we need to know that God is fighting for us. David knew this secret and it is what gave him courage in the face of Goliath. It is naive and presumptuous to think that God will take up for us if we are just as guilty of bloodshed as our enemy. To fail to acknowledge our sin is pride and arrogance before the Lord, and God resists the proud. He give his help and his grace to those that are humble, (James 4:6). The very next line of scripture is a promise that is proven. When we submit to God and resist the enemy, he must FLEE. (James 4:7). We must lighten the scales through repentance. We must return to God and make a new covenant with Him, to stand against evil rather than being a party to it. Friend, you cannot go to war and expect to defeat any enemy that you're in bed with. God made us a promise when He said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that IF we would confess our sin...IF we would turn from our wicked ways...IF we would seek Him through genuine repentance...THEN He would hear us from heaven and heal our land. When we see our own need for repentance through the eyes of truth, instead of the eyes of those that have been blinded, genuine heartfelt compassion and brokenness for our sin will be  the result. America, we must wake up and do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. We must cleanse ourselves from the corruption and stain of sin before it is too late. The enemy is not just knocking on the door - the enemy is already in the house. Call out to God NOW. Today is the day of salvation. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. None of us know what could happen at any moment. I implore you, please do not take chances with your life or the life of your family by failing to repent while you have the opportunity to do so. Why would you leave the door open to the enemy? Call upon the name of the Lord while you still have time to make things right and together we can turn this nation around. Together we can stand against the enemy and defeat him - but only with God fighting for us and standing with us. Repentance allows our guilty conscience to be cleansed of wrongdoing so that we can recover our confidence towards God. When we recover our confidence towards the Lord we will be able to stand firm in the day of battle. I pray this is the day you stand!

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