Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It is difficult to prosper if you are chained to a python spirit. This spirit is all about control, manipulation and witchcraft. Python has the ability to 'change times and seasons' simply by wearing us down and causing people to feel to worn out to do anything significant to invite change into their life. Though this snake skin watch may look attractive, it is symbolic of the spirit of python that will cause us to feel tied into a place, position or relationships that restrict in some manner and thus hinder us from moving forward with the Lord at the appointed time. The enemy wants to have a firm grip on us so that we feel it is impossible to move elsewhere, and thus miss the timing of the Lord. It places demands and expectations and restricts whatever it can attach itself to. It can operate anywhere. In the church, in your personal life, or in business. This is a time to examine your life for places where the python spirit may be connected to your life. Examine your relationships: personal, professional/business, and spiritually. The python spirit constricts, restricts and serves as an open door to impoverish, rob and deplete. It can affect the way you spend your time, (more demands without the benefits of rest ); this will suck up all your energy and leave a person feeling tired and depleted. Python also will project guilt and condemnation and a fear of not measuring up if demands are not met. It can affect finances if a person is tied into a system fueled by greed, dishonest gain or the pursuit of wealth and power. God does not put a blessing on those things. Those things carry a curse instead, and anywhere a curse operates it brings a thieving spirit with it. The thieving spirit eats up the fruits of your labor. God cannot bless our being part of a system that impoverishes others, either. Be careful who and what you are linked into! Being a part of a system that forces demands without adequate compensation is being tied into a python system that will rob you of finances. This spirit affects a person's health and well being too. You may feel tired, apathetic, suffer from heart and respiratory issues and more. This is the right time to ask God to pluck you out of the system that has the python spirit attached to it and reposition you into a new door. The blessing of the Lord adds no sorrow to it. This is the right time for making changes. Make time to listen for directions! Ask the Lord to close the wrong doors and send His messenger to help lead you into the new door that will be the blessing you have waited for! When doors close in the spirit, things no longer work they way you would think they should. Things become a struggle and a harder effort. Know how to read the signs and ask God for discernment. Sometimes when the door in the spirit is closed, it has not yet closed in the natural, but things just no longer work. God is sending a message through your circumstances. It is time for extraction! May the Lord reach down, pluck you up and replant you in the appointed place He has prepared for you. 

Father God,

Please reach down and pluck me up and replant me in the place you have appointed for me and my family to truly prosper. I surrender all in order to receive your best. Help me to let go of any relationship that You know is not of Your choosing for me and my family. Send Your help and Your messenger to lead me into the place you have chosen for us. Give us peace in the transition. Give us rest from our labor. Let us truly prosper in the work of Your kingdom for your glory. 

Today I declare the decree that Python has lost it's grip and it's ability to control, influence or hinder my decisions. I declare clarity has been released to anoint my eyes to see where python is operating in my life. Father, give me clear instruction on what to do to get free and cut the head off of this spirit so that it can no longer operate in my life. I reclaim the timing of the Lord in my life. I declare no weapon formed against me shall prosper according to Isaiah 54:17. I declare a fresh strength and vitality has come into me to help me break free from all hindrances, limitations and relational ties that bind. Let constriction come to a sudden end and let a release of Your Spirit breathe upon everything pertaining to my life and circumstances. Let a fresh wind come and shift me into the path and plan of the Lord. I declare the head of python the constrictor is cut off now, in Jesus name. I declare every right door is opened to me now. I declare I have eyes to see the open door. I declare the enemy has no right to prevail against me and my family according to Daniel 7:22 and 26-27. The decree from on high has been made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and we have the right to posses the kingdom. Dominion has been taken away from the enemy, and it has been consumed and destroyed forever. The kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven has been given to God's people, the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. All kingdoms and dominions shall serve and obey Him, in Jesus name. So be it, Lord!

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  1. You seem to always know the right things to say and write on your blogs. This post ministered greatly to me. I feel in someway constricted and confined to one spot, reading this opened my eyes to breaking free from that bondage. I liked the prayer at the end. You have taught me how to pray, I always pray the prayers you have at the end of some of your blogs. I learned how to pray the correct way, and according to God will in various situations as i read through your blogs. You are a gift to the world, your gift is saving many lives. I am happy I found your blogs.