Monday, September 29, 2014

How is a principality made?

Changing cities...where do we begin? Just blogging today on a few random thoughts that I feel are important to keep in mind. 

A principality is made up of the collective strongholds that are within individuals. Baal is one, which is idolatry. Python is another, which is constriction. Python is also the voice of divination. Both of these principalities are over our nation. Both originate from bitterness and rebellion to God, which is what gives way to witchcraft. So, how do you dismantle principalities? It must come from transforming the mind, unraveling the lies in people's minds, and personal cleansing and repentance. How often we think our goal must be to get people saved as a first priority. Far too many people and churches just have the mentality 'get them into church.' Yet, that is backwards thinking. The churches are full of people who are not changed by shallow teaching or feel good messages. People that remain in bondage will become tired and discouraged of that brand of Christianity and faith that cannot grow.They need answers for their life, to know why they are stuck or where they keep running up against behaviors and undesirable patterns that they cannot seem to break.  These things lead to being disillusioned with God and eventually, rebellion and apostasy. 

Instead, let's consider how we might unravel the lies that people have believed - that they are rejected, unwanted, unloved or unworthy. Let's deal with generational curses, the seeds of bitterness that must be supernaturally snuffed out so that they cannot continue to bear bad fruit, and the many things where demonic attachments hinder people's spiritual growth - and ability to reproduce other healthy Christians. When we can heal the lies with the truth, then salvation is possible. When the darkness is displaced with light, which gives way to a new way of thinking and a desire for repentance and cleansing - THEN principalities begin to unravel and are able to be dismantled. The kingdom of darkness loses it's grip and the heavens begin to open up. Amen. Let's work on healing hearts first, the Holy Spirit will convict people where they need to repent as we share truth in love. Healing broken hearts and restoring hope to the hopeless must be first!

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