Thursday, December 11, 2014

But, God! God Wants to Drive Your Doubts Out of Town!

Have you ever looked at the enormity of a situation and said, "Impossible. That will never happen?" We talk ourselves out of believing it can happen and then hopelessness sets in. When we agree with all the negativity, then we receive exactly what we believe for: Nothing. BUT, GOD! Today, all of a sudden, I looked at the same situation and said, "You know, that's not so impossible." Suddenly, out of nowhere, God had given me a fresh faith-filled perspective on an old situation. I recognized Faith had shown up out of nowhere so I thanked God that with Him all things ARE possible, and then invited Him into that particular area to go to work.

Listen Friends, sometimes God just shows up out of nowhere and presents a fresh perspective that has faith in the equation. You know it's real because your attitude isn't one of defeat and doesn't waiver at the promise of God. When God presents the faith you need to see the situation change, it's important to act on it right away before the enemy can come in to try to steal that seed away again. Take a moment to invite God into all of YOUR impossible situations...the one's that frustrate you, zap you of your strength and energy...the ones you've looked at for years and always said, Nope. Not happening." Today is the day to act. Come into agreement with my testimony and realize that what God does for one person He is willing to do for others, they must simply seize the moment and agree with the Spirit of Faith!

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