Wednesday, January 28, 2015

God Is Crushing The Power of False Hope Under Your Feet!

God is going to crush the power of false hope! The enemy seems to be using the strategy of offering opportunities and then causing those opportunities to be withheld or taken away. The result: deep disappointment and crushed emotions.

Beware of the enemy leading you with false hope and empty promises.

Beware of the enemy looking for opportunity to offer you something then crush your hope, faith and emotions.

God doesn’t dangle a carrot in front of you then leave you hanging or just shut the door. If this has recently occurred in your life then you know that the enemy found something to exploit in those he used to injure your faith and cause disappointment. THANK GOD that door didn’t open!!

The best thing you can pray when any opportunity arises is to ask the Lord if the door is from Him, and if it is, give you the grace to go through it. If it is not, ask Him to shut the door immediately. If you’ve been disappointed by some situation recently, put a blessing on it. Act graciously. You may even need to write a letter or thank someone for the opportunity that never happened. Maybe they don’t really deserve your thanks, but don’t give the enemy any ground. The door that didn’t open in this season might be one that opens down the road.

Satan knows that it takes expectancy in order to receive from the Lord, so he is doing all he can to rob people of their blessings by robbing them of expectancy. Expectancy comes from faith towards God, but if the enemy can find ways to cruelly rob us of our expectancy, then our faith takes a huge hit. Often we cry out, “God, how could you have let that happen? I thought that opportunity was from you!” It’s the enemy that attempts to turn us into accusers towards God, so be very mindful of your words when you are dealing with disappointment.

There will always be the enemy’s counterfeit offers before the real door is made known. The great news is, the real door is closer than you may realize and it will be worth the trouble you’ve gone through! God saves the best for last and His blessing adds no sorrow to it. That’s your promise! So let your heart be encouraged today and just tell the enemy, I’ve got my groove back and there is nothing you can do to stop it now! My hope will not be cut off, in Jesus name. I KNOW God has something wonderful for me or you wouldn’t have tried to crush my hope, and the God of Peace will soon crush you under my feet!! Friend, your feet are blessed and anointed to crush the desire of the enemy. False hope is under your feet!

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