Monday, January 5, 2015

Keys to Making the Shift

You cannot solve spiritual problems with natural solutions. 

Stop for a moment and consider your calling, your gifts, your purpose in life. The highest purpose for any child of God is to put the kingdom of God first in every area of life. You are a spiritual man or woman, first. Therefore, you must consider what is going on spiritually before you can attempt to understand what is going on with your life in the natural.

For example, financial problems could be one way of God getting your attention to a bigger issue. God uses frustrations over employment and where our finances come from in order to get us to confront our fear of change. God has no purpose to impoverish His people but He will use finances to get our attention to bigger issues. When He wants to shift people and redirect them into something else, He will first cause issues to get them to let go of their security and comfort zone. If you have been praying for change then understand that it does require some sort of response. You must let go of something before God will reveal what He has for you. It is not the other way around! Real faith always contains some element of risk!

Delays in forward movement, lack of answers or direction, a sense of disconnectedness or lack of covenant relationships, as another example, can be indicators that there is a bigger issue - a spiritually rooted issue -  that you need to address before answers can come in the natural. The enemy does not want God's people to advance into position. He will use distractions, irritations, strife, frustration, confusion and natural problems of all sorts to try to get our attention on the problems rather than the solution. Remember, people are not your enemy. The enemy is your enemy, but he will use the people in your life to get you to focus on the wrong things so that you cannot hear from the Lord. If you or your spouse lack unity or answers, pray for Holy Spirit to reveal the strategy of the enemy and bring you into one accord with your spouse and the Lord. When you are in agreement your prayers have multiplied force! Take authority over every area and listen for God to speak. Remember, you are a spiritual being first. You are made for dominion but the enemy will try to steal it from you and keep you chasing your tail if you fail to take authority over the spiritual realm. Distractions are just the smoke screen to keep people from hearing God and relying on natural wisdom to solve their problems. 

One cannot resolve spiritual issues when they are in the flesh or thinking with the natural mind. Spiritual issues must be discerned and dealt with by your spirit man. If you've had the order turned around, ask the Lord to forgive you for misplaced priorities and leaning on your own understanding. Ask for divine wisdom and understanding how to address spiritual issues in prayer.

Many times God uses our frustration over natural issues to get our attention to shift to the spiritual issues. He NEEDS US to take authority over the spiritually rooted problems FIRST, before He can release the answers to our questions.

Nothing can shift, nothing will move, until we pray correctly and exercise our spiritual authority over the demonic resistance in the spiritual realm. Once the resistance is dealt with, all the other things we have sought for answers will be released. Ask Holy Spirit to order your day. Stay in the spirit!

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