Friday, January 30, 2015

Reigning as Royalty

Does a king lose his authority when he feels depressed? Does a king lose his authority when life gets difficult? Does a king lose his authority when people say unkind things about him, or he gets hit with unexpected problems?

Of course not. A king's authority is not relative to any of those things. His authority is given to him by a higher authority. It is dependent upon his position to that higher authority. When you are born into royalty, you are raised to know who you are, the importance of protocol and how royals act in every situation - and, royals are trained to be rulers from a very young age. They grow up knowing quite well the power of a king's word. It is the highest law in the land and cannot be altered at whim. The king's word stands.

Kings issue decrees and declarations; the voice of a king is powerful! They use their voice to make decrees that command change. They expect their word to be carried out by those given the task to watch over that decree to insure it is legally implemented. A king uses declarations and decrees to legislate, for a king's word becomes law.

God has made us to be a kingdom of priests (intercessors) AND kings. Growing up in Christ means that we make the switch from 'asking prayer,' as our continuous norm, and shift into 'declarative' legislation, taking our place as royal rulers, and declaring God's will into the earthly realm. Decrees utilize the word of God for that is His book of the law. Every scripture, used in accordance with His will, has spiritual laws attached to them that will cause things to shift in the spiritual and natural realms. They do not return void without prospering in the very purpose for which those words were written, and God watches over His word to perform it. When we make kingly decrees and return His word to Him, both Holy Spirit and angels are released to carry out the enforcement of God's word, and ours. We are His kings; royal rulers endowed with authority to implement change and enforce the laws of the kingdom.

Next time you feel weak, frustrated, depressed or rejected, remember who you are. You are a king, and the authority that has been given to you is not based on how you feel at any given moment. The authority is based on whose name is in you, whose life is in you. The authority is given to you based on your ability to submit and surrender to the higher authority of God's Holy Spirit. When you truly belong to Him, you will not make careless decrees from your own will; you speak with purpose and with great care, knowing full well the power behind your words. Speak with good purpose. Demonstrate integrity. Represent your King with the respect and honor that depicts good character, and the glory that you give Him will reflect back into your own life as one that rules with wisdom, grace and authority suited to royal leadership. YOU are a king!
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