Saturday, January 31, 2015


Friend, are you struggling in a long, dry season where you feel like giving up hope? Do you feel frustrated with the waiting and don't understand the process, or the point of it all? God is working out the details in whatever situation(s) concern you, I promise. He hasn't forgotten you and He hasn't given up on you!

It takes time to set things in order. It takes time to get through to men's hearts and convict them to get on board with His plans. It takes time to move one chess piece on the board to another place. God is a very shrew and deliberate thinker. I would like to offer some additional insight that may be helpful.

In a dream I saw an old church where the floor was slanted at a steep incline. It was hard to balance on it. I also saw God cleaning out cupboards and getting rid of old wine. Both are significant in that He has to empty us and strip us of the old before we can be ready for where the church is headed. In short, what God is doing is an upgrade.

The definition of an upgrade is to raise something to a higher standard, to improve equipment or machinery by adding or replacing components. Those improvements modernize and update the particular thing under construction. I remember hearing a story of a navy warship undergoing an upgrade. It had to be stripped down in order to refit it with new technological advances and upgrade its weaponry in order to expand it's ability for offensive and defensive capabilities. This is essentially what God does with us at the end of each season. So, don't fret if things aren't coming together just yet; they will, but you NEED the upgrade. 

 I think for many people what they might not understand, is that the long process of waiting involves emptying. God is getting rid of the old wine from the previous season. Remember the wedding of Cana where they ran out of wine? The jars were empty and dry. Jesus turned what was ordinary and powerless into something supernatural that brought joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength! God has to empty out the old in order to make room for a new anointing. It is going to require a greater strength in this next season, and a fresh anointing because the battles will be bigger. 

When we take possession of the land we come against giants that we are not used to battling. Be patient, warriors. God is working in your situation whether you can see it or not. Ask Him to fill you with fresh strength. "But You have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil." Ps. 92:10

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