Sunday, February 15, 2015

Breaking the Curse of Anger

Anger is not only a volatile emotion. It can be a curse. It makes a person unstable in all their ways. Participating in sins such as being overly critical, unloving or repeatedly taking anger out on others opens a door to demonic attachment. So do things such as palm reading, tarot cards, Ouija boards or other fortune telling type of activities.Those things may seem innocent enough, but the truth is, any involvement in the occult opens a huge door to the enemy and allows a curse. Sexual sins, pornography, adulterous relationships, recreational use of drugs and alcohol and other things are also open doors to the enemy. They tempt, then sit back and observe a person's behavior; always waiting for a person to allow them entrance into their lives through the things God says are sin. Once they're in, anger, strife and discord are common indicators that demonic attachments are pitting people against one another and stirring up the spirit of anger.

So, how does one get free? First, there must be a genuine acknowledgment in the heart that sin opened the door, and there must be a desire to truly break from those behaviors and be done with them. This is what true repentance really is. It's saying no to the desires of the flesh and choosing to live more righteously.

There can be no second step until the first step occurs. Remember, the enemy always looks for a legal right to remain in a person's life and bring torment or the effects of a curse. Both God and the enemy know when a person is truly submitted to God or just playing around with selective obedience. Humility is total surrender to God.

The second step is to sever the legal rights the enemy uses to attach himself to a person. This is done through prayers of renouncement. We must acknowledge our wrongdoing, confess it to God, then renounce the sin. If you've been toying around with wanting to retain your right to do as you please, when you please, that is not obedience. It's willful rebellion. It may not be how you see it, but it is how God and the enemy see it, and that is the bottom line.

The third thing, once you have renounced the sin, is to tell the Lord out loud that you are truly sorry and that you submit to Him. Then, you tell the enemy that he no longer has the right to remain in your life and you command him to go. Tell him to take everything he's brought into your home and life and get out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. According to the principle in James 4:6,7 he must obey. "God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble."Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

This is the way of the overcomer in Christ. When you are truly submitted, the devil MUST FLEE, and the curse is broken. Then it is your job to pray for grace, wisdom and self-control in order not to allow it back in.


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