Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Enforcing the Decree

Have you noticed that it feels like the enemy is raging mad? It seems that almost daily I hear of more random shootings in our city, robberies and other senseless crimes. Some may be gang related but I don't think all are; I just think the enemy is madder than hell. Excuse the pun, but it's true. :-) More and more people are putting their foot down where the enemy is concerned and together we are putting the fear into him that we aren't going to take it anymore.

Last week we got together with some awesome intercessors and made some very powerful declarations over our cities and this geographic region. We know that it's a done deal and God is bound by His word to enforce what has been agreed upon in prayer. You know, when you have prayed something that YOU KNOW IS HIS WILL, then it's ok to remind Him that it's His job to release angels to help carry out the word. I think He likes that, when we know who we are in Christ, and aren't afraid to speak up! Remember that you are seated in heavenly places alongside of Christ, and that is where your dominion IS. You reign and rule, and speak like a royal ruler. You decide what is allowed on earth based on what has been allowed in heaven, and then you declare it to be so. This is exercising kingdom dominion, using your spiritual authority, and legislating heavens laws into the earthly realm. This is what it means to be not only a priest but a KING. Here is the prayer declaration that you can pray over your family and city to enforce the dominion of God's kingdom over your geographic region. You may also find it under a new link under the "Pages" section. 
Enforcing God's Dominion in Your City

Abba Father,

We come before you today to give you thanks, to recognize You and You alone as Supreme Authority. We declare Jesus is Lord, over our lives, over our cities, and this nation and specifically over this geographic region.

Lord Jesus, Your words in Mark 3:27 remind us that we must bind the strongman before his house can be divided and his goods taken away. We declare Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the MOST HIGH GOD, and we declare your name above every other name. We command every knee to bow to the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, and we ask You Father, to bind the strongman, Satan, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

We declare that all demonic spirits are bound in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. According to the work of the cross of Christ and His resurrection, we command these ungodly spirits to be rendered powerless, impotent, paralyzed and silent.

In the name and authority of Jesus Christ we also bind all mediums and familiar spirits, ungodly priests, priestesses, sorcerers and wizards and any other names which they may be called. We bind any and all inanimate objects from being used in any sort of witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo or other form of demonic practices and loose all evil spirits off of individuals, objects, and evil altars. We command them to go to the abyss that was created for them in Jesus name.

We release the curse upon all false doctrine and doctrine of devils, and we declare, in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, that the perverse root that brings error must dry up immediately. We declare the perverse root from perverse trees to be cut off from this land and to bear no more fruit. We declare that evil and perversity will not prosper in Jesus name. Let good trees with their roots in the Lord Jesus Christ be planted in every place where evil trees once prospered.

In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, we bind the spirit of Chaos. We release Divine Order and call all things into alignment now. We call for unity, healing, restoration, and the glory of the Lord to be released in every home and over this city and region, in Jesus name.

We loose every person from demonic attachments and influences pertaining to false spiritual fathers and mothers. We declare deaf ears are now opened to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is communicating according to Isaiah 35:5 and Isaiah 29:18,19.

We loose every person from demonic attachments and influences pertaining to mind control, emotions, mental illness, depression and insanity. We declare healing, clarity and restoration of sight to those that have been blinded according to Psalm 147:3, Isaiah 42:7 and Isaiah 32:3.

We loose every person from demonic attachments and the curse that brings sickness, disease and infirmity. We declare supernatural healing, restoration and the release of the gifts of Holy Spirit to heal and deliver according to Mark 16:18 and Matthew 11:5.

We loose every person from spirits of poverty, death and hell. We loose honest and reputable businesses from demonic attachments that impoverish, steal and destroy their ability to prosper. We declare the promise in 3 John 1: 2 that as their souls prosper, they will also enjoy prosperity in every part of their lives, and businesses will prosper. We declare restoration, increase and blessing. We declare raises and promotions, creative and witty ideas, and retroactive compensation to be released. According to Proverbs 6:31 the thief has been caught and he must restore with a 7 fold increase and give up the entire substance of his house. We declare the losses of previous years to be restored to those whose right it is, according to 2 Kings 8:6.

We loose every person from the perverse spirit. We loose individuals from unclean spirits of lust, and all things that are perverse and ungodly. We declare a release of Holy Spirit to bring forth conviction, humility, repentance and a desire for purity in every person in this land. We declare that unholy things will not satisfy and will no longer be desired or sought after. We declare a release of passion and hunger for the Lord to prevail in the hearts and minds of those in this geographic region. We declare that according to Colossians 1:13 people are delivered from the domain of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of God’s dear Son, Jesus Christ., and those that hunger shall be filled according to Matthew 5:6.

We loose every person from demonic warring spirits: fear, anger, accusation, jealousy, slander, envy, strife, unforgiveness and bitterness. We release the curse to dry up and cut off the root of war in this land. We declare a release of heavenly wisdom from Holy Spirit; unity, forgiveness and mercy in Jesus name. We declare a release of the light of Christ and the spirit of humility, grace and forgiveness to wash over the hearts and minds of every individual in this land according to 1 John 2:8-10. We declare that people will abide in the light of Jesus Christ and will come into unity now, the unity that releases a great anointing and the glory of God, according to Psalm 133.

We loose every person from demonic attachments that have been invoked for safety, protection, healing, provision, prophecy, and financial blessing. We declare the names of God over every name in heaven, in the earth and under the earth. We declare the name El Shaddai over this land, for He is the God that is mighty and He is our sustainer. We declare the name El Elyon over this land, for He is exalted as the MOST HIGH GOD. He is exalted as the Sovereign One. We declare Jehovah Nissi over this land, for He is the one that causes victory over our enemies. We declare Jehovah Saboath over this land, for He is the Lord of Hosts of angelic armies. We declare the name Jehovah Rapha over this land for He is the One that heals. We declare Jehovah Jireh over this land, for He is the one that provides. We declare the name of El Gmulot, for He is the God of recompense and the one who spoils the plans of the enemy. We declare the name of Jehovah Mekeddishkem over this land, for he is our sanctifier. We declare the name of Jehovah Elohim over this land, for it is he is strong and causes men to fear the Lord. We declare the name of Jehovah Adon over this land, for He is Master, Owner, Lord and covenant keeping God. We declare the name of Jehovah Roi over this land, for the Lord is our Shepherd, protector and keeper. We declare the name of Jehovah Shammah, for the Lord is present. We declare the name of Jehovah Tdiskenu over this land for He is our righteousness. We declare the name of Jehovah Shalom over this land, for He is our peace. We release the Spirit of Adoption over every individual and household, to draw people into personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to shed abroad the revelation of Abba Father in the hearts of every individual, in Jesus name.

We ask now, Father, for angelic assistance to be released to open the heavens and release breakthrough in this land, and in our city. We thank you for hearing our prayer and declarations, and establishing them for us so that light will shine on our ways. This you have promised in Job 22:28, and we thank You for watching over your word to perform it. Lord Jesus, you also promised in Your word that where two or more are praying in agreement then You are in our midst and whatever we have asked, You will do. As we have declared these things then we expect You to release angelic assistance to enforce our prayers and declarations. We expect you to enforce the submission and eviction of the enemy, and we thank You for it, in Jesus name. Amen.

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