Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Turning Around and Taking New Ground

You've been hearing the words "There is a turning around," or it's a
turn around year which seem to echo from many different voices. It's true. This is the year when followers become leaders, and those who are already leading may suddenly be given orders to chart a new course. However, when the ship begins to turn, when your life begins to go a different direction, there are inevitably people that won't go with you. Some are going to fall away, while others are going to jump ship and opt for their comfort zone. It's OK, it may just not be their season and perhaps God has a different purpose for them. Don't judge; just love and let go. With that said, it's going to become obvious who wants change and those that do not. You cannot afford to lose momentum. It's time to take new ground. Keep moving forward. 

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