Monday, September 21, 2015

Prayer Decree for the Jubilee Year

In the Year of Jubilee, it was a year to declare the Lord's favor. This prayer can obviously be prayed by anyone, but I wrote it specifically for pastors and ministry leaders to pray over their congregation. Why? Spiritual leaders have authority with God and can release the Father's blessing over those under their authority. (That phrase, 'under authority' carries a blessing!) Prophets have a prophetic anointing to call forth things that 'are not' (yet seen) and tell them to manifest in the natural realm. Please, take this prayer to your pastors/leaders and have them release the blessing over those in the house!


I declare the blessings of the Jubilee Year upon everyone in this house. I declare a release from the things that bring bondage, stress, and worry. Let there be a release from the things that deplete your strength, steal your time and bring you into spiritual slavery. I release the Spirit of the Lord to break you free from all constraints, ungodly yokes and covenants. I loose you from the things that have had you shackled and bound.

I declare restoration for the losses of previous years. Let angels be released to administer justice and restitution on your behalf. Like the King in 2 Kings 8:6 that granted the Shunammite woman justice, and approved her claim to the land and property that was lost, I say, "Let all that was yours and all rightful proceeds be restored to you now." The thief is caught. In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ I command the thief to repay you at no less than a 7-fold return according to Proverbs 6:31.

I decree over you supernatural cancellation of debt, as it is written in Deuteronomy 15:1,2. Let there be forgiveness of debts, both in the natural and in the spiritual as the Lord’s remission has been proclaimed.

I declare the accuser who divides must be cast down according to Revelation 12:10. I declare the God of peace has crushed him under your feet. Let there be a sudden turnaround in relationships that have been fractured, divided and estranged.Let your family be made whole in Jesus name.

Father, I ask You to manifest the tangible results of Your glory. Pour out Your blessings upon Your people. I ask You to please give them things they have not had to work for. I ask You to shift things around in such a way as to cause Your people to receive things they couldn't possibly imagine. Bless them exceedingly, abundantly above all they could ask or think according to Ephesians 3:20. Give them divine appointments and open doors into places they couldn't get to without Your intervention. Let Your favor do for them the things they cannot do for themselves. You are God Almighty; You can do anything! I ask You to open Your hand and release the blessings of Your storehouses to Your people and I thank You for hearing me. In Jesus name, amen.