Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Prayer Declaration Over Presidential Elections

Before You Vote, Pray! Together we can turn the tide of the elections so that the person God has chosen will come into their appointed position. 


I add my voice to the many others praying before our elections. Help us, O God, to insure that the enemy does not succeed in gaining more ground over the United States of America. We ask for Your protection against fraudulent voting policies and evil schemes designed to keep the power and authority in the wrong hands. Help us, O God, to overthrow evil plans so that You can restore righteousness in this great nation. We are Your people, O God, and we ask that Your plans would come into place, especially during the upcoming elections. Therefore, I speak with the authority You gave me and

I declare to the gates of government, the gates of education, the gates of homeland security, the military, police, the gates of our borders and those responsible for the welfare of American citizens,

I declare to the gates of commerce, the gates of trade, the gates of finance,

I declare to the blocked and locked gates that prevent entrance to doors of the heart, the mind, the soul, and spirit of mankind, be opened now in Jesus name.

I command the gates controlled by principalities, powers and demonic spirits be closed to evil authority and those that carry out the plans of the enemy. Let all that hinders and resists the plans and purposes of God be evicted now, according to Isaiah 22:19.

I declare these are the gates of the Lord and these are the gates that the righteous enter, according to Psalm 118:20.

I release the power of Holy Spirit to expose, blow up, and unravel every evil plan. Father, send your angels and those you have chosen to bring justice for the oppressed and righteousness in exchange for corruption. Let ungodly authority be deposed from office and removed now, in Jesus name. 

I declare that all those in positions as kings and leaders must bow to the authority of Jesus Christ, for they serve at His pleasure by His appointment, according to Psalm 72:11 and John 3:35.

I declare that those that are corrupt and carry out the plans of the enemy are overthrown according to Ezekiel 21:17.

I command all evil shield bearers, and those appointed by the enemy to thwart justice and keep ungodly leadership or man's choice for leadership to be removed immediately according to 1 Sam. 17:40-50. 

I declare Isaiah 9:6 over the gates of government. Let those that You have chosen to rule come into their appointed place, in Jesus name.

I declare that those appointed as ministers to uphold righteousness will be established as Your authority and they will take the place appointed for them, according to Isaiah 22:19, Daniel 7:18 and Isaiah 16:5.

I declare You are the Lord of breakthrough, O God, and You have broken through Your enemies according to 2 Samuel 5:20. You have gone before Your people to secure the victory.

I declare Micah 2:13 over those chosen to release breakthrough, that they would be empowered to advance and move into their proper place, in Jesus name.

Let those who are chosen by God to reign in righteousness will now move into their seat of authority, according to Isaiah 22:21, Daniel 7:14 and Genesis 49:10 in Jesus name.

Thank you, Father for hearing my prayer and releasing Your angels to carry out Your word. As I declare Your word to You, I thank You that it does not return void but Your words certainly establish that which is Your purpose and will for our nation. In Jesus name, amen.