The King's Decree

The King’s Decree

By Laura Gagnon

Whereas, Jehovah is the God of heaven and all the kingdoms of the earth belong to Him;

Whereas, by the providence of God we, His children, have been given dominion;

Whereas, the current Hebrew year 5775 is the year of Jubilee;

Whereas, we have been commissioned by God Almighty to build Him a house in this city;

Whereas, we have been appointed to rebuild the ancient ruins, to raise up the foundations of many generations, repair the breach and restore the homes;

Therefore, it is decreed:

A release of the Spirit of Liberty;

All captives are released and shall return to their families;

Everyone shall return to their possessions;

The losses of previous years shall be restored;

Whosoever has a mind to work shall help rebuild the walls, restore the foundations and help restore the homes;

All debts shall be forgiven and the mercies of God shall manifest.

As is it written, so it is decreed, and no one shall alter the king’s legislation. This is declared in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, as it is on this 29th day of January in the year 2015.


  1. Isaiah 61- The year of the Lord's favor, I'm a bit confused.. Which I know I need to research this myself, but Sept 2015 everyone was saying was "The year of Jubilee." Now, I keep hearing we're entering Jubilee in Oct 2016, maybe their speaking of "The Shemitah year" although, they're saying Jubilee..

  2. I love your article on "hiskingdomprophecy" about cleansing your bloodline & breaking of the yoke of slavery..