Monday, October 29, 2012

The God of All Hope Will Restore You!

This article is dedicated to everyone that finds God doesn't fit in their box of expectations...for everyone that needs the God of hope to do a new thing for you! Did you know that God loves you so much He doesn't even care who He offends as long as it gives hope to the hopeless and remakes a brand new future for His beloved children?

There are times when everything goes wrong and the enemy sets a plan in motion to kill off the very thing that has our heart's desire. People are left with nothing but ashes of yesterday's promises. God wants you to know that out of the ashes of loss, and out of the pain of your yesterdays, He has a plan to bring new hope. There are more people than we can count that feel this sort of pain every day. I'd like to draw your attention to one couple in the Bible that knew this heartache, too. Their names were Adam and Eve. They lost one son to death at the hands of his brother, and the one that murdered was cast out of the land as a vagabond with a curse all the rest of his days. It caused tremendous heartache to Adam and Eve. Then, after a time of grieving, a seed of hope was planted for their future.

Genesis 4:25 “And Adam knew his wife again and she bore him a son and named him Seth, “For God has appointed another seed for me instead of Abel, whom Cain killed.” 

With the death of Adam’s first son, Abel, and the expulsion of Cain  being cast out of the land with a curse (read Gen. 4), Adam and Eve faced a loss of hope for their future. They had no son to carry on their line for the birth of the promise of the Messiah. Although they may not have been aware of the Messiah coming from their lineage, and although it was many, many years in the future, God had to have a plan in place to insure that the promise in HIS heart and of His purpose would eventually come to pass. It wasn’t just their hope that had been cut off, but hope for the future of mankind.

I want you to know that when the enemy has set in motion a plan to kill off your inheritance, God always has a seed of hope waiting. God was compelled to bring forth a new son - the hope of a new promise. The name Seth is related to a Hebrew verb meaning, “to place” or “to set” for Seth was appointed to take the place of the murdered son. Even when the enemy has done all he can to kill and destroy what you thought contained all the hope for your future, God always has a plan to restore hope!

Another story worth consideration is found in Joshua 3. It is the story of Rahab the harlot. The Israelite army approached Rahab's city  of Jericho. Can you imagine what it looked like to her, watching the army marching toward the city, knowing full well that the army would bring death and destruction right to her family, friends and neighbors, and into her very home? All of Jericho had heard of the Israelites and the God that fought for them. Now they were on the way to destroy the city and everyone in it. The people's hearts were faint with terror and they had no courage to fight. Even Rahab made the confession that she knew the Lord had given them the land. Her land. Fear had taken over. Have you ever faced a situation where fear and impending doom was stronger that faith? This is what Rahab felt. She knew her hope was about to be cut off, and that of her family as well. Then, to make matters worse, God brought the enemy right to her very doorstep! Two spies came to the house of Rahab because they knew that local news would be readily available in the house of a prostitute. This is where gossip abound and secrets were traded. It was a very strategic move on the part of the spies. When the king heard about their whereabouts, he sent a search party to go find them. But look at how the hand of God worked in this situation: the spies were trapped, and Rahab needed a miracle to save her household. Other people in the city of Jericho may have been calling on the name of their gods, but Rahab knew her only hope was in the God that fought for the Israelites. She had to re-evaluate her loyalties and make an important decision, but it became a life-changing decision. It was the moment of crisis that caused Rahab to reach out to the God of the Israelites and take a step of faith. She offered kindness to the spies, and they in turn offered her the hope of salvation. In that moment of desperation, a miracle was being formed. They came up with a plan. She would hide the spies from the approaching soldiers and helped them escape. They would agree to spare her family from the coming destruction and she was to hang a scarlet cord in her window as a sign of their secret agreement.

Now, Rahab lied and actually gave up her entire city to the destruction. Many from Jericho, if they had known what she had done, would probably have said she acted dishonorably and her actions where those of a traitor. I'm sure plenty of them would have felt very offended, not having an opportunity to make the same deal as Rahab did with the spies! Yet, God chose to honor her act of faith. She was an unlikely recipient of God’s grace and goodness, but GOD CHOSE her because she had already been chosen to be in the genealogy of the coming Messiah. She didn’t know it, but God had chosen her to be the recipient of an incredible miracle. Her hope was not to be cut off. God intervened just at the right moment to give her hope for the future!

Dear friend, know that God has a plan to re-write your future any time it's needed. If the script of your life needs an over haul, He is already in the process of writing it. Don't be discouraged no matter how things may look at this present time. God has a seed of hope just waiting for you! The key here is to ask Him to give you understanding so that you know how to pray. If you are persistent, He will lead you into revelation by His Holy Spirit and show you exactly what you need to know. Pray in faith upon what you know He has shown you and it will certainly come to pass. You never have to fear!

More tomorrow in part two, "Your Hope Will Not Be Cut Off!"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is God Shaking You?

There are times when God shows up to give us a revelation of Himself that has so eluded us, it truly takes our breath away. Humbling. It shatters all our misconceptions. It straightens out the crooked places in our thinking and changes our perspective. This is what truth does; it makes us free. The enemy, however, will do everything he can to keep us away from that truth for one reason and one reason only. He never wants our heart to fully belong to Jesus.

I have always been amazed that my husband and I arrive at an understanding of God from  complete polar opposites. He was raised in a loving home with no preconceived ideas to block his understanding of God as a loving Father. He sees every situation, no matter how difficult or challenging, from the perspective that His Father loves him and only has his best interests at heart. As a matter of fact, my husband has only ever seemed to view life’s experiences through the eyes of someone that considers himself blessed, thankful, and understanding of His position as God’s son; loved and valued in every way.

It has been the challenge of my heart many times. It has not been so easy for me to share my husband’s viewpoint. I was raised in a home where my natural father was physically there for a season, but for all realistic purposes he was absent and unaccounted for. My father was mentally ill and his instability affected everyone in the home. The whole “father” relationship between God and myself has been a difficult one to cultivate. I understand other aspects of God quite well, such as Savior, Teacher, Deliverer, Warrior, or Redeemer, but the Father/child relationship has been much slower to develop. I remember a time when I hugged the man who later became my husband, and how the love of the Father flowed through him. At that particular time, it wasn’t romantic love or passionate, or even the love of a good friend. God did something in that moment that transcended all of that. For the first time in my life, I felt the pure, protective love of my heavenly Father. It brought tears to my eyes. When a person has only ever had counterfeit forms of love in their life and then has a real encounter with Divine love, they will never want to let it go. This is what the Lord Jesus seeks from us; a life changing encounter that will win the loyalty of our heart.

I had many years of generational iniquity to overcome from my life. Years and years of inherited iniquitous sin patterns and demonic attachments needed to be broken. Familiar spirits and familial spirits (that passed down from one generation to another)  knew my weaknesses better than I did, and how to suggest lies that sounded so natural to believe that I accepted them as truth. Lies that suggested God couldn’t be fully trusted, or reminders of bitter memories that kept my heart in my own keeping instead of entrusting it fully to Jesus. All these things worked against building a solid foundation of trust between the Lord and I. Bitterness prevented me from receiving the revelation of God’s genuine love and character.  It has taken many years of prayer and God working in and through me. One day God spoke: “The root of bitterness has prevented you from seeing me as I really am.” “You have persecuted me, and believed me to be someone that I am not.”  That revelation floored me. It got my attention, but it also began to set me free from years and years of many lies.

What about you? What lies has the enemy suggested to you? Remember, he is called the father of lies for a reason. Jesus is Faithful and True. God will never leave you or forsake you, according to Hebrews 13:5. Even if it may feel like it at the moment. You may be going through a dark night of your soul, where nothing makes sense and everything seems to be in darkness. God has sent you on a treasure hunt without you understanding it. He wants you to dig deep to discover truth: truth about yourself and truth about Him. When you discover the truth that has bound your heart, it will set you free and your heart will belong to Jesus in a much deeper way.

I know that many Christians reading this right now probably consider their hearts loyal to God. Peter thought he was faithful and loyal to Jesus, too, until he was tested. Pride can be a deception of our own heart, because we really never know the depth of loyalty we have until we’re tested in certain areas. We each have things that if they were taken away, or perhaps incited fear of persecution, fear of loss, or if we went through something like Job did, perhaps, that would challenge the loyalty of our heart. We never know exactly what that is unless the Lord allows the enemy to strike us in that place. I hope you never have to experience that kind of pain. But sometimes we do. At other times, the enemy has had so many years of whispering his lies in our ears that it might not be as difficult as one would think, to unsettle the heart and divide a person’s loyalties. All he has to do is find the right lie that begins to shake the foundation of where a person has placed their trust.

“The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times and the strength of salvation. The fear of the Lord is His treasure.” - Is. 33:5,6

If a person has put their faith in being accepted or approved of others, it will be shaken. If a person puts their faith in their employer or their finances, eventually it will be shaken. If a person’ faith is in their own abilities, God will weaken them. If a person’s faith is in certain things that have become idols, God will allow them to fail. If a person’s faith is in government, God will shake it. If a person’s faith is in their good works, or in their own name, God will shake it. If a person’s faith is in their church, or faith has been misplaced in their leaders, God will shake it. If a person puts their faith in some aspect of God that they have misunderstood, He will shake it. He takes people through experiences to teach them truth. How often people think they can avoid the truth, but God will take them on the journey whether or not they want to go!  If a person’s faith is in anything except Jesus Christ, then what has been built upon is a foundation of sand that can be washed away in the next big storm. He will burn up everything that reeks of pride. He will tear apart anything that is built upon the wrong foundation, for a weak foundation will always be subject to instability and failure. Never think that just because something has been built a certain way, that it cannot be torn down. God is always in the construction and renovation process! Part of building is tearing down, clearing away the debris and then laying a new foundation. When the foundation is flawed, there can be no other course of action. Things can and do change, and we must learn to accept - not fight - the Lord's plan.

Let me give you a simple illustration. We all know what concrete is. It’s used to lay a foundation, for one thing. When mixed properly and with the right minerals and hardening elements, concrete sets up quickly and easily. But, did you know that adding a little bit too much water, for example, or even a simple thing such as sugar, can alter the concrete mixture so that it doesn’t set properly? In a similar manner, this is the way truth and error can never provide stability or cohesiveness. Faith and doubt are polar opposites from one another. They only ever produce double-mindedness. Anything that produces fear, suspicion, anger or faulty judgment can never  produce a stable foundation. And so, there often comes a time when God will let it all get torn up one side and down the other. He will take a jack-hammer to tear up every last bit of faulty foundation. Remember friends, a mess often precedes a miracle! A wise Master Builder will never build with faulty bricks, and He won’t lay a foundation on anything except the true revelation of Jesus Christ.

Are you currently experiencing something that is being torn up in your life? A job? Marriage? Reputation, or something else? The devil may have his hands in the mess in your life to tear things up, but God uses him only as long as he’s needed.

Without a solid foundation of trust, there can be no true covenant between any two people. The strength of any relationship is dependent upon the weakest place where the two are joined together. If trust isn’t solid and strong, that relationship lacks strength. It’s like a table with a shaky leg. It will never be able to endure much stress or weight before it gives out. This is why the enemy works so hard to undermine the integrity of relationships. This applies whether it is between us and others, or between us and God.   Real trust can only be developed where it is built upon truth. Real trust is built upon grace, forgiveness, love, acceptance and humility. Real trust is built when people can own their own mistakes and acknowledge their own weaknesses. Sometimes we need the scales removed from our own eyes, like Saul did. His pride got in his way and blinded him to who Jesus really is, and it was that pride that made him persecute not just the Lord he professed to serve, but other Christians as well. He knew the law but didn’t know the Lord. Friends, if we don’t truly know the kindness and graciousness of God’s heart, we will miss the truth every time.

It is so important to recognize when Satan has secretly introduced lies that undermine a person’s ability to put their entire trust in the Lord. You may not like something you’re going through right now, but trust that the Lord is digging up the things that prevent Him from building something of eternal value in your life. If you have a hard heart, He may have to take a sledge hammer to some things in your life just to knock a few walls down. Ultimately, the thing He is after is your heart. He doesn’t want your finances, your health, or your home. He doesn’t want your retirement, your job or many of the other things you might fear -  but, He will ask you to surrender them if they stand as a barrier between you really understanding His heart and His ways. The Lord is after your heart. He is looking for loyalty above all else, for a loyal heart has earned God’s trust. Jesus has already proven He can be trusted when He laid down His life for us; we, however, must earn the Lord’s trust. Job professed early on in his trials, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Yet after a period of prolonged trials and unjust criticism from trusted friends, Job began to accuse God of being unfair. His heart was being tested in the fires of adversity. When things were going well for Job, he didn't know what resided in the depths of his heart. God knew Job was a friend and a faithful servant, and because He knew Job's heart, God allowed him to be tested severely. He knew Job would come out of the trials as pure gold. He had a plan for Job's restoration, but at the time, Job was in so much pain he couldn't see it. Friends, never lose sight of WHY God does the things He does. He wants us to sell all our old junk to gain the treasure of His Kingdom. He wants us to surrender our fears and insecurities in order to gain stability and trust in our King. He wants us to relinquish the faith we have built up in our own good works, approval from others or power or position. The people that love you one day may just as easily hate you and be willing to curse you the next. You can't put your faith in that. The pressures of life and the trials of adversity are there to bring the lies we believe up to the surface so that they can be removed. That’s all. When the lies are removed, the vessel becomes more pure. When the vessel is pure, it is a stronger container for God's glory. If He poured in His glory into a weak and unstable vessel, it would break apart at the pressure of being filled. In order to hold the weight of God's glory, He tears us down, He weakens us, He pulls things up, He puts us in the fire, and He molds and shapes us to His liking. THEN, when we are ready, when we can stand to be filled, HE POURS IN THE GLORY. He pours in a freshness and a new anointing. He pours in joy and new wine of His Spirit. He pours in Divine Love. He pours in Grace. He pours in Mercy. He pours in, over and over until all the emptiness and dryness has been filled. We are often like those dry, empty jars just waiting to be filled. When does the water turn to wine? When we decide to trust Him. It's when we surrender all and put ourselves in the Master's hand.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Key to Overcoming Leviathan

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This one was posted on Yahoo news.

 I believe God gives us pictures like this one to inspire prophetic thoughts and communicate spiritual messages. We just have to look for the clues He uses in our everyday life. This picture is amazing. (Read the article at the link above). Eagles don't normally choose crocodiles as a part of their diet, but this one did. The photographer that shot the picture said he's never seen anything like it. What I love about this picture is the fact that the eagle's talons are wrapped around the mouth of the crocodile.Its mouth is in a vice grip! Yet this picture comes just two days after I had prayed that the mouth of the enemy would be silenced. I had spoken out declarations against the spirit of pride and taken authority over the spirit of Leviathan. I feel that the picture portrayed with this eagle clutching the predator in it's grip is a confirmation of what was just declared in prayer! In the Bible, the eagle is symbolic of the prophetic gift. Crocodiles are symbolic of predators or the spirit that seeks to make prey of others. In the Book of Job, the great sea creature Leviathan is compared to a crocodile, and then a fire-breathing dragon. It is symbolic of chaos, evil and destruction. Leviathan "laughs" at the threat of javelins. He looks down on everything haughty, and beholds every high thing. Leviathan is king over all the children of pride. (Job 41:34).

God told Job that no one would be so foolish as to stir up Leviathan. He was that intimidating of a beast. His scales were impenetrable. His teeth were fierce. He had such a hard exterior it was impossible to pierce him with the javelin, and he laughed at anyone that tried to overcome him in a battle. This is the nature of pride. "His rows of scales are his pride, shut up tightly as with a seal; one is so near another that no air can come between them; they are joined to one another, they stick together and cannot be parted." (Job 41:15-17) There are some very good insights into how this devious spirit uses things such as shame, unhealed emotional wounds, anger, inferiority, insecurity, fear and blaming others to reinforce his "plates of armor" and literally keep people trapped inside. That is what this monster does. Inferiority and Insecurity are the two main demonic spirits that hold all those plates together. Pride is like the seal that hardens the heart and keeps others at emotional distance. Leviathan keeps people in bondage and captivity and uses pride as shield to keep people from getting too close. Unhealed wounds in the individual makes self preservation the main motivator; the person remains guarded and keeps a safe emotional distance so as not to get hurt again. Predator spirits never want their captives set free. They devour and seek to make victims of anyone that dares to get close. When you are praying for others to be delivered, it can seem like you are battling a spiritually impenetrable force field. It seems like a truly impossible situation and you may even wonder if the person you are praying for will ever get free or healed. The battle can get very hot and tiring as Leviathan does not give up easily, but keep holding on to the promise, because the Love of God and the Word of God will never fail you! (It's Jesus, and Jesus never fails!)

In Job's argument with God, it was Job's pride that had been exposed. When God answered Job out of the whirlwind, He came not to destroy him but to overwhelm him into submission in order to restore Job to his proper role as the Lord's servant. God started asking Job a lot of questions, demanding Job to tell him the answers if he dared. When God shows up and starts asking questions, He doesn't just randomly get off topic and switch to a new conversation. He doesn't get bored to our rambling and complaining. When God asks a question, there is a reason and a purpose behind it. So, in chapter 41 when God starts asking questions about the great beast Leviathan, it wasn't just to help Job realize his own frailty in light of this great predatory beast; that was only part of it. God was leaving a clue behind for us to understand something important about Leviathan. Job got caught up in his own defense. This spirit doesn't just keep others in bondage; it seeks to make prey out of anyone it can pull into a battle, and it does it by attacking our weaknesses. Every person contains some sort of pride. So, what does the crocodile do? It attacks, it latches on, and then it pulls. It pulls it's prey into it's own comfort zone because it is there that it can overwhelm the prey and overcome it. Pain, disappointment, emotional wounding, shame, injustice, and unwarranted attack from others can cause a person to get caught up in their own defense. People might even rise up to take up someone else's offense. Friends, never get baited into fighting a battle God hasn't asked you to fight. Never take up an offense on behalf of someone else no matter how much you might love them. It's a dangerous place to put yourself and you might just end up in a struggle with Leviathan. We may be able to recognize when others are being held captive by this spirit, but the problem is that people often don't recognize that spirit is the one that is provoking a battle with them. A predator spirit will taunt, harass, instigate or agitate, using anything it feels will trigger a prideful reaction from others. One response of pride is to judge. Those that are in subjection to it may not even realize they are being used to "bite" or inflict pain to others. Leviathan uses it's "tail" to whip up emotions, create chaos and destroy relationships. It will taunt people into provoking others in a devious game of ill will.

One can never subdue the mighty Leviathan if pride is a factor.  Pride caused Job to feel self righteous about himself and his own good works. It made him feel as though God owed him recompense or at the very least, an explanation for the pain, disappointment and hardship he had experienced. Remember, this was a battle the enemy picked with Job. Job didn't do anything to provoke it, but pride still became a stumbling block. Pain and disappointment in life will expose pride, and Job found that out. Have you been there? Has pain or discouragement about some circumstance in your life triggered a sense of indignation, self righteousness or anger to rise up? Many people have warred against the enemy, wanting to command God to do their bidding; yet it is this sense of pride that can often put God at a distance. Have you been pulled into a battle you never should have entered into? Have you accused God of not handling things to your satisfaction? Accusation often takes the form of hopelessness and despair. A spirit of accusation will turn your voice into a voice of wailing and complaining rather than a voice of respect and faith towards God. It can be a fine line between genuine grief and accusation. Sometimes that line becomes blurred. It isn't that God doesn't understand or feel compassion towards our pain, but we do need to be careful about the words we speak. We need to be careful about the emotions we entertain. Pride accuses; humility believes through brokenness. God withstands the proud. Pride will never overcome your opponents. You cannot fight Satan on his terms or by his methods. Humility is the only thing that will prevail. Job, once corrected, realized his argument with God was invalid. God did not owe him anything. God is God. He could do what He pleased and He did not have to answer to Job. That is why repentance was Job's ticket out of his struggle.Perhaps it is the ticket out of your struggle, too.

The key to overcoming the spirit of Leviathan is to take the position of humility. Don't let the fiery darts from the enemy bait you into taking a position of defending yourself in pride.

Leviathan, like the crocodile, may seem like a very intimidating foe. Make no mistake; it will come after you and it does want to kill you, especially if you are praying for someone else's freedom and deliverance from this spirit. You will not always win friends by speaking truth and exposing the works of the enemy. It will get you attacked. Your enemy may not be able to touch you physically, but he will do everything he can to kill your reputation and discredit your name. He will try to shut you down any way he can. This is what the enemy does. He does not want people listening to your words or receiving them as credible truth against his deceptive works. Rest in the Lord and know that God will not forsake you. The battle might get hotter or last longer than you ever thought it would, but God does not forsake His covenant with His people. ou must know your enemy before you can overcome him. You must overcome before you have authority to recognize and deliver a sure word against it. God will not give you words of truth to speak and then not rise to your defense.

Although the enemy may have gloated for a season, the time has come for him to once again be put to an open shame. God never leaves His people without an answer to even the most formidable opponent.
The harder the battle, the lower you have to go. It's the position of the cross. It's crucifying to your flesh. It's humbling. Sometimes it means being rejected, misunderstood or enduring others mocking you. Yet, despite it all, if you will hold on to love, love never fails, because genuine love is demonstrated out of humility. 

"Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek it's own, is not provoked, thinks no evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails." 1 Cor. 13:4-8 

There is a set time for every battle to come to an end. I believe the picture above is truly worth shouting about! God has given us a picture of a natural occurrence  to show us the predator spirits are being dealt with. Even while they are hunting for more prey, they shall become prey. It is the prophetic word released against them at this strategic time that calls those things that are invisible, into the natural. We declare the armor of pride is coming off. Like the arrow that pierced King Ahab's armor in his most vulnerable place, God is able to direct his archers to release that specific word that will pierce the pride and release truth. The arrows of truth are being released.

According to what You have already done, Lord Jesus, we bind the spirit of pride. "Satan, be bound," in Jesus name. We render the works of the enemy silent, impotent and paralyzed in Jesus name. We ask for You to release the Spirit of Truth and revelation that will unravel the lies, heal what's been hurt make people free. We ask for the Spirit of Grace and Repentance to be released all over the land. Let the Spirit of Liberty and the Spirit of Adoption be released now, in Jesus name.

Father, You said, "For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me." You asked, "Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the captives of the righteous be delivered?" We say, "YES, LORD!" Today we release the decree against the spirit of pride and Leviathan, and all the works of the enemy.

According to Your word in Isaiah 49:25, "Thus says the Lord:"

"Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible be delivered; for I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children." I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh, and they shall be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine. All flesh shall know that I, the Lord, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob." 

We declare this is the day the Lord with His severe sword, great and strong, has punished Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan that twisted serpent, and He has slain the reptile that is in the sea, according to Isaiah 27:1.

We declare this is the day the heads of Leviathan is broken in pieces, according to Ps. 74:14.

We declare Your arrows have pierced the armor of pride and Your hand presses Leviathan down.

We declare the arrogance of the proud has been halted and the haughtiness of the terrible has been brought low, according to Isaiah 13:11.

We declare that those who walk in pride You are able to put down, according to Daniel 4:37.

We declare the pride of man brings him low but the humble in spirit retain honor, according to Prov. 29:23.

We declare the pride of the haughty is brought down according to 2 Sam.22:28.

We declare that those that are hardened in pride are deposed from their kingly thrones and their glory is taken from them, according to Daniel 5:20.

We declare the crown of pride has been removed. We declare the humble are exalted and the exalted are humbled, according to Ezekiel 21:25.

We declare the arrow of the Lord's deliverance is released, 2 Kings 13:1.

We declare that You shall save Your flock, according to Ezekiel 34:22, and that they shall no longer be a prey.

We declare blessings to the Lord, for He has not given us or our children to be as prey to the enemy; we have escaped as a bird escapes from the fowler's nest; the snare is broken and we have all escaped. We declare help is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the name of the Lord, according to Ps. 124:6-8.

We declare the Lord's voice has thundered from heaven, that You have sent out Your arrows and Your lightening bolt to vanquish the enemy. We declare the Lord's rebuke according to 2 Sam. 22:14-16.

We declare the Lord's deliverance according to 2 Sam. 22: 18-20.

We declare the enemy has been destroyed according to 2 Sam. 22:38-41. You have given us the necks of our enemies.

We declare a release of the Spirit of Truth, and that truth is the arrow that will find it's mark.

The answer we have is the prophetic word that releases the voice of God into the earth. He sends out His voice, a mighty voice; the God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people. Psalm 68:11 reminds us that when the Lord gives the word, great is the company (an army of people) who proclaim it!! The prophetic voice, released by a company of people will declare God's will into the earth. "Leviathan, today you are defeated," in Jesus name! 

Today we declare the prophetic word against the spirit of Leviathan. "Leviathan, your pride has brought you low!"

I can't help but look back to the first chapter of Job where Job prayed for his family. It begins with Job praying for his children that were caught up in worldly ways. God was dealing with pride all through the entire book. In Job's family, in Job, and in His friends. The desire of Job's  heart is that his children would know God and serve Him. He was afraid that his children had gone the way of the world and cursed God in their hearts, and so he prayed for their salvation and deliverance. This is the point in Job's story where the enemy, Satan, showed up before the Lord looking for someone to devour. It wasn't that Job was perfect; none is perfect. It was the fact that God saw Job as someone that wouldn't give up in the time of trouble. Job had his faults, but God saw the finished work of righteousness in him and knew that after a time of testing, Job would come through the fire of adversity even stronger and with more humility of character. He would be like gold that had been refined in the fire. The spirit of Leviathan found willing accomplices in Job's friends. All the enemy had to do was incite them to judge their friend and use their words to provoke him to defend himself. Yet, in the end, God judged the whole matter fairly and set each of them on a course of recovery and restoration. Each act of obedience unlocked the next step to future blessing.

I feel the Lord's heart to many people is that He wants to encourage you. Perhaps you took on an enemy that was much stronger than you ever thought. It may have cost you much. You may have lost your children, your spouse, or your friends. You may have lost those that you thought would be in your corner. Perhaps you were judged unfairly, or you lost a battle that you thought you should have won. Maybe you lost your job or prosperity for a season, or perhaps it was something else. I don't mean to make light of your pain. But, you need to be able to see beyond that one moment in time. It was for your training, but it was only for a moment.  There may yet be a turn around waiting for you. GOD IS LORD OF ALL YOUR IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS!! You need to know that God looked down the corridor of time and saw you as the finished work of Christ. He knew you would come out the other side of the trials as one who would rise up out of the ash heap just like Job. He saw that it was an unfair fight. He knows your weaknesses, but He also knows who HE IS, inside of you. You are God's child. Your are redeemed with a plan and a purpose. You had to walk through the darkness and learn to know your enemy in order to overcome him. The season and the battle have been long, but I come to tell you in the name of the Lord, "Lay down your weapons. The only weapon you need is LOVE. Do not fight for your rights. Do not fight for what you think is owed to you. Surrender it all. Confess it all. Lay it all on the altar of sacrifice, for I AM Your victory!"

There is one way, and only one way, to victory. It is through the path of humility. It is through the path of confession. It is through the path of love. God's grace is sufficient for you. You need only to walk through that door of humility that leads through the next phase of hope, restoration and so much more. The question is, "Will you surrender your pride?"

When you lay it all down, then and only then can the fire of God consume your sacrifice. Then and only then can the Lord bring forth the sacrifice He has prepared. He has an appointed day for your turnaround, and it's coming forth even as you obey what He has put in your heart to do. THIS is the day of your turn around!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time for the New!

Declare the delay is out of the way!!

People often do not realize the importance of God’s times and seasons. They fail to enter into a new season because they don’t understand when a kairos time (God’s appointed time, or a short window of opportunity) is upon them. People do not stay stuck in old seasons because the enemy keeps them stuck; they stay stuck because somewhere they have chosen compromise over God’s best. The enemy does all he can to entice people to justify wrong attitudes and tempt them to sin so that old cycles can repeat themselves. Satan literally wants to keep time standing still for many people and that is how he does it. So many people are stuck under old cycles and a lot of it has to do with unbroken generational sin, offenses and other things that are not dealt with properly. The spiritual season is changing once again, and so, many people often struggle with feelings and emotions, memories and reminders of things that are designed by the enemy to pull people backwards. The only thing that can hinder people from possessing their inheritance is themselves. Choices that line up with unbelief, compromise and disobedience stop people from kingdom advancement. Decisions that are made out of faith and obedience provoke people to take steps of faith, and obedience always makes room for blessing, increase and advancement. There are choices to be made, if one desires to bring a former season to a successful close and thus enter into a new day with the Lord. Every decision determines the path and plan for the new season, whether or not people will be released from a spiritual wilderness or time of captivity, or endure the same season - all over again!

Every thought deliberates an action.

Every decision requires a choice.  

Every choice determines whether a person is submitted to God or holding on to self will and rebellion.

Every action contains the potential for a domino effect.

Beloved, the wilderness is not where you want to be. It is a place of dryness, bitterness and turmoil. It is a time of pressure testing. It is a time of emotional struggles. Now is the time to take those renegade thoughts which are contrary to faith and obedience into captivity. Subject them to the authority of Christ. The war of your thought life is for dominion. It is a war to determine who shall be your Master. For by every thing that overcomes us determines whom or what we serve.

Loyalty to the wrong things, such as judgments against others, anger, bitterness or even self righteous attitudes will keep a person in captivity. It blinds one to truth that could come and set them free from the emotional turmoil of old wounds. Closure only comes through forgiveness. You must release the judgments you may have made against others and break that sense of loyalty to holding on to a grudge or past offense. You cannot change the past. You cannot change others, but you can make a choice to bless and not curse. You can forgive. God will never ask you to do something that He won’t enable you to do. You can ask the Lord to bless others the way you would want to be blessed. You can ask for truth to set you free. You can make a choice to change your opinion of whomever hurt, offended or disappointed you by asking God to help you see them as He sees them. Ask God to give you compassion for those that have hurt you. It will literally change your heart and set you free, because compassion releases the gift of grace that allows you to genuinely forgive. Ask Holy Spirit to give you the gift of grace, revelation, wisdom, understanding or whatever you lack, in order to truly see a different perspective of the situation. You must come to a place where you see from a heavenly perspective and not that from the perspective of pain. Pain blinds, perspective allows you to see again! Let God be God both in your life and in the life of others. The only person you harm by holding on to offense, judgments and unforgiveness is yourself. Retaining the sins of others brings your own life under a curse and your own sins are not forgiven. This is why you have fear and torment. The wilderness is designed to create such an uncomfortable pressure that you are willing to surrender everything that is not of God for your life. He leaves the choice in your hands. You will have the opportunity to stay in the wilderness as long as it takes for you to come back into alignment with God.

This is why the war for your thoughts is such a big struggle at the end of a season. The enemy hopes to re-create the things that will keep you in the wilderness. You must make a choice whom you will serve.

Once you make the right choice, there is no more delay. It is time for a new day! It is time for a new beginning! Take a stand against the warfare tactics of the enemy. Begin to declare the promises of God. Begin to declare your forgiveness! Begin to declare blessing! Declare out of your mouth that the enemy is a liar and you stand for truth! When you bless others, you come into alignment with God. When you bless God with a good confession, He can send the turn around for you. His word to you is this: “To him who orders his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God.” 

Every choice you make today determines the path you follow tomorrow.

Every heart attitude births the actions that controls your destiny.

Every word we speak contains either life or death, blessing or cursing. The tongue is the rudder that steers our mouth, and with our mouth we direct the course of our life. 

Speak life and blessing. Confess healing. Release reconciliation. Ask God to restore what has been broken, and surrender all your fears. Surrender your offense. Surrender your judgments. Surrender your right to feel angry. Surrender the hope that things would have turned out different. Surrender all the regrets. Surrender the shame, the heartache, the dead dreams that lay broken in a pool of tears. Until you surrender, you will only rehearse the pain and disappointment. You will never see the new thing God has for you. Lay it all down, for you cannot take that sort of baggage into your new day. It won’t fit! There is no room for it! There is a door of hope for you, but you can’t get through that new door holding on to the things that tie you to your past. Let go of the judgments you've made about others as well as yourself. Today, let us make the confessions that order our conversation in the right way, a way that speaks of life and blessing that God can turn around for our good.
Destinies are tied up together; miracles of breakthrough are designed to be wrapped up in one another... we must resolve these issues quickly if people want to move out from where they've been and begin to walk into the new. God is so very gracious and kind but these are some things that will definitely hinder a person’s ability to move forward; since everyone in the body of Christ is connected, when one is hindered, others are too. When people begin to act in faith, more links in the chain begin to come together. Each of us knows others that need a proclamation of blessing and I pray you share it and release life over them. Let’s take a few moments to declare the spirit of delay is broken - today!

Father God in the name of Jesus Christ we declare:

The spirit of delay to be broken over all my family members, my friends, and the body of Christ in the city of _______ , the county of _______and the state of _______. Father, I include those that have set themselves to oppose me, speak unkindly about me, or those the enemy has used to inflict pain and offense. I ask You to bless them with this prayer too.

I declare a kingdom shift into the kairos timing of the Lord in Jesus name.

I declare the power of the Holy Spirit to advance people, including myself, and move them forward. I call for acceleration to come forth and overtake them.

I declare the spirit of compromise to be broken. I declare all ungodly agreements are now broken. I declare the power of all lying spirits broken now in Jesus name. Unforgiveness, fear, torment, jealousy, anger, the spirit of war and strife - be broken now in Jesus name!

I decree a release of the Spirit of Truth and Revelation. Holy Spirit, give people the revelation that will make them free. Counsel people in truth, and tear down the walls that the enemy has obstructed to keep truth out. Get around the obstacles, Holy Spirit.

I declare every mountain of pride and stubborn resistance to be removed immediately. Move, mountain, move - in Jesus name!

I declare death, infirmity and the spirits of death and hell are defeated and bound in Jesus name. I decree a release of resurrection life and the Spirit of God to raise up those that have been in the valley of death. I declare a release of the wind of God to breathe fresh breath into those that are weary, and raise people up in strength and wholeness, in Jesus name.

I declare an end to the war. You have ended the war between people, Jesus.

I declare a release of grace, forgiveness, and mercy. I declare a release of Divine Love. I declare a release of humility, repentance and the spirit of adoption in Jesus name.

I declare reconciliation to come to every family, every individual that is covered by my prayer. I declare healing and reconciliation between families, church members, pastors, leaders, and members of my community.

I declare life and blessing, healing and wholeness, prosperity, increase and kingdom advancement to every person in my life. I ask You, Lord, to apply this declaration and decree to those I have offended, and those that have offended me. I pray it over all who I may have hurt or offended, and those that have hurt me. I speak a release right now of all unforgiveness, bitterness, ill will, fear, anger, and wounding. I declare forgiveness wins and love triumphs over evil. Let there be no remembrance of ill feelings. Help them to be free also, Lord. Help people to let go of the past and to remember only the good about others. Help people to embrace a new day.

I declare a release of sight, and that the blind now see. I declare a release of hearing, that people may hear and understand what Your Holy Spirit wants to communicate to them.

I declare everyone that this prayer touches is blessed with the unparalleled, unmerited favor of God and Your favor is a shield around us.

I declare the favor of God opens new doors of opportunity and increase upon increase will flow into our lives, in Jesus name. Let the new doors be opened now, in Jesus name.

I thank you Father that the door of trouble and heartache has been reversed and You have sent us through the door of hope, in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit for hearing this decree. I believe that as it has been declared you will establish it according to Job 22:28 and light will shine on all of our ways, in Jesus name.